Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

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2014 - 2015 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows


2014 - 2015 Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows



Ms. Aahooja is currently a Child Protection Officer at the Child Protection and Gender Unit of UNICEF-Balochistan in Pakistan. She is responsible for the implementation of children’s and women’s protection initiatives in the province through advocacy, monitoring, and advising on legislation and policy. Ms. Aahooja received a double Master’s Degree in International Relations and Business Administration from the University of Balochistan. Previously, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Government Girl’s Degree College. As a Humphrey Fellow, Ms. Aahooja hopes to enhance her knowledge of Human Rights Law and principles of gender equity.



Mr. Aamar is a Principal Inspector in the General Police Forces Administration of Rabat, Morocco. His responsibilities include providing security for dignitaries and celebrities, as well as at major events held in Morocco. Mr. Aamar is a member of the police Media and Communication Team and the majority of his work is dedicated to building and maintaining contact with the media, police investigations based on accusations in the media, and internal documentation of police appearances in the media. Mr. Aamar received a Degree in English Literature and a Diploma in English Studies from the Caddy Ayyad University. As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Aamar hopes to enhance his knowledge of migration and human trafficking patterns, as well as their effects on economic development in Morocco.



Mr. Assih is Superintendent of Police with the National Police in Togo. He is responsible for creating training programs for all National Police Forces in order to establish strong criminal justice administration in the country. He is also in charge of educating other trainers in professional police instruction. Previously, he led and conducted criminal investigations and police officers’ training on criminal justice procedures. He has served as representative of his country at the International Criminal Police Organization’s (ICPO-INTERPOL) meetings and conferences and had a short United Nations mission experience as a member of the investigation section in Rwanda (UNAMIR) in 1994. Mr. Assih completed criminal justice programs in Roswell (New Mexico, USA), Stockholm (Sweden), and Lyon (France) after receiving his LL.B in Law from the Université du Benin in Lomé in 1989. As a Humphrey Fellow, he hopes to learn more about Human Rights Law and international standards of criminal justice management. He also hopes to gain knowledge of useful police information systems. He plans to incorporate his learning into training programs for the National Police Forces in Togo.



Mr. Dordevic is a Senior Criminal Investigator at the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia. His work includes conducting criminal investigations of aggravated robberies, kidnapping, extortion, usury, and blackmail, as well as preventing and countering of weapons and narcotics smuggling, burglaries, and property crimes. He holds a Master of Advanced Studies Degree in International and European Security from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, as well as a Master’s degree in Criminalistics from the Academy of Criminal and Police Studies in Belgrade and a Bachelor of Law degree from the Criminal Police College in Belgrade, Serbia. As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Dordevic would like to understand and explore the methods and systems for enhancing the cooperation between law enforcement and the private security sector, as well as to get insight on the best practices in conducting criminal investigations through collaboration between the police, prosecutors, judges, NGOs and other relevant parties. He would also like to learn about the instruments of successful implementation of the principles of human rights within law enforcement structures.



Mr. El Hajj is a Captain in the Lebanese Internal Security Forces. He holds a Bachelor of Law from the Lebanese University and a Bachelor of Military Science from the Military College (Lebanon). In his work, he creates and manages training programs for Lebanese internal security forces staff. He is an expert in judicial and terrorist acts investigations, hostage negotiations, community policing, the fight against drug trafficking, and intelligence. His interests focus on human trafficking prevention, investigation, and prosecution. As a Humphrey Fellow, he would like to learn more about awareness campaigns, legislative reforms, and action plans aimed at the elimination of trafficking. He hopes to include the knowledge he gains in the training of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, better equipping his country to combat human trafficking.



Ms. Fasoha is the Director of Advocacy of the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives. She is in charge of organizing awareness and advocacy programs that pertain to various vulnerable groups, such as women and children. Her main focus is on promoting a culture of human rights. Ms. Fasoha earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Information Technology from Help University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and her Master’s Degree in Communication Management from the University of Technology-Sydney in Australia. During her Fellowship, she would like to gain further advocacy skills on issues such as women’s rights, children’s rights, and victims of human trafficking.



