Tultex Corporation Vendor Requirements

  1. In placing programs for contract purchases of products or services, Tultex will evaluate potential vendors based on several criteria including:
    • compliance with legal requirements including those of the United States and those of the country of manufacture and exportation
    • history of community support, labor relations, environmental con duct
    • production capabilities, i.e. capacity, facilities, equipment, quality his tory, delivery history, etc.
  2. Vendors must certify that:
    • illegal child or forced labor has not been utilized in any facility where products are produced for Tultex Corporation; and that
    • the country of origin labeling is accurate and in compliance with applicable law in that the country of origin indicated on the label is indeed the country where the products were manufactured

Tultex Corporation requires strict compliance with all contract provisions and obliga tions, as well as applicable laws and regulations, including those of the U.S. and the country of manufacture. Tultex Corporation will not knowingly allow the shipping or importation of goods manufactured with prison labor, forced labor, or child labor in violation of applicable law. Also, Tultex Corporation will not knowingly allow the shipment or importation of goods which do accurately reflect the country of origin. Tultex Corporation representatives will periodically visit the facilities of any vendor to insure that the vendor is in compliance with the above.

I hereby certify that I have read the above Tultex Vendor Requirements and that ________, whom I represent, agrees to, and is in compliance with the Tultex Corpo ration Vendor Requirements.


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