Summary of the Dayton Peace Agreement on Bosnia-Herzegovina

Fact Sheet Released by the Office of the Spokesman, November 30, 1995.

The Dayton Proximity Talks culminated in the initialing of a General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was initialed by the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). The Agreement was witnessed by representatives of the Contact Group nations -- the United States, Britain, France, Germany, and Russia -- and the European Union Special Negotiator.

The Dayton Peace Agreement and its Annexes are summarized below.

General Framework Agreement

Annex 1-A: Military Aspects

Annex 1-B: Regional Stabilization

Annex 2: Inter-Entity Boundary

Annex 3: Elections

Annex 4: Constitution

Annex 5: Arbitration

Annex 6: Human Rights

Annex 7: Refugees and Displaced Persons

Annex 8: Commission to Preserve National Monuments

Annex 9: Bosnia and Herzegovina Public Corporations

Annex 10: Civilian Implementation

Annex 11: International Police Task Force

Agreement on Initialing the General Framework Agreement

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