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Peace and Activist Links

Action Against Hunger
Action Contre la Faim
Activist's Resource
Addresses for Politicians of the World
AIUSA Shine02
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
American Student Political Network
Amnesty International On-line - Main Site
Amnesty International U.S.A.
Amnesty International Information Base at Freeport
Animating Democracy Initiative
Anti-Semitism in the World Today
Artists Against Racism
Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
Cardoza Journal of Conflict Resolution
Carter Center
Center for Defense Information
Center for Economic Conversion
Center for War / Peace Studies
Charity Choice
Children Now
Children's House! (version française)
Children's House!
Citizens Against Human Experimentation (C.A.H.E.)
Citizens Coalition for the Wrongfully Accused
City Year
Civil Military Relations Network
COPRED: The Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development
Creativity Cafe KidCast for Peace / Solutions for a Better World
Crimes of War - Resources
Crimes of War
Cross Cultural Solutions
Cultural Watch Online
Aboriginal Deaths In Custody Watch Committee (Western Australia)
Decisions of the International Court of Justice
Democracy Institute
Democracy Now
Digital Divide Campaign
Electronic Activist
Electronic Peace Cards
European Institute for Research and Information on Peace and Security
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
Food Not Bombs, San Francisco
Foundation Hirondelle
Free Dr. Shaikh
Free Lori Berenson
Freedom Forum First Amendment Center
Freedom, Democide, War
Fruition Coalition - Resources for emerging non-profits
The Genocide Factor
Global Internet Liberty Campaign
Global SchoolNet Foundation Home Page
Global Warming
Grassroots Leadership Development Program Inc.
Growing Communities for Peace
Hague Appeal for Peace
Human Rights Connection
Human Rights For All
Human Rights in the Americas by Walter Ewing
Human Rights in the Americas
Human Rights News
'Human rights, peace and justice in Africa: A reader', edited by Karen Stefiszyn and Christof Heyns
Human Unity
Hurpec Network
Impact Press
Internet Service on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity (INCORE)
Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict
Institute for Theology and Peace (IThP)
Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies - Conrad Grebel University College
International Campaign to Ban Landmines
International Freedom of Expression Exchange
International Law Students Unite
International Monetary Fund
International Peace Academy
International Peace Bureau (IBP)
International Peace Institute
I-to-I Work, Volunteer, and Travel Experiences
I-to-I Work, Volunteer, and Travel
Journal of Peacebuilding and Development
kayak Africa - A solo voyage for Human Rights
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Latin America & Caribbean Solidarity Association
Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre
Letter to Bush
A Line in the Sand
M.K. Gandhi Institute Home Page
March 15, 2003 Photos of Anti-War Protests Around the World
Maria Elena Moreira
Michael Moore and System of a Down - Boom! Anti-war video
Michigan Faith and Resistance Peace Team
Mid-South Activists Community
Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers - Democracy in Action
National Coalition for the Homeless
National Peace Corps Association
New Renaissance Magazine
Nicholas Harris Petition
Nicholas Yarris Home Page
NomadNet - Somalia
Nonviolence Web
Nonviolent Peaceforce
Not In Our Name
The Objector: Home of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Open Directory Project Peace Page
Orion Online
Peace Action of Washington
Peace Action
Peace Agreements1989-99
Peace and Conflict Studies Journal
Peace and Conflict Studies
Peace and Security Integrated Internet Resource Guide
Peace At Home
Peace Brigades International
Peace Center, Theosophical Society in the Philippines
Peace Corps
Peace Project
Peace Review
Peace Women
Peaceful Solution
Peacekeepers' Homepage
Peacekeeping and Related Operations--University of New Brunswick St. John Ward Chipman Library
Peacemaker - Growing Communities in Peace
Peacenet's Human Rights
Pearson Peacekeeping Centre
Planet Peace
Poverty Relief, Human Rights and Peace: Links
Prison Legal News
Project Ploughshares: Canada's Ecumenical Peace Coalition
Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Reebok Human Rights Award
Relief Web Home Page
Répertoire PSI - Paix et Sécurité Internationales
Resource Center of the Americas
Richmond Peace Education Center (RPEC)
Rosemary Nelson Campaign
S & F Online
Sambhav Online
Sasakawa Peace Foundation Web Site
Second International Congress for Peace in Europe
Showdown in Texas
Sierra Leone Crisis: Amnesty International
Sisterhood Is Global Insitute
Sisters Online
State Sponsored Terror - British Collusion in Murder and Terrorism
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Stop Prisoner Rape, Inc.
Stop US Wars
The Sunflower
20/20 Vision Homepage
Terra Ferra
The Development Group for Alternative Policies
The Interdisciplinary Teaching of Human Rights Peace and Ethics Project
The National Peace Corps Association
The November Coalition
The People-Centered Development Forum
The Portal for Humanitarianism and Environmentalism
The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Thirdway Cafe: Mennonite Media
The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Traprock Peace Center
True Majority
Tudo em Familia
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
United for Peace and Justice
United Planetary Federation
United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA)
United States Institute of Peace
Universal Rights Network
The University for Peace
University of Bradford Department of Peace Studies
UN's Post Conflict Assessment Unit on DU in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Uppsala University Peace and Conflict Research Center
US Peace Memorial
Veterans for Peace, Inc. (VFP)
Visualizing Democide
Voices in the Wilderness: A Campaign to End the Economic Sanctions Against the People of Iraq
War and Peace Foundation
War Resisters League
Washington Peace Center
We Haitians United We Stand For Democracy
World Peace Page
World Peace Society
Young Media


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