Ms. Fusco is a prosecutor in the Attorney General’s Office of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. From 2008-2012, she was head of the Cyber Crime Prosecution Office, the first of its kind in the country. In that position, she investigated and prosecuted criminals, both in child exploitation and “grooming cases”. Currently, she is the Coordinator of the Training Group on Cybercrime of the Attorney General’s Office of Brazil. Ms. Fusco has attended many conferences on cybercrime and associated issues, representing her country all over the world. She was recently invited to participate as an expert in a UN Office of Drugs and Crime Working Group in Vienna, focused on the Effects of Information and Communications Technologies on the Abuse and Exploitation of Children. Ms. Fusco received her Bachelor of Law from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, her Master of Criminal Science from Universidade Gama Filho, and her Doctorate in Law from Universidad de Barcelona, Spain. During her Humphrey Fellowship year, Ms. Fusco will focus on researching how the sex trade operates through online technologies in Brazil.



Mr. Gooneratne is a judge of the High Court of Colombo in the Republic of Sri Lanka. He has experience with court cases related to trafficking offenses and is dedicated to creating a court system focused on the well-being of victims and witness protection, in line with international and domestic standards. Mr. Gooneratne is an attorney at law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and has a Master’s degree in Commercial and Corporate Law from King’s College, London, as well as a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. As a Fellow, he would like to learn more about international cooperation to combat human trafficking, victim and witness protection efforts, and efforts to decriminalize trafficking victims. He views support for victims as a human right that must be protected and as a path to preventing future trafficking violations.



Mr. Grové is an attorney, lecturer, and clinician at the University of Pretoria Law Clinic in Pretoria, South Africa. He provides indigent populations with free legal services and acts as a mentor and instructor for law students at the university, as well as conducts research and manages specific projects. As a Fellow, Mr. Grové plans to learn about alternative dispute resolution clinics in the United States with a particular focus on mediation. He hopes to apply what he learns in developing a University of Pretoria Mediation Law Clinic. He received his LL.B and LL.M in Law from the University of Pretoria.



Ms. Nguyen is founder and Vice-Chair of the non-governmental organization Charity Fund for the Elderly in Hanoi, Vietnam. She serves the organization in a second role as Director of the Board of Trustees. Ms. Nguyen builds and maintains relationships with donors and partner institutions through proposal writing and project management. She also manages a team of forty-five staff and more than one hundred volunteers. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in International Economics, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Management from Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium. In the past, she has worked with Save the Children, Oxfam, the European Union Vietnam Private Sector Support Program, and the Integrated Food Security Project. As a Humphrey Fellow, Ms. Nguyen would like to conduct a study of methods to respond to human rights issues affecting vulnerable elderly populations, such as the poor and women.



Ms. Sánchez-Buitrago is the Executive Director of Colombia Diversa, a non-profit organization that works to promote and defend the rights of LGBTI community members in Bogotá, Colombia. She works to combat discrimination and raise awareness of the LGBTI rights issues present in Colombia. Ms. Sánchez-Buitrago also works on public interest litigation and forms alliances with the government and other organizations to promote legislation to protect the LGBTI community. As a Fellow, she would like to focus on community mobilization techniques and community organizing.



Mr. Waheed is the Superintendent of the Police in the Police Service of Pakistan in Islamabad. He has experience in working with victims of crime and terrorism, as well as in police administration and accountability. Mr. Waheed’s extensive police work has shaped his interest in victimology, especially in the context of the aftermath of crime and terrorism. He has also established the Pakistan Society of Victimology as the first national victim services organization that aims to work for victims of crime and terrorism in Pakistan. As a Fellow, he is dedicated to learning about the services available to victims who have experienced violent crime and acts of terrorism. Some approaches of particular interest are engagement in social advocacy, assisting with individual coping techniques, and providing financial assessments and compensation.



Ms. Windman is the Deputy Director and Senior Legal Advisor for the Israel National Council for the Child (NCC) in Jerusalem. Her responsibilities include advising on legal issues concerning children’s rights, preparing and presenting petitions to the High Court of Justice, representing children in court, advocating in parliamentary and governmental committees, and responding to children’s rights issues in the media. Ms. Windman is also a lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya Law School and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Social Work. Ms. Windman received her LL.M from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has previously served as Director of the NCC’s Child Victim Assistance Program. As a Fellow, she intends to focus on child victims’ rights, the promotion of legal and social solutions for child protection, and on juvenile justice and restorative justice programs.