This adapted activity is borrowed from human rights field to introduce students to different topics of Children's rights. During this 15-min activity each participant should find a different person from the group to answer one question and put his/her name in the square. The task is to answer as many squares as possible during the allotted time, and find out which questions were so difficult to answer. It is a useful tool as part of the intake and determination of the different levels in the class.


Organization that fights for children's rights

Country where rights of children have improved recently

Children's right receiving increased attention in your country

Right that adults have but children do not

Children's right for which you have worked

[1] Adapted by David Shiman from a version developed by the Guyana Human Rights Assocation and Amnesty International-Guyana

Special thanks to the Asian Regional Resource Center for Human Rights Education (ARRC) for the generous use of their artwork;
(, and The Library of Congress.