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Bibliographies and Guides

Compiled Human Rights Writings of University of Minnesota Law Faculty, May 2, 2014
Guide to Researching International Humanitarian Law
ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law: International Criminal Law
Fordham O Wara: Bibliographical Pathfinder: African System for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (2002).
Bibliography of Works of Artistic Expression Devoted to Human Rights 
Bibliography on Crimes of Honour
Bibliographies on Issues in Human Rights (Univ. of Calif., Berkeley Human Rights Center)
Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law by David Weissbrodt and Marci Hoffman
Bibliography for Research on Human Rights in Asia
Bibliography: Human Rights in the African Context
CALS Asylum Case Research Guide
Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research - Columbia University Libraries
Concise Guide to Human Rights on the Internet by Derechos Human Rights (September 1998) 
Conflict and Violence: A Working Bibliography with Special Reference to Indonesia
by Glenn Smith & Hélène Bouvier-Smith
Council of Europe bibliography
Crimes Against Humanity During The Gulf War 
Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know
Documentation on File with the Ministry of Gender and Community Development, Kampala (1995)
Guide to Forced Migration Resources on the Web, Forced Migration Portal Project, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, December 2000
Guide to International Refugee Law Resources on the Web
Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs: Information Resources
Human Rights and Human Welfare: An International Review of Books and Other Publications
Human Rights Education, Syllabi
The Human Rights of Women: A Reference Guide to official United Nations Documents 
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Human Rights Tools
Institute for Theology and Peace (IThP)
International Humanitarian Law Database
International Humanitarian Law Research Initiative
International Human Rights Video Library
International Regulation of Multinational Corporations-Christian Aid
Jack Tobin, Guide to Human Rights Research (Cambridge, Mass: Human Rights Progam, Harvard Law School, 1994)
Links for Human Rights Class
National Implemetation Database at the ICRC
The Papers of George Lister: "Mr. Human Rights"
Publications on Health and Human Rights Themes: 1985-2000
UN Human Rights Documentation, A Guide to Country-Specific Research
United Nations Documentation: Research Guide on Human Rights
The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights: Enclopedia Britannica
Violence Against Women Bibliography 
Reference information and materials links 
Refugee and Asylum Resources
Researching International Human Rights Law 
The Rights International Research Guide for International Human Rights Lawyers
Russia Human Rights Bibliography
Select Bibliography on Refugee Women (REFWORLD) 
Selected Bibliography from Human Rights Education: Conceptual and Practical Challenges 
Women's Human Rights Resources Database (Toronto) 

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