University of Minnesota

Absence of Immunity for Crimes against Humanity, Amnesty International
Accounts of the Crimes of Augusto Pinochet
BBC News Pinochet File
Center for Justice & Accountability
Criminal Procedures Against Chilean and Argintinian Repressors in Spain
Criminal Procedures Against Pinochet in Spain
Equipo Nizkor Report on Pinochet's Detention
Institute of Policy Studies - Bringing Pinochet to Justice
Judgement of the U.K. House of Lords in the Pinochet Case
Juicio contra Pinochet en España
List of 521 Officers and Subordinates in Active Service 1973-1975 in the Criminal Organization DINA by Regional Districts
Los Archivos del Horror del Operativo Cóndor
Pinochet in England: High Court Ruling Violates International Law
Pinochet International Campaign Report: Amnesty International
Recuerdos del proceso de Nuremberg por Jaques Bernard Herzog
Secretaria de Derechos Humanos
Spanish Criminal Prosecutions Use International Human Rights Law to Battle Impunity in Chile and Argentina
Texto completo del fallo del pleno de la Corte Suprema por el que se
National Security Archive - Chile: 16,000 declassified U.S. documents


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