The following activist organizations provide resources for learning about social and economic rights.

Bread for the World

Box W, 1100 Wayne Ave, Suite 1000, Silver Springs, MD 20910

Tel: (301) 608-2400 Fax: (301) 608-2401

Bread for the World is a Christian citizensí movement that addresses hunger issues in the USA.

Campaign for Labor Rights

1247 E Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

Tel: (541) 344-5410

Publishes newsletter with up-to-date information on all sweatshop campaigns and analysis of current labor-rights issues.

Center for Economic Conversion

222 View St., Mt. View, CA 94041

Tel: (650) 968-8798 Fax: (650) 968-1126 Email:

Educates about the military economy and facilitates the process of converting to a civilian-based economy. Resource guides, and handbooks and reports. Teacherís kit on economic conversion for high school classrooms.

Center for Teaching International Relations (CTIR)

University of Denver, 2201 S. Gaylord St., Denver, CO 80208

Tel: (800) 967-2847 Fax: (303) 871-2906

Curriculum materials and teaching guides for all grade levels, including Teaching Global Awareness with Simulations and Games.

Church World Service, Office on Global Education

2115 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218-5755

Tel: (410) 727-6106

Curriculum materials and fact sheets, including a curriculum available for K-12 classrooms.

Co-Op America

1612 K St. NW, #600, Washington, DC 20006

Tel: (202) 872-5307

Conducts anti-sweatshop campaigns targeting Disnet, publishes National Green Pages, <>, and sponsors <>

Fair Trade Federation

P.O. Box 126, Barre, MA 01005

Tel: (508) 355-0284

Promotes fair-trade products and businesses.

Food First Information and Action Network

Institute for Food & Development Policy, 398 60th St., Oakland, CA 94618 Tel: (510) 654-4400

Educational materials, teaching kits, simulations, lesson plans and student readings including Food First Curricula that engage children in questioning the roots of global hunger.

National Labor Committee

275 Seventh Ave., 1st Floor, New York, NY 10001

Tel: (212) 242-3002 Fax: (211) 242.3821 Email: <>

National Labor Committee provides materials on overseas sweatshops, including video entitled Zoned for Slavery: the Child behind the Label.

The Resource Center of the Americas

317 Seventeenth Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414-2077

Tel: (612) 627-9445 Fax: (612) 627-9450 Email:

Educational resources on economic and cultural issues in the Americas, including Child Labor is not Cheap and The Cost of Your Shirt, a simulation exercise for secondary students based on the lives of Guatemalan textile workers.

Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE)

Institute for International Studies (IIS), Littlefield Center, Room 14, Stanford University, 300 Lasuen Street, Stanford, CA 94305-5013

Tel: (650) 723-1114

Educational resources, including Living in a Global Age, a simulation of international trade between developed and developing countries.

Sustainable America

42 Broadway, #1744, New York, NY 10004

Tel: (212) 239-4221


Sustainable America publishes an Organizer Kit on Human Rights, an action and resource kit highlighting the connection between human rights, economic rights, workers rights, and sustainable economic development.

World Bank Publications

The World Bank, P.O. Box 960, Herndon, VA 20172-0960

Tel: (703) 661-1580 (800) 645-7247 Email:

Educational materials, including Toward a Better World learning kit series, providing in-depth case studies of international development projects and problems.

Zero Population Growth

1400 Sixteenth St. N.W., Suite 320, Washington, D.C. 20036

Tel: (202) 332-2200 (800) POP-1956 Fax: (202) 332-2302 Email: <>

Curriculum materials including People and the Planet: Lessons for a Sustainable Future, and Earth Matters: Studies for our Global Future, which include excellent exercises on resource use and distribution, hunger, poverty, and environmental issues.

The following activist organizations use a human rights framework, either explicitly or implicitly, in their work promoting and protecting economic, social and cultural rights. Many of their web sites provide links to similar organizations.

