Hartmarx Corporation Policy (Subscribe to policy of American Apparel Manufacturers Association, AAMA): Statement of Responsibility

Members of the American Apparel Manufacturers Association (AAMA) are committed to the fair and rational practice of business in the United States and abroad. Basic to this commitment is the fair and equitable treatment of employees in wages, working conditions, and benefits. In no case do we support the use of child labor, prison labor, discrimination based on age, race, national origin, gender, or religion, the violation of legal or moral rights of employees, nor destruction or harm to the envi ronment.

The American Apparel Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has established this Statement of Responsibility as a guideline for all member companies for their own facilities and for the facilities where production is contracted. AAMA represents over 70 percent of all domestic apparel production in the United States. Members companies manufacture all types of apparel and are located in virtually every state in the United States.

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