II. Periodicals

Main source: HRI Reporter Vol. 14 Supplement: Master List of Human Rights Organization & Serial Publications, Spring /Autumn 1991.

1. Afghanistan

2. Australia

Aboriginal Land Rights Support Group Nesletter (Australia: Aboriginal Land Rights Support Group).

Aboriginal Law Bulletin (Kensington: Aboriginal Law Center) (bimonthly).

ACFOA East Timor Report (Australia: Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA)).

ACFOA News (Australia: Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA)).

APHD Newsletter (Australia: Asia Partnership for Human Development (APHD)).

Asia Pacific Solidarity (Australia: Committee Against Repression in the Pacific and Asia (CARPA)).

Asian Bureau Australia Newsletter (Australia: Asian Bureau Australia).

Australia Press Council News (Australia: Australia Press Council) (quarterly).

Australian Journal of Human Rights.

Cambodian Information Office Newsletter (Australia: Cambodian Information Office).

Carpa Bulletin (Australia: Committee Against Repression in the Pacific and Asia).

Charter (Australia: Australian Human Rights Society).

East Timor News (Australia: East Tior News Agency).

East Timor Report (Australia: Australian Council for Oversea Aid (ACFOA)).

Human Rights Council of Australia Newsletter (Australia) (irregular).

Inside Indonesia (Australia: Indonesia Resources and Information Programme (IRIP)) (quarterly).

Justice Trends (Australia: Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace).

Kanaky Updates (Australia: Uniting Church of Australia).

LAWASIA Human Rights Nesletter (Sydney, Australia: Law Associaton for Asia and the Pacific, 1986-)

National Outlook (Sydney, Australia: Australian Christian Monthly, Outlook Media Group) (monthly).

Pacific News Bulletin (Australia).

Report / Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commission (Canberra: Australian Government Publishing Service, 1993-).

Social Alternatives (St. Lucia, Australia: Dept. of External Studies, University of Queensland) (quarterly).

Sri Lanka Human Rights Bulletin (Australia: Sri Lanka Human Rights Campaign).

TIC News (Australia: Thai Information Center).

Womanspeak (Australia) (5/year).

3. Bangladesh

Asia Newsletter (Bangladesh: Association for Social Advancement (ASA)).

International Review of Humanism and Human Rights (Dhaka, Bangladesh: International Institute of Humanism and Human Rights, 1992-)

Hot Line Newsletter (Dhaka, Bangladesh: Hot Line) (bimonthly).

Manobadhikar (Bangladesh: Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights) (quarterly, in Bengali).

State of Human Rights, Bangladesh (Dhaka: Bangladesh Manobadhikar Samonnoy Parishad, 1993- ) (annual).

4. Bhutan

5. Brunei Darussalam

6. Cambodia

7. Canada

Canada Asia Currents (Canada: Canada-Asia Working Group (CAWG)) (quarterly).

China and Ourselves, Newsletter of the Canada China Programme (Canada: Canadian Council of Churches).

8. China

9. Fiji

10. France

Afghanistan en Lutte (France; Mouvement de Soutien a Resistance de l'Afghanistan (MSRA)).

Afghan Realities (France: Afghan Information and Documentation Service (AFC)).

The Letter from the B.I.A. (France: Bureau International Afghanistan (BIA)) (quarterly).

Nouvelles d'Afghanistan/Afghanistan News (France: L'Association Amitie Franco-Afghane (AFRANE)).

Pilippines Informations (France: Groupe d'Information Philippines) (11/year, in French).

Que Me (France: Revue des Vietnamiens a l'Etranger) (in Vietnamese and French).

11. Germany

Nhan-Quen-Menschenrechte-Vietnam, Laos, Kambodscha (Germany: Organisation zur Wahrung der Menschenrechte in Vietnam von Vietnamesen im Ausland / Organization for the Protecton of Human Rights in Vietnam and of Vietnamese Abroad) (3/year, in Vietnamese and German).

Sri Lanka INFO (F.R.G.: Sri Lanka Coordinatng Centre Kassel) (quarterly).

Tibet Forum (F.R.G.: Verein der Tibeter in Deutschland (VTD)).

