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Learning Communities and Partnerships


Learning Communities

An Efficient Infrastructure. The Human Rights Center responds to activists' and educators' requests for support and materials by providing a toll-free number (888-HR-EDUC8), Websites: Human Rights Library and Human Rights Resource Center, email:, secure on-line ordering, and an informed staff.

Human Rights Education Materials

The Human Rights Center has become the principal source of human rights education materials in the U.S. It currently distributes more than 100 human rights education materials, including Universal Declaration of Human Rights passports, training guides, resource kits, curricula, posters, and videos.

Contributor to Community Events, Conferences & Workshops

The Center works with more than 50 organizations and 50 associates to produce initiatives such as curriculum, training materials, courses and community-wide events.

Co-Sponsor of Human Rights List-serves

The Center joined with Human Rights Education Associates to launch the largest global human rights education list-serve in the world with more than 1,200 members from more than 100 countries.


The Human Rights Center would like to recognize and thank the following organizations and departments for their contributions as partners.

University Partnerships

University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts (Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Department of Philosophy, Department of Political Science, Institute for Global Studies, and Spanish & Portuguese Department), College of Continuing Education, College of Education & Human Development, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, Law School, Medical School, and School of Social Work.

Minnesota Community Partnerships

The Advocates for Human Rights, American Refugees Committee, Center for Victims of Torture, Connect -US Russia, International Women's Rights Action Watch, Minnesota Department of Human Rights, Minnesota International Health Volunteers, MN League of Human Rights Commissions, Project Tandem, Resource Center of the Americas, and United Nations Association of Minnesota,

National and International Organizational Partners

Academy for Educational Development, American Federation of Teachers, Amnesty International USA and its Human Rights Educators' Network, Center for Economic Conversion, Center for Human Rights Education, Center for Teaching International Relations, Cultural Survival, Educators for Social Responsibility, Food First, Human Rights Education Associates, International Human Rights Internship Program, Network of Educators for Central America, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Peruvian Institute for Education in Democracy and Peace, Street Law Inc., and United Nations.




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