Unocal Statement of Principles

For many years, Unocal has adhered to its "Statement of Principles" for doing business. These guiding principles reflect our responsibility to protect the interests and well-being of both present and future generations. Unocal's guiding principles form the backbone of our Corporate Responsibility Program. They are the basis for our relationships in diverse countries and cultures, including our own.

Ethics and Values
We will conduct our business openly, with honesty, integrity and trust.
We will respect human rights in all our activities.
We will obey the law and operate in accordance with the highest ethical standards; we will
expect the same from our partners, contractors and suppliers.

Community Initiatives
We will encourage advancements in civil society wherever we conduct business.
We will be sensitive to the culture, context and needs of local communities and strive
to make the community a better place to live and conduct business.
We will support humanitarian initiatives that promote health, education and economic
well-being in communities where we work.
We will encourage employee involvement in community programs and socially responsible

Environmental Considerations
We will develop natural resources and provide energy in an efficient and environmentally
responsible manner.

Workplace Issues
We will provide a safe and secure working environment.
We will provide access to health care for our employees and their families, and, as
appropriate, help neighboring communities meet basic public health needs.
We will seek a diverse base of employees and ensure equal opportunity to all qualified
individuals in recruiting, compensation, professional development, promotion, and other
employment practices.
We will ensure that a significant percentage of our employees, managers, contractors, and
suppliers in international operations are citizens of the host country.

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