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The International Human Rights Internship Program


Section I: Developing a Framework for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Activism

Chapter 1: General Principles for ESC Rights Activism

Chapter 2: Content of International Standards

Section II: Strategies and Tools for ESC Rights Activism

Chapter 3: Organizational Issues, Goals and Strategies

Chapter 4: Monitoring

Chapter 5: Education and Mobilization

Chapter 6: Policy Work, Legislative Advocacy and Litigation

Chapter 7: Work with Intergovernmental Bodies


Appendix A: Bibliography

Appendix B: A List of Relevant United Nations Documents and Partial Compilation of ESC Rights Standards

Appendix C: Examples of Matrices Designed by the Caribbean Initiative on Equality and Non-Discrimination for the Development of National Laws and Policies

Appendix D: Budget Analysis

Appendix E: Provea and the Case of El Hornito

Appendix F: Excerpt from a Submission to the African Commission for Human and Peoples

Appendix G: Excerpt from Health as a Right by Provea

Appendix H: Chiangmai Statement on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Appendix I: Workshop Participant List



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