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Antti Vuolanne v. Finland, Communication No. 265/1987, U.N. Doc. Supp. No. 40 (A/44/40) at 311 (1989).



Information received from States parties following the adoption of final views

Note No, 2489, dated 27 July 1989, from the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations Office at Geneva, concerning the views adopted by the Human Rights Committee on communication No. 265/1987, Antti Vuolanne V, Finland (see annex X (J) above)

The Permanent Mission of Finland presents its compliments to the Centre for Human Rights and has the honour to forward the following information from the Finnish authorities:

In communication No. 265/1987 submitted to the Human Rights Committee by a conscript sanctioned with military confinement, the Committee was of the view that the communication disclosed a violation of article 9, paragraph 4, of the Covenant, since the author had been unable to challenge his detention before a court.

Legislative preparations are now under way to guarantee that persons who have been deprived of their liberty in an administrative process and who have not previously had the opportunity to have their detention examined by a court shall have that right after the new law enters into force. A government Bill to amend the Law on Military Disciplinary Procedure (331/83) and the relevant Ordinance (939/83) will be submitted to the Parliament in 1989. According to the Bill, a conscript shall have the right to have a decision on military confinement examined by a court.


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