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Mr. Nezar Rastanawi v. Syrian Arab Republic, Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, Opinion No. 35/2006, U.N. Doc. A/HRC/7/4/Add.1 at 9 (2007).


OPINION No. 35/2006 (SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC) Communication: addressed to the Government on 22 September 2005. Concerning: Mr. Nezar Rastanawi.

The State is a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

1. (Same text as paragraph 1 of Opinion No. 32/2006.)

2. The Working Group notes with appreciation the information forwarded by the Government concerned in respect of the case in question.

3. The Working Group further notes that the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic has informed the Group that the above-named person was released. This information has not been contradicted by the source.

4. Having examined all the information submitted to it and without prejudging the arbitrary nature of the detention, the Working Group, on the basis of paragraph 17 (a) of its methods of work, decides to file the case.

Adopted on 16 November 2006.


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