12. Hong Kong

Asia Link (Hong Kong: Center for the Progress of Peoples).

Asia Monitor (Hong Kong: Asia Monitor Resource Center (AMRC)) (quarterly).

Asian Issues (Hong Kong: Christian Conference of Asia (CCA)).

Asian People (Hong Kong: Asian Research Service).

Asian Student News (Hong Kong: Asian Students' Association (ASA)) (bimonthly).

Asiaweek (Hong Kong).

Asylum (Hong Kong: Refugee Concern Hong Kong (RCHK)).

China Message (YI) (Kowloon, Hong Kong).

China Talk (Hong Kong: Hong Kong China Liaison Office, World Division, Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church) (monthly).

CPP Network (Hong Kong: Center for the Progress of Peoples, Hot-Line Asia and the Pacific).

Echoes from Tiananmen (Hong Kong: Friends of Chinese Minzhu).

Far Eastern Economic Review (Hong Kong; New York, NY, U.S.A.) (weekly).

Hot-Line Asia-Oceania (Hong Kong: Center for the Progress of Peoples).

Ming Pao Monthly (Hong Kong: Ming Pao) (monthly, in Chinese).

News and Views (Hong Kong: Bulletin of the Hong Kong Christian Council) (quarterly).

The Nineties (Hong Kong: Going Fine Ltd.) (monthly, in Chinese).

Praxis (Hong Kong: World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), Asia/Pacific Region) (3-4/year).

Tripod (Hong Kong: Holy Spirit Study Centre) (bimonthly).

Urban Rural Action (Hong Kong: Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), Urban Rural Mission).

Voices (Hong Kong: Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), Urban Rural Mission).

13. India

Alternative Network Newsletter (India: A third World Tourism Communication and Information Alternative. Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS)) (private circulation).

Asian Women (India: Asian Women's Institute).

Background Papers (India: Bombay Urban Industrial League for Development (BUILD)).

BANHI (New Delhi, India: Joint Women's Programme (JWP)).

Citizen Action (India: Citizen Action).

Communalism Combat (Bombay, India; Sabrang Communications) (two monthlies).

Consumer Confrontation (India: Consumer Education and Research Centre) (monthly).

Dalit Voice: Voice of the Persecuted Minorities (Inda: Dalit Sahitya Academy).

Deeds Dialogue (India: Development Education Service (DEEDS)).

Human Rights Summary (New Delhi: South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre).

Human Rights Year-Book (New Delhi: International Institute of Human Rights Society, 1989-) (annual).

Indian Journal of Interntional Law (India: Indian Society of International Law) (quarterly).

Indian People's Human Rights Commission Newsletter (Bombay, India).

The Lawyers (Bombay: Lawyers Collective) (monthly).

Lokayan Bulletin (New Delhi, India: Lawyers Collective).

Manushi: A Journal About Women and Society (New Delhi: Manushi) (bimonthly).

Media Backgrounders (India: Jagrut Goenkaranchi Fauz).

Media News in Perspective (Bombay, India: Cadre of Media Resources and Action (CAMERA)).

News for Action (India: Bombay Urban Industrial League for Development (BUILD)) (biweekly).

Notes and News (India: International Communication for a Society Overcoming Domination).

The Oppressed Indian (New Delhi, India: Satnagar Karol Bagh).

People's Reporter (Bangalore, India: Philip Mathew, 1988-) (monthly).

Philisophy and Social Action Quarterly (New Delhi, India: Concerned Philisophers for Social Action and Committee of Concerned Indian Philisophers for Social Action).

Samata Sainik Sandesh (New Delhi, India).

Samya Shakti (India: Center for Women's Development Studies).

Situation Report (India: Tamil Information and Research Unit (TIRU)).

Socio-Legal Concern Newsletter (India: Center for Socio-Legal Research & Documentation Service).

Sri Lanka Background Briefing (India: Tamil Information & Research Unit (TIRU)).

Sri Lanka Situation Report (India: Tamil Information & Research Unit (TIRU)) (biweekly).

The Tibet Journal (Dharamsala, India: Library of Tibetan Works & Archives, 1975-).

