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Gangaram Panday Case, Letter from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of July 15, 1997, concerning compliance with the Judgment of the Court, reprinted in 1997 Annual Report of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights [157], OEA/Ser.L/V/III.39, doc. 5 (1998).




July 15, 1997

Ref:  Case of Gangaram Panday (10.274)

Dear Dr. Ventura:

  On behalf of the Inter-American Commission, I have the honor to address the Honorable Court in relation to the above referenced Case.

  On April 15, 1997, the Commission supplied the Inter-American Court with the information sought in the latter's Resolution of February 4, 1997, to facilitate the ability of the Government of Suriname to contact the widow of the victim, Dropatie Panday (Sewcharan), in order to comply with the Court's Judgment of January 21, 1994.

  The Commission has since been informed that, on May 15, 1997, Mrs. Panday's designated representative, Mr. E. Stanley Rensch, wrote to the Minister of Justice of Suriname to request that the matter of the compensation awarded by the Inter-American Court in the above referenced Case be finalized. That letter included Mrs. Panday's address and phone number in the Netherlands. (Please see copy of text, attached).  In response, on May 20, 1997, the Ambassador of Suriname to the Netherlands wrote to Mrs. Panday, providing her with the address of the Attorney General of Suriname, and instructing her to contact that office in order to present the documentation required to demonstrate her entitlement to receive the compensation.  (Please see copy of letter, attached). The Commission has most recently been informed that, yesterday, on July 14, 1997, Mrs. Panday directed a letter to the Attorney General, explaining that she cannot travel to Suriname for the purpose of presenting the documentation requested, and requesting that the arrangements  in relation to the payment of the $ 10,000.00 be finalized through the Embassy of Suriname in the Netherlands.

  The Commission is pleased that contact has been established between the Government and the beneficiary, and hopes that this will lead to the rapid and final resolution of this matter. The commission considers it very reasonable that the payment of the compensation be finalized through the transfer of the funds concerned to the Netherlands, and the presentation by Mrs. Panday of appropriate credentials to establish her identity at the Embassy of Suriname. In view of the prolonged proceedings following the Court's 1994 Judgment, the Commission hopes that the final processing can be concluded quickly, and with a minimum of inconvenience to Mrs. Panday.

Dr. Manuel Ventura R.


Inter-American Court of

  Human Rights

San Jose, Costa Rica

  Should the Commission be able to assist in any way in facilitating the transfer of the funds, the verification of the payment, or contact with Mrs. Panday, we are at the Court's disposal.

  Please accept, Mr. Secretary, the assurances of my highest consideration.



  Jorge E. Taiana

Executive Secretary



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