Spiegel Standards for Business Partnerships

Spiegel is a leading direct marketer of fashionable apparel and home furnishings. As part of the Spiegel Group, we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality and value in our products. We believe this commitment is best met through strong relationships with our associates and by only selecting business partners who share our ethics and agree to our standards of business conduct.


Our business partners must comply with all applicable legal standards and require ments of the country in which they are doing business, as well as those of the United States.


Our business partners must share our commitment to product quality and to main taining the operating practices necessary to meet our quality standards.


Our business partners must adhere to their national laws regarding the protection and preservation of the environment.


Our business partners must not utilize child labor as defined by the United Nations standards or by national standards, whichever are higher. They must not utilize forced labor, including prison or other compulsory labor.


Our business partners must share our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to treating employees fairly and in compliance with local laws. While we recognize that cultural differences exist and standards may vary by country, we expect our partners to adhere to the following:

Compliance with these standards is a condition for becoming and remaining a busi ness partner of Spiegel and will be agreed to in writing as a term of engagement. Spiegel will take appropriate action, including termination of our relationship, with any business partner in violation of our standards.

To facilitate effective monitoring and enforcement, our business partners are ex pected to provide full access to their production facilities and to relevant records relating to employment practices. We will undertake affirmative measures, such as on-site inspection of facilities, to implement and monitor these standards.

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