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Curriculum Overview


Sharing a Vision - Session 1

Handout 1A
Handout 1B
Handout 1C
Handout 1D

Whole Child - Session 2

Handout 2A
Handout 2B

Equality - Session 3

Handout 3

Name and Nationality - Session 4

Adequate Standard of Living - Session 5

Handout 5

Special Protections - Session 6

Handout 6a

Consideration and Care - Session 7

Free Education - Session 8

Handout 8A
Handout 8B

Play and Culture - Session 9

Handout 9

Protection - Session 10

Expression and Association - Session 11

Handout 11

Ratification & Review - Session 12

Handout 12A
Certificate of Completion for Children
Certificate of Completion for Parents
Handout 12E


Appendix A: The Convention on the Rights of the Child - Unofficial Summary

Appendix B: Cue Cards

Appendix C: Human Rights Action Step Journal

Appendix D: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Appendix E: Words to Songs

Appendix F References: Songs, Books and Fingerplays

Appendix G: References: Children's Books

Appendix H: Books for Adult Learning

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