University of Minnesota


Electronic Publications

American Prospect Online

Antislavery Before the Revolutionary War

"Authors and Users in the Cyberspace: A Survey on Intellectual Property and the Internet from the Spanish (and European) Legal System"

Carnegie Council Journal, Ethics & International

"Freedom of Religion: from France to the United States, a National Conflict of Law"

"Legal and Environmental Regime of Islands in the South China Sea: Status under International Law"

"Law in a Time of Emergency"

"Under Attack: The Public's Right to Know and the War on Terror"

3D Three

Actualite et Droit International - Revue ADI

Agriculture 21 Magazine

Article 2

Australian Journal of Human Rights

Becoming Human: The Origins and Development of Women's Human Rights

Beirut Times Newspaper

Bepress Legal Repository- Occupation Failures and the Legality of Armed Conflict: "The Case of Iraqi Cultural Property

Bepress Legal Repository- “Justice in the Palestine-Israel Conflict”

Bulletin électronique de Droits et Démocratie

Cardoza Journal of Conflict Resolution

Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin

Center for International Policy

Center for Reproductive Rights

Center on Rights Development

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

"Child Labor through a Human Rights Glass Brightly"

Chinese Journal of International Law

The Chosun Journal - North Korea

"The Constitutional Infirmity of Warrantless NSA Surveillance: The Abuse of Presidential Power and the Injury to the Fourth Amendment" by Robert Bloom and William J. Dunn

Le Courrier de l'UNESCO

Crimes of War Project


Earth Times

ECMI Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe

El Periodico - Nuevo Enfoque

Electronic Journals of the United States Department of State Office of International Information Programs (IIP)

Emory International Law Review

Enlaces America

Essex Human Rights Review

Essex Human Rights Review Special Issue ‘Human Rights Perspectives: What We Have Learnt So Far’

L'Europe des Libertes

European Journal of International Law, Volume 9, No. 3

Finance and Development - Magazine of the IMF

Flashpoint Magazine

Forced Migration Review

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Policy in Focus

Global Jurist

Gozaar: A Journal on Democracy and Human Rights in Iran

Hamline University - Making the Global Local

Health and Human Rights: An International Journal

Housing and ESC Rights Law Quarterly

HRBA Portal
Humanity Blog

Human Rights and Human Welfare: An International Review of Books and other Publications

Human Rights Defenders Mechanisms

Human Rights Dialogue, Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs

Human Rights Features, Volume 2, April- June 2002

Human Rights for Workers

Human Rights Law Review

"Human rights, peace and justice in Africa: A reader", edited by Karen Stefiszyn and Christof Heyns

Human Rights Tools

Human Rights Tribune

Human Rights Tribune- Geneva

Human Rights Working Papers, University of Denver

"The Idea of Humanity: Human Rights and Immigrants' Rights" by David Cole

"The Importance of Realizing 'Other Rights' to Prevent Sex Trafficking" by Jonathan Todres

Index on Censorship

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution

International Council on Human Rights Policy

International Council on Human Rights Policy -- Local Government and Human Rights: Doing Good Service

International Human Rights News Magazine

International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences

International Journal of Transitional Justice

Intersentia - Human Rights Publications

Jinn Magazine: The Online Magazine of the Pacific News Service

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management - new articles

Journal of Humanitarian Assistance

Journal of Human Rights

Journal of Human Rights Practice

Journal of Law and Religion, Hamline University Law School

Journal of Peacebuilding and Development

Journal of Poverty

JSTOR: Journal Storage, Redifining Access to Scholarly Literature

Khodorkovsky Trial

"Killing in Good Conscience" by Eric Blumenson

Ko'aga Rone'eta

Latin America Press

Law & Ethics of Human Rights

Le Monde Diplomatique

Legal Scholarship Network (LSN)

Loosening the Bounds of Human Rights: Global Justice and the Theory of Justice

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law

Melbourne Journal of International Law

Muslim World Journal of Human Rights

National Academy Press

National Law Journal


"What Counts in Counterterrorism" By Jonathan Marks

La Nouvelle Lettre de la FIDH

Olympic Journal on Human Rights

Opening the Dichotomy of Universalism and Relativism

Oxford Journal of Refugee Studies

Oxford Journals

Oxford Reports on International Law Database

Oxford University Press Human Rights

Oxford University Press Human Rights Textbooks

Palestine-Israel Journal

Pambazuka News

Peace Review

Philanthropy News Digest

Population Communications International

Readers International Publishing: Books from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Eastern Europe

"Restitution for Wrongs and the Restatement (Third) of the Law of Restitution" by James Rogers

Revue trimestrielle des Droits de l'Homme

La Rosa Blanca Revista de Derechos Humanos

Rule of Law in Armed Conflict--50 Country profiles

SUR Journal

Talking Points Memo

The Lawchek Bulletin: Privacy on the Internet

The Libra Foundation

The Observer

The Progressive Magazine

The Religion Case Reporter

"Towards a Common Law Originalism" by Bernadette Meyler

Transitions Online

Tribal Law Journal

UNESCO Courier

The UN Human Rights System - Universality at the Crossroads

Union des Avocats Européens (Journal des Droits de l'Homme)

United Nations Law Reports


University of Iowa Center for Human Rights

USAfrica On-Line

World Policy Journal

Yale Human Rights and Development Journal

Youth For Human Rights International


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