The Dress Barn, Inc., and its Subsidaries Standards of Engagement

Human Rights Policy Statement

The Dress Barn, Inc. and its subsidiaries are committed to producing high quality products at a good value to our consumer. The Company not only follows the letter and spirit of all applicable laws, but maintains a high standard of business ethics and regard for human rights. Moreover, we require sound business ethics from our suppliers.

The Dress Barn, Inc. and its Subsidiaries Standards of Engagement

  1. Legal Requirements. Suppliers must observe all applicable laws of their coun try, including laws relating to employment, discrimination, the environment, safety and the apparel and related fields. Moreover, suppliers must comply with applicable United States laws relating to the import of products, includ ing country of origin labeling, product labeling and fabric and product test ing. If local or industry practices exceed local legal requirements, this higher standard should be met.
  2. Health and Safety. Conditions must be safe, clean and acceptable throughout all work and residential facilities.
  3. Employment Practices. We will only support businesses who are fair to their employees:
    • Suppliers must pay wages and benefits and provide compensation for overtime consistent with local laws.
    • Suppliers must adopt working hours that do not exceed prevailing local law. One day in seven should be regularly encouraged as a day off.
    • Suppliers must not use child labor as defined by local law (however, workers must be at least 15 years of age), forced labor or prison labor.
    • Suppliers must not use corporal punishment or other mental or physical disciplinary actions or engage in sexual harassment.
    • We favor suppliers who do not discriminate based upon race, reli gion, national origin, political affiliation or sex, and who encourage free association and freedom of expression.
  4. Environmental Practices. We favor suppliers who practice environmental protection.
  5. Ethical Conduct. We will encourage our suppliers to embrace ethical standards in the conduct of their businesses. We will not support or participate in any way in any local, regional or national war or armed conflict in any coun try in which we do business and will seek to minimize our business risk where conflict exists, emphasizing the safety of our employees and represen tatives.

If you believe that these Standards of Engagement are not being upheld or if you have any questions regarding these Standards of Engagement, please contact the General Merchandise Manager of Dress Barn. Your identity will be kept in confidence.


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