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Political Rights, Freedom of Information, and Right to Culture

Convention on the International Right of Correction,
435 U.N.T.S. 191, entered into force Aug. 24, 1962.
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Ratification information
Declaration of the Principles of International Cultural Co-operation, adopted by the UNESCO General Conference at its fourteenth session, Paris, 4 november 1966, UNESCO's Standard-Setting Instruments, IV.C. (1994).
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The Johannesburg Principles on National Security, Freedom of Expression and Access to Information,
U.N. Doc. E/CN.4/1996/39 (1996).
Recommendation concerning Education for International Understanding, Co-operation and Peace and Education relating to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms,
adopted by the UNESCO General Conference at its eighteenth session, Paris, 19 November 1974, UNESCO's Standard-Setting Instruments, I.B. (1994).
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UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity,
Nov. 2, 2001, UNESCO Doc. 31C/Res 25, Annex 1 (2001).
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Fribourg Declaration on Cultural Rights
(May 7, 2007).
The Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy


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