Part VII: Human Rights Education Resources


A. Printed and Electronic Resources
B. Media Resources
C. Principal US Organizations Engaged in Human Rights Education
D. Web Sites for Human Rights Education


The ultimate goal of [human rights] education is the
formation of responsible, committed and caring planetary
citizens who have integrated these values into everyday
life and acquired the skills to advocate for them.

Betty Reardon
Educating for Human Rights


One indication of the rapid development of human rights education is the large number of new resources available. Those listed below represent only a sampling of proven materials on general categories. For more extensive resources, especially on specific human rights topics, consult the Web sites listed below and the bibliographies of the recommended texts. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is abbreviated UDHR throughout this section.

Those resources marked with an asterisk (*) can be ordered through the University of Minnesota Human Rights Resource Center:

Human Rights Resource Center
University of Minnesota
439 Law Center
229 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455