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National Human Rights Institutions - Colombia


Derechos Humanos y DIH (Republica de Colombia) - Human Rights and International Humanitarian Rights (Republic of Colombia):

Calle 7 No. 6 - 54
Bogotá D.C. - Colombia
Teléfono: 3 34 50 77
Fax: 3 34 18 17

Site contains the following information, as well as information about Human Rights in Afrocolombian cultures and indigenous communities.

Bitacoras de prensa: Contains a map of Colombia showing where there has been combat, explosives, laboratory destruction, seizures or confiscations, incidents, rescue, and captures from the 12-18th of October, 2011. Data compiled from principal newspapers of Colombia.


Note: to see previous dates, see “bitacoras anteriores”, or click the following link:

Note: to see statistics by department, see “Estadisticas por Departamento” or click the following link:

Note:  to see documents containing information about confrontation and violence geographically organized, see “Geografia de la confrontacion y la violencia” or click the following link:

Note: for publications such as bulletins, thematic studies, regional studies, manual guide to observatories of human rights, and bulletin of defenders of human rights, see “publicaciones” or click the following link:




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