Tibetan Bulletin (Dharamsala, India: Information Office, Central Tibetan Secretariat).

Tibetan Review (New Delhi, 1968-) (monthly).

Vigil India (India: Vigal India Movement) (occasional).

14. Indonesia

Eksponen (Indonesia: Yogyakarta) (weekly).

Grassroots (Indonesia: Lembage Studi Pembanunan).

Human Rights Forum (Jakarta: Yayasan Lembaga Banthuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI), and Institute for Economic and Social Research, Education and Information, 1984-) (quarterly).

Jurnal Demokrasi (Jakarta: Yayasan Lembaga Banthuan Hukum Indonesia, 1991-) (irregular).

New Asian Visions (Indonesia: the Southeast Asian Forum for Development Alternatives (SEAFDA), and Philippines: UNU Southeast Asian Perspectives Network).

Radar: Keadilan Untuk Semua (Jakarta: Yayasan Lembaga Banthuan Hukum Indonesia) (bimonthly).

15. Iran, Islamic Rep.

16. Japan

Buraku Liberation News (Japan: Buraku Liberation Research Institute) (bimonthly).

CCRAI Documentation Series (Japan: Center for Christian Response to Asian Issues (CCRAI)).

Crowned with Thorns (Japan: Buraku Liberation Center).

Echoes of Peace (Japan: Niwano Peace Foundation) (quarterly).

IMDR Bulletin (Japan: International Movement Against All forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR)).

IMDR Yearbook (Japan: International Movement Against All forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR)).

Japan Citizen Now (Tokyo, Japan: Press Alternative) (monthly).

Japan Militalism Monitor (Japan: Center for Christian Response to Asian Issues).

Journal of Internatonal Studies (Japan: Institute of International Relations).

Korea Communique/Bulletin (Japan: Japan Emergency Christian Conference on Korean Problems, c/o National Council of Churches (NCC)).

Kyodan Newsletter (Japan: United Church of Christ in Japan).

Rodo Joho (Tokyo, Japan: News from Militant Japanese Workers).

Social and Pastoral Bulletin (Japan: Jesuit Social Center).

Solidaridad II (Japan: Resource Center for Philippine Concerns (RCPC)) (bimonthly).

Voices fron South Korea (Japan: Japanese Catholic for Justice and Peace).

17. Korea, Dom. Peop. Rep.

18. Korea, Rep.of

Amos (Korea: Columban Fathers) (quarterly).

CDPM Newsletter (Rep. of Korea: Council for a Democratic Press Movement).

Democratic Labor (Rep. of Korea: Korean Welfare Workers Conference (KWWK)).

Human Rights News (Rep. of Korea: National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK)).

Korea Labor News (Rep. of Korea: Catholic Labor Apostolate Research Center (CLARC)) (monthly).

Road to Democracy (Rep. of Korea: Federation of Youth for Democracy (FYD)) (monthly, in Korean).

19. Lao Peop. Dem. Rep.

20. Malaysia

Aliran (Pulau Pinang, Malaysia: Aliran Kesedaran Negara) (monthly).

Asian-Pacific Environment (Malaysia: Sahabat Alam Malaysia).

ConsumerForum (Malaysia: Internatonal Organisation of Consumer Unions (IOCU)) (monthly).

Negara (Malaysia: Lembaga Perpaduan Negara Malaysia, Board of National Unity).

Utusan Konsumer (Malaysia: Consumers' Association of Penang (CAP)) (monthly).

21. Maldives

22. Mongolia

Current Law Journal: CLJ (Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Current Law Journal Sdn. Bhd, 1988-) (monthly).

IIU Law Journal / International Islamic University, Malaysia (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: The University, 1989-) (semiannual).

Malaysian Law News (Kuala Lumpur: Legal News Services, 1990-) (monthly).

The Mongol Messenger (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: MONTSAMF, 1991-) (weekly).

Suara (Malaysia: Sahabat Alam Malaysia/Friends of the Earth Malaysia).

The Supreme Court Journal (Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia: Professional Law Books Publishers: Law Library Consultants <distributor>, 1988-) (three issues yearly).

