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Evaluation Guides
Research Studies in HR Education

Evaluation Guides

Evaluation: A Beginners Guide

Evaluation in the Human Rights Education Field: Getting Started

Self-Help Human Rights Education Handbook

Reports & Documenting Impacts & Effective Practice

A Comparative Survey of Teacher Training in Selected ASEAN States: Implications to Human Rights Education
(by Felice I. Yeban, Philippine Normal University)

A Review of the 1-3 Grade School Books in Turkey According to the Human Rights and Gender Equality Criteria

All-European Study on Policies for Education for Democratic Citizenship

Amnesty International Country Reports

An evaluation of human rights training for student police officers in the police service of Northern Ireland

An Evaluation of UNESCO Publications on Human Rights Education
Case Studies in Human Rights Education: Examples from Central and Eastern Europe
Democratic School Participation and Civic Attitudes among European Adolescents: Analysis of Data from the IEA Civic Education Study

Enhancing Participatory Non-formal Education among Cambodian Human Rights NGOs

Evaluation of voter education in the context of EU electoral support

Global Strategic Planning Meeting on Teacher Training in Human Rights Education (June 2005, New York)

Hart Survey on Attitudes and knowledge of human rights - Adult

Hart Survey on Attitudes and knowledge of human rights – Youth

Human Rights Capacity-Building and Advocacy Work
Human Rights Constitutions
Human rights education in non-formal settings: Lessons learned from the Rights Education Action Programme
Human Rights Education in Schools in the Post-Communist Context

Human rights in education as prerequisite for human rights education

Inquiry into Human Rights and Good Governance Education in the Asia Pacific Region

Inter-American Reports on Human Rights Education
(Inter-American Institute of Human Rights)

The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) documents

Human Rights Education: An Elementary School Level Case Study [WORD]
Minnesota Advocates: Issues Affecting Women
Planning for the Future: Citizenship Education in Latin America

Promises to Keep: Results of the National Survey of Human Rights Education 2000

Promoting Human Rights Professionalism in the Liberian Police Force
Summary report of the Minnesota Partners in Human Rights Education Evaluation Program
3D: Three: Practical Guide to the WTO

Training - Education - Awareness : extract from ICRC Annual Report 2004

U.S. State Dept. Country Reports on Human Rights

Research Studies in HR Education

All-European Study on Policies for Education for Democratic Citizenship
Approaches to civic education: Lessons learned

Citizenship education and human rights education: an overview of recent developments in the UK

Citizenship - made in Europe: living together starts at school

Emerging Models for Human Rights Education
Arabic || Chinese || French || Portuguese || Russian || Spanish

From rule of men to rule of law in Europe and Eurasia: synthesis of eight country impact assessments
"Human Rights and Citizenship: The Emergence of Human Rights Education"
Human Rights Education in Schools in the Post-Communist Context
Human Rights Education – Towards the End of the UN Decade
International Council on Human Rights Policy
International Council on Human Rights Policy -- Local Government and Human Rights: Doing Good Service

Literature review on outcomes of school-based programs related to Learning To Live Together

Promoting the teaching of international humanitarian law in universities: the ICRC's experience in Central Asia

Prospects for Civic Education in Transitional Democracies: Results of an Impact Study in Romanian Classrooms

Reclaiming Voices: A Study on Participatory Human Rights Education Methodologies in the Asia-Pacific

Resources for Human Rights Education in the Euro-Mediterranean region NEW!
Seeds for Peace. The Role of Pre-School Education in International Understanding and Education for Peace
Study on the Advances in Civic Education in Education Systems: good practices in industrialized countries
Weaving Ties of Friendship, Trust and Commitment to Build Democracy and Human Rights in Peru


Course Research and Evaluation in the NGO Sector

Workshop on HRE issues in Human Rights NGOs



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