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Act Firewood Industry Code of Conduct
Australian Chemical Industry Council Warehousing and Storage Code of Practice
Clean Clothes Clampaign, Code of Labour Practices for the Apparel Industry Including Sportswear
Cut-flowers: International Code of Conduct for the production of cut-flowers
Forest Stewardship Council: Principles and Criteria for Forest Stewardship
Forest Stewardship Council: Roles, Rights and Responsibilities of FSC Players, Document 2.10 FSC Policy Paper 31, May, 1999.
Forest Stewardship Council Satutes
International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers
International Council of Toy Industries Code of Business Practices, revised and approved June 1, 1998.
ISO 26000:2010 voluntary guidance standard on social responsibility
IUF Code of Conduct for the Tea Sector, Drafted at the IUF African tea meeting, Arusha, Tanzania, October 1995 and endorsed by the IUF global tea meeting, Coimbatore, India, October 1996.
Joint Labor-Management Statement by the ICEM and signatory companies of the World Chlorine Council, Appendix to ICEM Update 86/98, 20 October 1998.
The Mining Industry: Principles for the Conduct of Company Operations, prepared by Australian Non-Governmental Organizations, October 1998.



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