University of Minnesota

Centers for the Rehabilitation of Torture Survivors

AMANI Trust (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Bellevue-NYU Program for Survivors of Torture
Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Center for Victims of Torture (Minneapolis, MN)
Centre:45 (Dutch National Center for the Treatment of members of the Resistance and Victims of War)
Etica Treatment Center (Treatment Center for Traumatised Refugees, Migrants and Danes) (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme
ICODO (National Institute for Victims of War) (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Kwaziulu-Natal Programme for Survivors of Violence (Durham, South Africa)
MRCT Medical Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims - English version
National Consortium or Torture Treatment Programs

Norwegian Center for Studies on Violence and Traumatic Stress

Rocky Mountain Survivors Center (Denver, Colorado USA)
SPA (Society for Psychological Assistance) (Zagreb, Croatia)
Survivors International (San Francisco, California, USA)
Survivors of Torture International


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