23. Myanmar

24. Nepal

Essays on Constitutional Law (Kathmndu, Nepal: Nepal Law Society, 1990?-) (irregular).

FOPHUR Newsletter (Nepal: Forum for the Protection of Human Rights (FOPHUR)).

Human Rights Bulletin (Kathmandu, Nepal: Forum for the Protection of Human Rights (FOPHUR)).

Justice: Collection of Research Articles on Law & Justice (Kathmandu, Nepal: Gyangun Research Institute, 1991-) (irregular).

Liberty (Kathmandu, Nepal: Institute for Human Rights, Environment and Development) (bimonthly).

Voice of Child Workers (Nepal: Child Workers in Nepal).

25. Netherlands

Liberation (Netherlands: National Dmocratic Front of the Philippines (KSP)).

Mensenrechten in Indonesie (Netherlands: Indonesisch Documentatie en Informatie Centrum (INDOC)) (quarterly, in Dutch).

NDF Update Philippines (Netherlands: International Office of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines) (bimonthly).

Sri Lanka Information Bulletin (Netherlands: Sri Lanka Information Group).

26. New Zealand

Accent (Auckland: Publishers and Consultant Editors (PACE)).

Azania Struggle (New Zealand: Support Committee of the Pan-American Congress of Azania).

Employment Reports of New Zealand (Wellington: Brooker & Friend Ltd., 1991-) (annual).

Focus (New Zealand: Human Rights Commission) (quarterly).

New Zealand Recent Law Review (Auckland: Legal Research Foundation, 1989-) (quarterly).

The Maori Law Review (Wellington, N.Z.: Estoric Publications, 1993-).

Report (New Zealand. Law Commission) (Wellington, N.Z.: The Commission, 1987-).

Waikato Law Review: Taumauri (Hamilton, N.Z.: Waikato University of School of Law; Holmes Beech, Fla.: Wm W. Gault & Sons, 1993-) (annual).

27. Pakistan

Afghan Realities (Pakistan: Afghan Information and Documentation Service (AFC)).

Eastern Worker (Karachi: Bureau of Labor Publications) (bimonthly).

Human Rights (Pakistan).

Justice! Democracy (Pakistan: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)).

Monthly Bulletin (Peshawar: Afgan Information Centre).

Slogan (Lahore: AGHS Legal Aid Cell).

Subha: a Newsletter on Women & Development (Pakistan: Shirkat-Gah).

28. Papua New Guinea

Pacific Law Digest (Port Moresby: Faculty of Law, University of Papua New Guine, 1985-) (quarterly).

29. Philippines

L'Abogada (Philippines: International Federation of Women Lawyers).

The Advocates (Philippines: Legal Aid and Human Rights Institute for Mindanao (LAHRIM)).

Alternative (Manila: Participatory Research, Organization of Communities, and Education Towards Struggle for Self-Reliance (PROCESS)).

Alternative Law Reform (Philippines; Sentro ng Batas Pang-tao (BATAS)).

ASEAN Law and Society Journal (Quezob City: Academy of ASEAN Law and Jurisprudence, U.P. Law Complex, 1986).

ASEAN Regional Law Series (Quezon City, Philippines: Academy of ASEAN Law and Jurisprudence, University of the Philippines Law Complex, 1985-).

Asian Newsletter on Human Rights Documentation (Philippines: University of Philippines, College of Law).

Ateneo Human Rights Law Journal (Manila, Philippines: Ateneo Human Rights Center, 1993-).

AWRAN Newsletter (Philippines: Asian Women's Resaerch & Action Network).

Balai (Philippines: Balai Fellowship).

BCC-CO Notes (Philippines: Basic Christian Community-Community Organizing (BCC-CO)) (quarterly).

Breakthrough (Philippines: Student Christian Movement of the Philippines) (bimonthly).

CACP Journal (Philipines: Citizen's Alliance for Consumer Protection (CACP)) (quarterly).

CENDHRRA Development Memo (Philippines: Centre for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (CENDHRRA)) (quarterly).

CENDHRRA Network Newsletter (Philippines: Centre for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (CENDHRRA)).

