WMC Indigenous Peoples Policy

WMC is committed to developing relationships of mutual understanding and respect with the indigenous peoples of the areas in which we operate or propose to operate.

To fulfil this commitment, the company will:

* Establish and maintain effective, positive and frequent communication with indigenous groups.
* Recognise the desire of indigenous peoples to fulfil their responsibilities within their traditional culture.
* Seek to identify all indigenous interests in the area within which the company is operating or intends to operate, define the basis for those interests whether derived from cultural traditions, historical association, occupation, social or economic need, and deal with those interests in accordance with the relevant government policy.
* Recognise and observe all state, provincial, and federal laws relevant to indigenous and cultural matters.
* Formulate and implement for appropriate company personnel, an indigenous awareness program, pertinent to the local situation, which will engender the appropriate understanding, sensitivity and respect towards the local indigenous peoples.
* Wherever reasonable and appropriate, provide local indigenous groups with the opportunity to participate directly or indirectly in employment opportunities.
* Taking into account local conditions, provide the opportunity for qualified local indigenous businesses to tender for the supply of goods and services necessary for the company's local activities.

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