Lands' End Standards of Business Conduct

As direct merchants, we go anywhere in the world to find partners who are able to give us the best combination of quality, price and service that will allow us to deliver honest value to our customers. In this global environment, we take an interest in the standards of our business partners around the world.

In developing this policy, we have sought to use standards that are appropriate to diverse cultures and encourage workers to take pride in their work. We have found that these standards result in higher quality working environments and in higher quality products.

Compliance with our standards is a condition for becoming and remaining a busi ness partner of Lands' End. We have established procedures to review all issues as they come to our attention.

In all of our dealings with our partners, we comply with our own Lands' End Code of Conduct and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We take special care in selecting partners who follow fair, decent and legal labor practices and agree to our Standards of Business Conduct. We initiate and maintain relationships only with partners who:

* Compensate their employees fairly for normal work hours and overtime.

* Believe that workers should be employed based on their ability to perform the job, rather than discriminating on the basis of race, creed, gender, poli tics, or other personal characteristics or beliefs.

* Respect basic human rights and place our production where there is no unusual risk to our employees or business interests.

* Provide their employees with a safe and healthy work place, including their residential facilities, if provided.

* Share our concern for the environment and adhere to their local and national laws regarding the protection and preservation of the environment.

* Are knowledgeable of, and in compliance with, all the legal requirements involved in conducting their business.

We will terminate our relationship with any business partner who is found to be involved in the use of.

Our business partners are required to provide full access to their facilities and to relevant records relating to employment practices. We will conduct on-site inspections of facilities to monitor these standards and assure the quality of our products.


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