Children of the Storm (Philippines: Children's Rehabilitation Center (CRC)) (quarterly).

Concern (Philippines: Negros Relief & Rehabilitation Center) (quarterly).

Consumer's Forum (Philippines: Citizens Alliance for Consumer Protection (CACP)) (monthly).

Contact (Philippines: Communicaton Foundation for Asia) (quarterly).

Cordillera Currents (Philippines: Cordillera Consultation & Research) (monthly).

Cordillera Papers (Philippines: Cordillera Consultation & Research, Human Rights Desk).

ECD Study Series (Philippines: Ecumenical Center for Development (ECD)) (quarterly).

ECDFC Monior (Philippines: Ecumenical Commission for Displaced Families & Communities) (quarterly).

Ekklesia (Philippines: Inter-Church Center for Development) (quarterly).

EMJP Newsletter (Philippines: Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (EMJP)).

Forefront (Philippines: Forum for Rural Concerns (FRC)).

FRC Monograph Series (Philippines: Forum for Rural Concerns (FRC)) (occasional).

Gabriela Women's Update (Manila: GABRIELA) (monthly).

Human Rights Advocate (Philippines: United Church of Christ in the Phiippines (UCCP)) (quarterly).

Human Rights Facts & Figures (Philippines; Task Force Detainees of the Philippines-Mindanao).

Human Rights Forum ( Manila, Philippines: Philippine Human Rights Information Center) (semi-annual).

Human Rights Newsletter (Philippines: Commission on Human Rights, 1987-).

IBON Facts & Figures (Philippines: IBON Databank philippines).

Impact: the Asian Magazine for Human Transformation (Metro Manila, Philippines).

Info on Human Development (Philippines: Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC), Office of Human Development (OHD)) (bimonthly).

International Solidarity News Digest (Philippines; International Solidarity Network Desk (ISND)) (monthly).

Journal of the Integrated Bar (Philippines: Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP)) (quarterly).

Justice and Peace Review (Philippines: Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (EMJP)) (quarterly).

Kabalikat: the Development Worker (Philippines: National Council for Peace and Development (NCPD)).

Kalinangan (Philippines: Institute of Social & Economic Research (IRC)) (quarterly).

Kasarinlan (Philippines: Third World Studies Center).


LAWASIA Human Rights Bulletin (Manila: LAWASIA Human Rights Committee).

LAWASIA Human Rights Newsletter (Manila: LAWASIA Human Rights Committee).

Maynila Human Rights Monitor (Philippines: Task Force Detainees of the Philippines - National Capital Region (TFDP-NCR)).

MCRF Memo (Daily Monitor) (Philippines: Mindanao Communications Resource Foundation).

Media-Mindanao News Service (MMNS) (Philippines).

Mindanao Advocate (Philippines: Mindanao Partnership for Human Development) (bimonthly).

Mindanao Human Rights Monitor (Philippines: Task Force Detainees of the Philippines - Mindanao).

Mindanao Trends (Philippines: Mindanao-Sulu Secretariat of Social Action (MISSSA)) (quarterly).

Mindanao Update (Philippines: Task Force Detainees Philippines (TFDP) - Mindanao) (monthly).

MIPC Communications (Philippines: Mindanao Interfaith People's Conference) (quarterly).

MIPCS Memo (Philippines: Mindanao Interfaith People's Conference (MIPC) Secretariat) (monthly).

MISSSA Monitor (Philippines: Mindanao-Sulu Secretariat of Social Action) (monthly).

MSPC Communications (Philippines: Mindanao-Sulu Pastoral Conference (MSPC)) (quarterly).

NASSA News (Philippines: National Secretariat of Social Action, Justice and Peace).

NCCP Newsletter (Quezon City, Philippines: National Council of Churches in the Philippines).

Pahatid Kapatid (Philippines: Kapatid) (bimonthly).

Peacemaker (Manila, Philippines: Peace Formation program) (quarterly).

Peasant Update International (Philippines: Kilusang Magbubukid sa Pilipinas (KMP)).

Philippine Agenda (Philipines: Crossroads publications/Philipine News & Features).

