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A Woman's Place--Free Video Offer
ABC, Teaching Human Rights. Practical Activities for primary and secondary Schools
Action Aid, Learning About Rights, December 2001
Action Guide: A Human Rights Resource Manual for Secondary Schools
All About Afghanistan
All Different, All Equal education pack
Amnesty International Human Rights Education
Amnesty International UK - Teachers and Academics Network
Amnesty International, A 12-Point Guide for Good Practice in the Training and Education for Human Rights of Government Officials, 1998
Amnesty International, International Human Rights Standards and Education, 1998
An Annotated Primer for Selecting Democratic and Human Rights Education Teaching Materials
Annotated Human Rights Education Bibliography
Asian Regional Resource Center for Human Rights Education, Human Rights Education Pack, 1995
Asia-Pacific Regional Resource Center for Human Rights Education
Bells of Freedom Community Training Manual
Beyond Blame - Responding to September 11
Bibliography: Publications on Health and Human Rights Themes: 1982 - 1997
Bibliography: Publications on Health and Human Rights Themes: 1985 - 2000
Cada pollo con su rollo: La Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos
Canadian Human Rights Foundation, International Human Rights Training Modules, 2003
Children's Rights Here and Now
Choices Education Program - Brown University
Circle of Rights
Citizenship Education -- Alternative Curriculum for Upper Elementary Level
Citizenship education and human rights education: An international overview
Civic Culture
Civic Education: Lesson Scenarios
Civnet Journal for Civil Society
Colombia Program on Teaching Human Rights Law
Columbia University Human Rights Center (P. Martin), Self- Help Human Rights Education Handbook, 1996
Compass- A Manual on Human Rights Education with Young People
Conflict Resolution Activities for Elementary Students
Council of Europe, Teaching Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights, 1997
Courses in Human Rights Education
Critical Choices for Hungary: Issue Materials for Social Science Curricula
Death Penalty Curricula for High School
Debate: America, Refugees and Asylum
Democratising Your School - A Practical Guide For Headteachers
Discovering the UDHR
East European Constitutional Review
Economic and Social Justice
Education for Democracy and Human Rights: Teacher's Guide
Education in Human Rights Network
European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, Human Security: Manual on Human Rights, 2003
First Steps: A Manual for Starting Human Rights Education
Fundamental Democratic Rights
Gender, HIV and Human Rights: A Training Manual
Genocide: Resources For Teaching and Research
Global Course Syllabi Relating to Internally Displaced Persons
Guidelines for National Plans of Action for Human Rights Education
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights Poland, How to Protect Human Rights
HR Syllabi for the College Classroom
HREA Publications
Human Rights Album Methodology Handbook
Human Rights Education Associates: Electronic Resource Center
Human Rights Education Bibliography: Volume IV
Human Rights Education for the Twenty-First Century
Human Rights Education Handbook - Effective Practices for Learning, Action and Change
Human Rights Education in Asian Schools, Volume Four
Human Rights Education in Asian Schools, Volume Three
Human Rights Education in Asian Schools, Volume Two
Human Rights Education Materials & Curricula by HREA
Human Rights Education Newsletter
Human Rights Education Resource Center
Human Rights Education Resource Guide: The 4th R, Vol. 6, No. 1 Summer 1994
Human Rights Education: Bibliography of the Documents of the Council of Europe
Human Rights Educational Goals for Children and Youth
Human Rights Explained: A Guide to Human Rights in Australia in a Global Contextv
Human Rights Here and Now
Human Rights in Action!
Human Rights in the News: Identifying Human Rights Issues in Daily Life
Human Rights Internet Program Directory
Human Rights Internet: Syllabi Directory
Human Rights Resource Center (University of Minnesota), The Human Rights Education Series
Human rights versus the equality of citizens
Intercultural Education: Bibliography of Documents of the Council of Europe
International Human Rights Law in Context: Law, Politics, Morals
International Human Rights Network, Learning – To Integrate Human Rights, 1999
International Human Rights Network, Towards Effective Training for Field Human Rights Tasks, 1996
International Training Centre on Human Rights and Peace Teaching - Geneva
Introduction to Human Rights Education - In a European Perspective
It's About Me and Human Rights
Kids Around the World
The Law in School
Learning Activities about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Learning Activities for Use With Young People to Explore the Issue of Discrimination
Lesbian, Gay and Transgender Rights
Lessons and Activities Resource Center
Live Human Rights in your Early Childhood Classroom in: Teaching Young Children about Human Rights Resource Notebook
Lost Futures: The Problem of Child Labor
Mighty Media: Human Rights Activities and Lessons Resource Center
Neighbours: Learning to respect one another
Non-Discrimination and Right to Life
OHCHR, ABC – Teaching Human Rights: Practical Activities for Primary and Secondary Schools
OHCHR, ABC – Teaching Human Rights: Practical Activities for Primary and Secondary Schools
OHCHR, Human Rights Training: A Manual on Human Rights Training Methodology
Opening the Door to Nonviolence. Peace Education Manual for Primary School Children
Our Book of Child Rights
Partners in Human Rights Education Team-Teaching Manual
Partners in Human Rights Education
Pastimes and Games of Native Peoples Around the World in: Indigenous People's Rights Resource Notebook
Planning for the Future: Human Rights in Schools
Political Education Towards a European Democracy
Political Rights in a Democracy
Practical Lessons from the Field
Promoting Dignity. An Inventory of Police & Human Rights Materials
Raising Children With Roots, Rights and Responsibilies - Celebrating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Raising Children with Roots, Rights and Responsibilities
Refugees - Resources for teachers by the UNHCR
Regional Response to the United Nations Decade of Human Rights Education with the Participation of Civil Society: A Report of Proceedings, Nepal, November 1999
Revista Educación y DDHH
Ripple in Still Water
Selected Bibliography from Human Rights Education for the 21st Century
Selected Bibliography from Human Rights Education Resourcebook
Self-Help Human Rights Education Handbook
Sharing Methodology & Learning Materials - PDHRE
Sustainable Economics Curicula
Teaching About Conscience Through Literature
Teaching for Human Rights: Grades 5-10
Teaching for Human Rights: Pre-school and Grades 1-4
Teaching Tolerance
The Evolution of International Human Rights: Visions Seen
The Fourth R - A Publication of the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
UDHR 50: Annotated Bibliography
UN Cyber School Bus
UNHCHR Database on Human Rights Education
Urgent Action Participation Guide
We, the World and Human Rights
What Does a Child Need?
What Must be Done to Achieve Equality?
Women's Human Rights - Step By Step
Words That Heal: Using Children's Literature to Address Bullying
World View: The National Peace Corps Association Publication


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