Part IV
C. Activities for Human Rights Education

These activities are described here in very abbreviated form. See their published sources for fuller information. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is abbreviated UDHR throughout this section.

ACTIVITY 1: ALL OUR RELATIONS: A learning experience

ACTIVITY 2: Applying for Asylum

ACTIVITY 3: Actors, Artists, Storytellers, and Poets

ACTIVITY 4: The Body of Human Rights

ACTIVITY 5: Born Equal?

ACTIVITY 6: Calling the Names

ACTIVITY 7: Closings

ACTIVITY 8: A Dialogue with Your Lettuce

ACTIVITY 9: Energizers

ACTIVITY 10: Human Rights Timeline

ACTIVITY 11: Icebreakers and Introductions

ACTIVITY 12: Image Theater

ACTIVITY 13: The Ladder of Torture

ACTIVITY 14: Mirroring

ACTIVITY 15: A New Planet

ACTIVITY 16: Packing Your Suitcase

ACTIVITY 17: Perpetrator, Victim, Bystander, healer

ACTIVITY 18: Taking the Human Rights Temperature of Your School

ACTIVITY 19: Telling Our Stories

ACTIVITY 20: The Tool Box

ACTIVITY 21: The UDHR in Our Community

ACTIVITY 22: What Does a Child Need?

ACTIVITY 23: Windows and Mirrors