Philippine Collegian (Philippines: University of the Philippines).

Philipine Concerns (Philippines: Communication Foundation for Asia).

Philippine Human Rights Monitor (Metro Manila: Human Rights Center, Ateneo Law School).

Philippine Human Rights Update (Manila: Task Force Detainees of the Philippines).

Philippine Insight (Philippines: Ecumenical Partnership for Interational Concerns-Philippines (EPIC)).

Philippine International Forum - Occasional Articles (Davao City, Philippines: Philippine International Forum).

Philippine Law Journal (Philippines: College of Law, University of the Philippines) (quarterly).

Philippine News and Features (PNF) (Mesa Manila, Philippines: News Service of Crossroads Publications) (weekly).

Philippines Press Freedom Advocate (Philippines: People's Movement for press Freedom).

Philippines Inquirer (Metro Manila, Philippines: Mr. & Ms. Publishing Co.) (weekly).

PNF News Packets (Crossroads Publications/Philippine News & Features) (2/week).

Progress Notes:A Health and Human Rights Situation (Manila: Medical Action Group) (monthly).

Protest (Philippines: Protestant Lawyers Leaque of the Philippines) (quarterly).

Sarilakas (Manila, Philippines: Participatory Research and Organization of Communities Through Educational and Self-Help Services (PROCESS)).

Seldarity (Philippines: Samahan ng mga Ex-Detainees (SELDA)) (bimonthly).

Simbayan (Philippines: Ecumenical Center for Development (ECD)) (quarterly).

Situationer (Philippine: National Secretariat of Social Action, Justice and Peace (NASSA)) (monthly).

Solidarity (Manila, Philippines).

Tambuli (Philippines: Philippine Assistance for Rural and Urban Development) (bimonthly).

Theological Articles (Philippines; Mindanao Interfaith People's Conference (MIPC)) (monthly).

Tignayan (Philippines: Center for Labor Education, Assistance & Research (CLEAR)) (monthly).

Tribal Forum (Philippines: Episcopal Commission on Tribal Filipinos (ECTF)) (bimonthly).

Tugon (Philippines: National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP)) (quarterly).

Tw-mae-w Action Bulletin (Philippines: Third World Movement Against the Exploitaton of Women (TW-MAE-W)).

VIHDA Files (Philippines: Visayas Human Development Agency) (bimonthly).

Womenews (Philippines: Women Studies and Resource Center).

Worker's Voice (Philippines: National Federation of Sugar Workers-Food & General Trades) (monthly).

30. Portugal

Timor Newsletter (Lisbon, Portugal).

31. Samoa (Western)

32. Singapore

CCA News (Singapore: Christian Conference of Asia (CCA)) (monthly).

Lawasia Family Law Series (ed. by Judith E. Sihombing and H.A. Finlay; editor-in -chief, Ray Watson, Singapore: Singapore University Press for the Law Association for Asia and the Western pacific, 1979-)

Singapore Journal of Legal Studies (Singapore: Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, 1991-) (semiannual).

The Singapore Law Reports (Singapore: Malayan Law Journal, PTE, Ltd., 1992-).

33. Solomon Islands

34. Sri Lanka

Christian Worker (Sri lanka: Christian Workers Fellowship (CWF)).

Civil Rights Movement of Sri Lanka (Colombo: CRM).

Digest to the Sri Lanka Law Reports (Sri Lanka: Ministry of Justice, 1984-)

Ethnic Studies Report (Sri Lanka: International Center for Ethnic Studies).

INFORM (Colombo, Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Information Monitor).

Justice (Sri Lanka: National Catholic Commission for Justice, Peace and Human Development).

Justice & Equality (Sri Lanka: Movement for Interracial Justice and Equality).

Lanka Guardian (Colombo, Sri Lanka).

Lanka News (Sri Lanka: Nonviolent Direct Action Group (NVDAG)) (biweekly).

Law & Society Trust Review (Colombo, Sri Lanka: Law and Society Trust).

Logos (Sri Lanka: Center for Society and Religion) (quarterly).

Marga (Sri Lanka: Marga Institute).