Center for Human Rights Education

P.O. Box 311020, Atlanta, GA 31131

Tel: (404) 344-9629 Fax: (404) 346-7517 Email:

CHRE trains community leaders and student activists to promote the full realization of human rights in the USA.

Clean Clothes Campaign

Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition, 317-17th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 Tel: (612) 627-9445 Fax: (612) 627-9450

An international campaign coalition of consumer organizations trade union, researchers and others to inform consumers about working conditions in the clothing industry and improve conditions through education and direct advocacy.

Free the Children

1750 Steele Ave. West, Suite 218, Concord, Ontario, L4K 2L7, Canada

Tel: (905) 760-9382 Fax: (905) 760-9157 Email: <>

Founded by teenager Craig Kielburger, Free the Children mobilizes young people in the fight against child labor.

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)

245 Second St., NE, Washington, DC 20002-5795

Tel: (202) 547-6000 Fax: (202) 547-6019 Email: <>

The FCNL web site contains information about The Citizens Budget Campaign (CBC), a national coalition of religious, peace, and domestic human needs organizations dedicated to public education and advocacy on budget issues. Briefing papers include: Ending Hunger, Affordable Housing, Humane Welfare Policy, Sustainable Development, Economic Conversion, and Tax Justice.

The Hunger Project

15 E 26th Street, Suite 1401, New York, NY 10010

Tel: (212) 551-9100 or (800) 228-6691 Fax: (212) 532-9785 Email: <>

An international organization dedicated to ending hunger by working at the grassroots level to empower individuals and teach them skills to raise themselves out of poverty.

International Child Resource Institute

1581 Leroy Ave., Berkeley, CA 94708

Tel: (510) 644-1000 Fax: (510) 525-4106 Email:

International Child Resource Institute works to improve the lives of children throughout the world by providing technical assistance and information.

Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KWRU)

PO Box 50678, Philadelphia, PA 19132-9720

Tel: (215) 763-4584 Email:

KWRU is building a movement based on and led by the interests and organization of the poor, with the goals of ending poverty and exposing violations of the right to a living wage, housing, health care, food, clothing, and education.


26 West Street, Boston, MA 02111

Tel: (617) 482-1211 Fax: (617) 728-2594 Email: <>

Creates partnerships with poor communities around the world to provide emergency and technical support and program funding to break down structural barriers to self-sufficiency.

Peopleís Decade for Human Rights Education (PDHRE)

526 11th Street, New York, NY 10025

Tel: (212) 749-3156 Fax: (212) 666-6325 Email: <>

PHDRE is a non-profit educational organization promoting the Universal Declarationís principles world wide. Their web site includes fact sheets on the human rights connection with development, work, poverty, and other economic and social issues.

Save the Children

54 Wilton Road, Westport, CN 06880

Tel: (203) 221-4024 (800) 243-5075 <>

Save the Children works at the community level to promote childrenís well-being and development.

Sweatshop Watch

310 8th St., Ste. 309, Oakland, CA 94607

Tel: (510) 834-8990 <>

A coalition committed to eliminating sweatshops.

United for a Fair Economy (formerly Share the Wealth)

37 Temple Place, 5th Floor, Boston, MA

Tel: (617) 423-2148 Fax: (617) 423-0191 Email:<>

United for a Fair Economy draws public attention to the consequences of growing income and wealth inequality, through educational programs such as The Activist Cookbook, development of organizing tools, action campaigns, and research.

U.S. Committee for UNICEF

333 E. 38th St., New York, NY 10016

Tel: (212) 686-5522 Email:<>

U.S. Committee for UNICEF works in more than 160 countries and territories proving health care, clean water, improved nutrition, and education.

World Hunger Year

505 Eighth Ave, 21st floor New York, NY 10018-6582

Tel: (212) 629-8850 or (800) 5-HUNGRY<>

World Hunger Year was created to support and promote innovative, long term solutions to hunger through self-reliance, economic justice, community building, and food security.