University of Minnesota

Manual on Human Rights Monitoring


Table of Contents
Part One: Introduction to the Training Manual

Chapter I: Introduction

Part Two: Local Context and International Standards

Chapter II: The Local Context

Appendix I to Chapter II: OHCHR Country Framework

Chapter III: Applicable International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law: The Framework

Chapter IV: Overview of international human rights and humanitarian law standards

Part Three: The Monitoring Function

Chapter V: Basic Principles of Monitoring

Chapter VI: Identification and Prioritization of Efforts Regarding Human Rights Violations

Appendix I to Chapter VI: Case Study

Appendix II to Chapter VI: Case Study

Chapter VII: Information-Gathering

Chapter VIII: Interviewing

Chapter IX: Visits to Persons in Detention

Appendix I to Chapter IX: Summary Report After Visit to Detention Facility

Appendix II to Chapter IX: Report After Visit to Detention Facility

Appendix III to Chapter IX: Guidelines for Coordination in the Field Between International Committee of the Red Cross delegates and field officers of the Human Rights Field Operation in Rwanda with regard to visits to persons deprived of their freedom in Rwanda

Chapter X: Monitoring and protecting the human rights of refugees and/or internally displaced persons living in camps

Appendix 1 to Chapter X: "Brief Introduction to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees"

Appendix II to Chapter X: Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement

Chapter XI: Monitoring and protecting the human rights of returnees and internally displaced persons

Appendix I to Chapter XI: Memorandum of Understanding N. 5 between HRFOR and UNHCR Rwanda on returnee monitoring

Chapter XII: Children's Rights

Appendix I to Chapter XII: Sources of Further Information

Chapter XIII: Trial Observation and Monitoring the Administration of Justice

Appendix to Chapter XIII: The Elements of a Fair Trial

Chapter XIV: Election Observation

Appendix I to Chapter XIV: Guidelines for Electoral Assistance, Monitoring, and Observation

Chapter XV: Monitoring Demonstrations and Public Meetings

Chapter XVI: Monitoring During Periods of Armed Conflict

Appendix I to Chapter XVI: Agreement on Ground Rules between the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) and Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS) (UNICEF)

Chapter XVII: Monitoring Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

Chapter XVIII: Background of United Nations Monitoring Standards

Part Four: Following-up and Reporting

Chapter XIX: Following-Up and Seeking Corrective Action

Chapter XX: Human Rights Reporting

Appendix I to Chapter XX: Questionnaire - Interview Form

Appendix II to Chapter XX: Periodic Report Form

Appendix III to Chapter XX: Emergency Report Form

Appendix IV to Chapter XX: Incident Report Form

Appendix V to Chapter XX: Special Rapporteurs, Special Representatives, Working Groups and Other Special Procedures

Chapter XXI: Conciliation and Mediation in the Field

Part Five: The Human Rights Office

Chapter XXII: Norms Applicable to UN Human Rights Officers and Other Staff

Chapter XXIII: Stress, Vicarious Trauma, and Burnout

Chapter XXIV: Security

Appendix I to Chapter XXIV: Personal Data Form

Appendix II to Chapter XXIV: "Inventory of Personal Belongings




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