Movement for Inter-Ratial Justice Newsletter (Sri Lanka: Movement for Inter-Racial Justice (MIRJ)).

NVDAG Educational Service (Sri Lanka: Nonviolent Direct Action Group (NVDAG)).

NVDAG Report (Sri Lanka: Nonviolent Direct Action Group (NVDAG)) (quarterly).

Peace (Sri Lanka: Justice and Peace Commission) (bimonthly).

Saturday Review (Jaffna, Sri Lanka) (monthly).

Satyodaya (Sri Lanka: Bulletin of Satyodaya Center for Social Research and Encounter) (4/year).

Thatched Patio (Sri Lanka: Inernational Center for Ethnic Studies) (bimonthly).

Voice of the Vioceless (Sri Lanka: Bulletin of the Coordinating Secretariat for Plantation Areas) (4/year).

35. Switzerland

Lungta, Nouvelles Tibetaines (Switzerland: Tibet Support Group).

36. Taiwan

Asian Outlook (Taipei).

CAHR Newsletter (Taipei: Chinese Association for Human Rights (CAHR)).

Care Magazine / Kuan-huai (Taiwan: CARE Center) (in Chinese).

Green Island (Rep. of China: Columban Fathers).

Occasional Bulletin (Taiwan: English edition of Taiwan Church News) (approx. 8/year).

Taiwan Church News (Rep. of China: Presbyterian Church in Taiwan) (weekly, in Chinese).

37. Thailand

Alliance Bulletin (Thailand: Organization and Information Committee of the Democratic Alliance of Burma).

AWSL (Asian Worker Solidarity Links) (Bangkok, Thailand: the worker's devision of UCL))(monthly).

Burma: A Cry for Justice and Democracy ( Bangkok, Thailand: International Committee for Democracy in Burma).

CCTD Newsletter (Thailand: Catholic Council of Thailand for Development (CCTD)) (bimonthly).

Child Worker in Asia (Bangkok, Thailand: Child Worker in Asia Support Group) (quarterly).

Chulalongkorn Law Review (Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Law. 1982-).

Contours (Thailand: Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism).

Dawn News Bulletin (Thailand: All Burma Students' Democratic Front).

Human Rights in Thailand Report (Bangkok, Thailand: CGRS)(quarterly).

J & P Thailand (Thailand: Justice and Peace Committee) (quarterly).

PHC Newsletter (Bangkok, Thailnd).

Seeds of Peace (Thailand: Thai Inter-Religious Commission for Development (TICD)).

Thai Development (Bangkok: Thai Development Support Committee).

Thai Development Newsletter (Bangkok, Thailand) (quarterly).

Thailand Yearbook of International and Comparative Law (Bangkok: Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University for the International Law Association of Thailand (ILAT), 1987-) (annual).

UCL Newsletter (Bangkok: Union for Civil Liberty).

38. Tibet

39. U.K.

Afghan Refugee Information Network Newsletter (U.K.: Afghan Refugee Information Network (ARIN)) (quarterly).

Kabisig: Unity in Struggle (U.K.: Commission for Filipino and Migrant Workers).

SIMBA Newsletter (U.K.: Singaporean and Malaysian British Association (SIMBA)).

Sri Lanka Bulletin (U.K.: British Refugee Council)

Sri Lanka Monitor (London: British Refugee Council) (monthly).

Tamil Information (London: Tamil Information Centre).

Tamil Internatinal (Cambridge, U.K.: Working Group Tamil International).

Tamil Times (Surrey, U.K.: Sri Lankan Current Affairs) (monthly).

Tamil Voice International (Wembley, U.K.) (24 issues/year).

TAPOL Bulletin (London: TAPOL: British Campaign for the Defence of Political Prisoners and Human Rights in Indonesia) (6/year).

Third World Quarterly (U.K.: Third World Foundatiion for Social and Economic Studies) (quarterly).

Timor Links (U.K.: Catholic Institute of International Relations (CIIR)).

40. U.S.A.

Afghaistan Informer (U.S.A.: Afghan Youth Council in America).

Afghanistan Voice (U.S.A.: Solidarity Council of Afghan Freedom Organiztions in America).

