University of Minnesota

Mr. Guy Mariani v. France, Working Group on Arbitrary Detention,
U.N. Doc. E/CN.4/2003/8/Add.1 at 26 (2001).


OPINION No. 26/2001 (FRANCE)

Communication addressed to the Government on 13 June 2001

Concerning: Mr. Guy Mariani

The State is a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

1. The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention was established by resolution 1991/42 of the Commission on Human Rights. The mandate of the Working Group was clarified and extended by resolution 1997/50 and reconfirmed by resolution 2000/36. Acting in accordance with its methods of work, the Working Group forwarded to the Government the above-mentioned communication.

2. The Working Group conveys its appreciation to the Government for having forwarded the requisite information concerning the case of Mr. Mariani in good time.

3. The Working Group welcomes the information from the Government to the effect that Mr. Guy Mariani is no longer deprived of liberty. The Working Group has transmitted this information to the source, and has received the latter’s comments in good time. The Working Group is in a position to render an opinion on the case.

4. Having examined all the available information before it and without prejudging the arbitrary nature of the detention, the Working Group decides to file the case of Mr. Guy Mariani, in accordance with paragraph 17 (a) of its methods of work.

Adopted on 3 December 2001


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