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International Human Rights Internship Program

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Cover: The painting on the cover is a Mithila painting, artist unknown (also used in the header image). This artistic tradition has its origin in the ancient kingdom of Mithila in India. Today it is identified with the Madhubani District in Bihar and hence is also known as Madhubani painting. Created exclusively by women, the pictures are painted directly on the walls and floors of traditional homes on auspicious and festive occasions. The paints are in natural colors derived from plants. Since the late 1960s, this geometrically patterned art has also been produced on handmade paper.

Devotional in theme, the paintings depict scenes from ancient epics and legends and are rich with Vedic and Tantric symbolism. They are, in fact, simplistic manifestations of the philosophical heights achieved by Indian civilization. Thematically, human beings are invariably presented as part of nature. The paintings are thus an expression of complete harmony and peace among the human being, his or her mind and the environment.

The cover was designed with the assistance of Jonah Lobe, who also did the drawings included in Circle of Rights.

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