Salant Corporation Compliance Certificate


Dear Salant Vendor:

It is Salant Corporation's policy to require all vendors to comply with all applicable wage, hour and child labor laws, rules and regulations, including mini mum wage, overtime and maximum, hours. Our vendors may never force anyone to work against his or her will. Specifically, we will not do business with vendors employing prison labor or who use corporal punishment or other forms of mental and physical coercion as a form of discipline. In addition, regardless of the labor laws, we prohibit the use of child labor (workers under 16 years of age). Any vendor who violates this policy is subject to immediate terminations.

By signing a copy of this letter, you hereby confirm that you now and will hereafter comply with all the requirements set forth in this letter.

Very truly yours,

Salant Corporation

Agreed to:

Name of Vendor




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