Human Rights Education: Conceptual and Practical Challenges, George Andreopoulos and Richard Pierre Claude, editors (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1996).

This bibliography is derived from HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION; CONCEPTUAL AND PRACTICAL CHALLENGES, edited by George Andreopoulos and Richard Pierre Claude, (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1996). Inquiries should be directed to The University of Pennsylvania Press, 418 Service Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6097. Toll-free orders may be placed by calling (800)445-9880; FAX: (410) 516 6998. To illustrate the scope of this volume, the table of contents is set out here, and the select bibliography as printed in the book is set out below.

Selected Bibliography
  1. General
  2. Formal Education
  3. Training of Professionals
  4. Non-Formal Education
  5. Methodology, Comparative Studies, Research, Evaluation

Bibliographic guidance is provided in several chapters of this volume, e.g., Flowers and Shiman, "Teacher Education and the Human Rights Vision," as well as Dueck, "Setting Up an HRE Resource Center." Several scholarly journals routinely publish useful book reviews by which to keep current regarding new publications. Book reviews in the field may be found in The Harvard Human Rights Journal, 1 The Human Rights Quarterly, 2 and The Human Rights Internet Reporter. 3 North American Partners for Human Rights Education have established a resource center with bibliographic search capabilities and services. 4 Consistently reliable for announcements regarding new publications in the field of human rights education is: Human Rights Education: The Fourth R, 5 jointly published by Amnesty International USA's Human Rights Education National Steering Committee and Human Rights Internet. Concentrating on European announcements and publications is the Human Rights Education Newsletter. 6

The select bibliography below, multi-lingual and global in scope, emphasizes recent book-length publications, and it is divided (with subsections) into the following categories: (i)general, (ii)formal education, (iii)training of professionals, (iv)non-formal education, and, (v)methodology.

Selected Bibliography



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