Dayton Hudson Corporation Standards of Vendor Engagement


Dayton Hudson Corporation has a tradition of conducting its business in an ethical manner that reflects our respect for the public franchise under which we operate. As such we are concerned with the worldwide state of being of human rights and environmental degradation. We expect that the vendors with whom we source our products to share these same ethical concerns as well. Dayton Hudson Corporation will use the following Standards of Vendor Engagement in selecting vendors and will seek compliance with these standards by our contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and other businesses.

Dayton Hudson Corporation will seek vendors that will allow us full knowledge of the facilities used in production. We reserve the right to undertake affirmative mea sures, such as on-site inspection of production facilities in order to implement and monitor these standards. Any effort to suppress any of these standards will be met with strong objection on our part and we will take into account any such actions on the part of our vendors when reviewing and evaluating our business relationships.

Safe and Healthy Workplace

Dayton Hudson will seek vendors who provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with local laws.

Forced or Compulsory Labor

Dayton Hudson will not knowingly work with vendors that use forced or other compulsory labor in the manufacture of products intended for our stores. This includes labor that is required as a means of political coercion or as punishment for holding or for peacefully expressing political views.

Disciplinary Practices

Dayton Hudson will not knowingly use vendors who use corporal punishment or other forms of mental or physical coercion.


Dayton Hudson recognizes and respects the cultural differences found in the world -wide marketplace. However, we believe that workers should be employed on the basis of their ability to carry out the duties of a particular job, rather than on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs. We will seek vendors who share this belief.

Working Hours and Overtime

Dayton Hudson will seek vendors who do not require more than 60 hour work weeks on a regularly scheduled basis, except for appropriately compensated over time in compliance with local laws.

Fair Wages

Dayton Hudson will seek vendors who share our commitment to the betterment of wage and benefit levels that address the basic needs of workers and their families so far as possible and appropriate in light of national practices and conditions.

Child Labor

Dayton Hudson will seek vendors who do not use child labor. Dayton Hudson will expect its vendors to comply with the law of the country of origin in defining the term "child", but we will not knowingly use vendors that use labor from persons under the age of 14 regardless of the law of the country of origin. Dayton Hudson will support the development of legitimate workplace apprenticeship programs for the educational benefit of younger people as long as the child is not being exploited or given jobs that are dangerous to the child's health or safety.

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