Theater to Change the World


ACTING FOR INDIGENOUS RIGHTS strengthens the human rights of Indigenous Peoples worldwide and promotes cooperation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples towards the implementation of the 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP A/RES/61/295). In conjunction with training and outreach activities, the project employs Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed to create information and popular education materials designed to raise awareness of UNDRIP.

Materials include:

• Topic Book 7 in the Human Rights Education Series published by the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center;

• Theatre and web-based multimedia resources aimed at train-the-trainer workshops and advocacy tools.

Training and advocacy tools are designed to promote effective participation of Indigenous Peoples in decisions that directly or indirectly affect their lifestyles, their traditional lands and territories, and their cultural integrity.

All discrimination needs to be eliminated. Recognizing that special measures are required to protect the world’s 370 million Indigenous Peoples, the UN General Assembly adop ed UNDRIP in 2007. However, the failure of state parties to respect and implement the Declaration is a principle cause of treaty violations, resulting in pervasive human rights violations. Among the rights guaranteed by the Declaration is that of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), a requirement essential to Indigenous Peoples’ right to self-determination.




























































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Theatre to Change the World

By Mariana Leal Ferreira




About the Authors

Preface by Melissa Nelson


Chapter 1: Acting Human Rights and Theatre of the Oppressed

Chapter 2: The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Chapter 3: Give Wings to Your Imagination and Change the World: Write and Perform Your Own Play!


Chapter 4: IronHawk on Death Row

  • Text of IronHawk on Death Row
  • Learning Activities for IronHawk
    • Activity 4.1: The Power of Emotions
    • Activity 4.2: Nothing Human Is Alien to Me
    • Activity 4.3: Style or Substance?
    • Activity 4.4: Speaking the Inner Voice
    • Activity 4.5: Mixed Emotions
    • Activity 4.6: Metamorphoses
  • Graphic novel of IronHawk on Death Row

Chapter 5: Diabetes Jackpot

  • Text of Diabetes Jackpot
  • Learning Activities for Diabetes Jackpot
    • Activity 5.1: Troubled Waters
    • Activity 5.2: Reading about the Salmon War
    • Activity 5.3. Living Sculptures
    • Activity 5.4: Before or After
    • Activity 5.5: Over the Top

Chapter 6: Madness of Hunger

  • Text of Madness of Hunger
  • Learning Activities for Madness of Hunger
    • Activity 6.1: Following the Master
    • Activity 6.2: Below the Poverty Line
    • Activity 6.3: Things That Go Bump In the Night
    • Activity 6.4: The Model Child
    • Activity 6.5: My Someday
    • Activity 6.6: Their Someday
    • Activity 6.7: Another Vision of the World

Chapter 7: The Color Red


Appendix 1: The Complete Text of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Appendix 2: Bibliography

Appendix 3: Glossary