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International Human Rights Instruments - By Topic

Prevention of Discrimination on the Basis of Race,
Religion or Belief, and Protection of Minorities
Women's Human Rights
Slavery and Slavery-Like Preactices
Trafficking and Human Rights
Rights of Prisoners and Detainees
Protection From Torture, Ill-Treatment, and Disappearances
Human Rights in the Administration of Justice
Juvenile Offenders
Rights of the Child
World Conferences on Human Rights and Millennium Declaration
Freedom of Association and Human Rights Defenders
Employment and Forced Labour
Bioethics and Human Rights
Human Rights Guidelines For Business
Economic Rights, Privacy and Peace
Indigenous Rights
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Persons With Disabilities and Older Persons
Political Rights, Freedom of Information, and Right to Culture
Refugees, Asylum, Internally Displaced, and Freedom of Movement
Nationality, Statelessness and Rights of Non-Citizens
War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, and Terrorism
Law of Armed Conflict
Terrorism and Human Rights
U.N. Activities and Employees
Regional Conventions
National Human Rights Institutions
Arabic and Islamic Instruments



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