Human Rights Squares Handout

Instructions: Using members of the group as sources of information, get an answer for as many squares as you can and write it in the square. Each answer should come from a different person, who must initial that square for you. Stop when time is called.

A human right Country where human rights are violated Document that proclaims human rights Group in your country that wants to deny rights to others Country where people are denied rights because of their race or ethnicity



Organization which fights for human rights




Film/Video that is about rights Singer who sings about rights Right your parents have/had that you do not Country where human rights situation has improved recently


Type of human rights violation that most disturbs you Book about rights Right sometimes denied to women Right all children should have Country where people are denied rights because of their religion



Human right not yet achieved by everyone in this country People denied right to establish their own nation or homeland



Human right being achieved around the world Right of yours that is respected Someone who is a defender of human rights

Source: Adapted from David Shiman, Teaching Human Rights, (Denver: Center for Teaching International Relations Publications, University of Denver, 1993) 2-3.