Asia Watch: Newsletter.

Asian Rights Advocate (U.S.A.: Church Committee on Human Rights in Asia) (monthly).

China Courier (U.S.A.: People United for a Democratic China (PUDC)).

China Focus (U.S.A.: China Information Center).

China Rights Annals (U.S.A.).

China Spring (Alexandria, VA, in Chinese: China Spring Research) (monthly).

Committee in Solidarity with People of Iran Newsletter (U.S.A.: Committee in Solidarity with People of Iran).

Committee of Concerned Punjabis [Newsletter] (U.S.A.: Committee of Concerned Punjabis).

Democracy in Taiwan (Washington, D.C.: World Affairs, 1993).

Development Update (Madison, WI, U.S.A.) (bimonthly review of development efforts in India).

East Timor Update (U.S.A.: East Timor Committee).

FAPA Newsletter (U.S.A.: Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA)) (monthly).

FFP Bulletin (U.S.A.: Friends of the Filipino People (FFP)) (quarterly).

FFP Update (U.S.A.: Friends of the Filipino People (FFP)).

Formosa Weekly (Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.) (weekly).

Human Rights Data Packet (U.S.A.: North American Colition for Human Rights in Korea).

Human Rights Watch, Asia.

India Alert Bulletin (U.S.A.: India Alart).

India Now (U.S.A.: Indian People's Association in North America (IPANA)).

Indochina Issues (Washington, DC: Center for International Policy (CIP), Indochina Project) (monthly).

Indochina Journal (Burlingame, CA, U.S.A.) (irregular).

Indonesia Report (U.S.A.: Indonesia Publications) (monthly).

Iran Liberation (Washington DC, U.S.A.: People's Mojahedin Organizaton of Iran (PMOI)) (weekly).

Korea Action (U.S.A.: North American Coalition for Human Rights in Korea).

Korea Biweekly Report (U.S.A.: North American Coalition for Human Rights in Korea).

Korea-Phone Weekly Report (U.S.A.: North American Coalition for Human Rights in Korea).

Korea Update (U.S.A.: North American Coalition for Human Rights in Korea).

Nepal Today (Washington, D.C.: The Nepal Human Rights Committee-USA).

News Tibet (U.S.A.: Office of Tibet).

Pei-ching Chih Ch'un = Beijing Spring (Woodside, N.Y.: Beijing Spring Inc., 1993-) (monthly, in Chinese).

PHIDOC, Philippine Information & Documentation (U.S.A.: Church Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (CCHRP)).

Philippine Studies Occasional Papers (U.S.A.: Center for Asian and Pacific Studies).

Philippine Witness (U.S.A.: Church Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines).

Philippines Update (U.S.A.: Church Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (CCHRP)).

Pilpinas (U.S.A.: Committee for Philippine Concerns (CPC)) (occasional).

PSGM Newsletter ( Minneapolis, MN: Philippine Study Group of Minnesota) (bimonthly).

South Asia Bulletin (N.Y., U.S.A.: Dept. of History, State University of New York at Albany) (2/year).

Speahrhead (U.S.A.: Society for the Protection of East Asians' Human Rights (SPEAHR)) (quarterly).

Taiwan Communique (Seattle: International Committee for Human Rights in Taiwan) (6 times a year).

Taiwan Tide (Los Angeles, C.A., U.S.A.).

Taiwan Tribune (Gardena, C.A., U.S.A.) (2/week, in Chinese).

Taiwan Update (U.S.A.: Formosan Association for Public Affairs) (monthly).

Thai News (Honolulu, H.I., U.S.A.).

Third World Resources (Oakland, U.S.A.: Third World Resources) (quarterly).

Tibet Brief (San Francisco, CA: International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet) (quarterly).

Tibet Press Watch (U.S.A.: International Campaign for Tibet) (monthly).

Voice of Free Korea (U.S.A.: Asian Heritage Institute).

Yakkety-Yak (Minneapolis, MN: Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota).

41. Vanuatu

42. Viet Nam

Vietnam Law & Legal Forum (Hanoi, Vietnam: Vietnam News Agency, 1994-) (monthly).

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