III. Human Rights Organizations

Main source: HRI Reporter Vol.15 Supplement Master List 1994 (Ottawa: Human Rights Internet, c/o Human Rights Centre, University of Ottawa).

*Groups registered at the NGO Forum for the 1993 UN World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna.

1 Afghanistan

2. Australia

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), P.O.Box 17, MLK Tower Bldg., Woden, Canberra ACT 2606. Tel.(61-6)289-1222. Fax.(61-6)281-0772.*

Aboriginal Land Rights Support Group (ALRSG), Sydney.

Aboriginal Law Center, University of New South Wales, Faculty of Law, PO Box 1, Kensington 2033, NSW. Tel.(61-2)697-2256;697-2252. Fax.(61-2)313-7209.

Amnesty International Australia (AIA), Private Bag 23, Broadway, 2007, Sydney NSW. Tel.(61-2)211-3566. Fax.(61-2)211-3608.

Asia Partnership for Human Development (APHD), Sydney.

Asian Development Foundation, c/o Uniting Church Center, 130 Little Collins St., Melboourne 3000. Tel.(61-3)654-2747. Fax.(61-3)807-3717.

Australia Action for Children, 41 Park St., 3470, Northcote, VIC. Tel.(61-3)417-6744. Fax.(61-3)419-9733.*

Australia Asia Worker Links (AAWL), P.O.Box 264, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065. Tel.(61-3)419-5045.

Australian Catholic Relief, 154 Elizabeth st., Sydney, NSW 2000. Tel.(61-2)264-1592.

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, 19 Mackenzie St, North Sydney, NSW 2060. Tel.(61-2)956-5811. Fax.(61-2)956-5782.*

Australian Coalition for East Timor (ACET) (East Timor), c/o Australia East Timor Assiciation, P.O.Box93, Ftzroy 3065. Tel.(61-3)429-1813 c/o Geoge Tieman (W); 386-3582(H). Fax(61-3)428-0050.

Australian Council for Civil Liberties (ACCL), P.O.Box 201, Glebe, NSW2037. Tel.(61-2)660-7582.

Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA), GPO Box 1562, Canberra, ACT 2601. Tel.(61-6)247-4822. Fax.(61-6)247-5536.*

Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA), Human Rights Office, 124 Napie St,Fitzroy V.C.3065. Tel.(61-3)417-7505. Fax.(61-3)416-2746.

Australian Council of Churches (ACC), P.O.Box C199, Clarence St., P.O.Sydney, NSW 2000. Tel.(61-2)262-4514.

Australian Federation of University Women (AFUW), Janet Clarke Hall, Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria 3052.

Australian Group for Solidarity with Lebanon (AGSL), Box 2476, North Parramatta, 2151. Tel(61-2)648-4249.

Australian Human Rights Society (AHRS), P.O.Box 752, Haawthorn, Merbourne 3122. Tel./Fax.(61-3)568-2523.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, G.P.O.Box 553, Canberra ACT 2601.

Australian Journalists' Association (AJA), 6th Floor, 291 George St., Sydney NSW 2000.

Australian Press Council (APC), Sout 303, 149 Castlereagh St., Sydney NSW 2000. Tel.(61-2)261-1930. Fax.(61-2)267-6826.

Australian Red Cross Society (ARCS), 206 Clarendon St., Melbourne, Vic. 3002. Tel(61-3)419-7533.

Australian South Sea Islanders United Council, 14 Ros St., Chippendale 2008, Sydney. Tel.(61-79)59-72-18.

Australian Youth Policy and Action Coalition, P.O.Box 519, Canberra. Tel.(61-6)241-80-55. Fax.(61-7)241-80-66

Bougainville Interim Government (Solomon Islands), 34 Darvall Roaad, Eastwood 2122. Tel.(61-2)804-7602.

Campaign Against Racial Exploitation (CARE), P.O.Box 51, Kensington Park, S.A. 5068. Tel.(61-8)332-6474.

Campaign for an Independent East Timor (CIET) (East Timor), P.O.Box A716 Sydney South PO, New South Wales 2000. Tel.(61-2)660-8542; 669-4904.

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), 17 Little Albion St., BEhind St. Francis' church, Surry Hills 2010. tel.(61-2)264-1531.

Children's Interests Bureau, Box 39, Rundle St., P.o., Adelaide, S.A. 5001.

Chinese Students Human Rights Organization (China), P.O. Box K56, 2000 Haymarket New South Wales. Tel.(61-20597-67-82. Fax.(61-2)597-67-01.*

Clearing House on Migration Issues (CHOMI), c/o Ecumenical Migration Centre Inc. 133 Church St., Richmond, Victoria 3121.

Committee Against Rpression in the pacific and Asia (CARPA), PO Box K717, Haymarket, NSW 2000.

Committee for Democracy in Burma (Myanmar), PO Box 762, Sydney.*

Defence for Children International - Australia (DCI), .O. Box 383, Dickson, ACT 2602. Tel.(61-6)247-9395. Fax.(61-6)247-0278.

Diplomacy Training Program (DTP), Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales P.O.Box 1, Kensington NSW 2033. Tel.(61-2)313-6563. Fax.(61-2)313-7209.*

Disabled Peoples International - Australia (DPI), c/o the Secretary, 6 Edgewood St., Carnegie, Vic. 3163. Tel.(61-3)606-8057.

Ecumenical Migration Centre (EMC), 125 Leicester St., Fitzroy, Victoria 3065. Tel.(61-3)416-0044. Fax.(61-3)416-1827.

Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action (FAIRA), G.P.O. Box 2025, Brisbane City, Queensland, Tel.(61-7)229-3385.

Help the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Peoples Association (HELP), P.O. Box 272, Sandy Bay, Tasmania 7005.

Herbert Vere Evatt Memoral Foundation, 121 Macquarie St., Suit 1134, Sydney NSW 2000. Tel.(61-2)251-4084. Fax.(61-2)277-835.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, GPO Box 5218, Sydney 2001. Tel.(61-2)229-7600. Fax.(61-2)229-7611.

Human Rights Centre, University of New South Wales, P.O. Box 1, Kensington 2033, NSW. Tel.(61-49)697-2293.

Human Rights Council of Australia (HRCA), 4 Clissold St., 2780 Katoomba.*

Human Service International, GPO Box 1503, 2601 Canberra. Tel.(61-6)257-77-33.*

IINA Torres Strait Islanders Corporation, P.O. Box 386, South Brisbane 4101. Tel.(61-7)844-2140. Fax.(61-7)844-9526.*

Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination, 6\31 Wallis Paroda, 2026 North Bondi. Tel.(61-02)365-07-40. Fax.(61-02)804-76-82.

Indigenous Peoples of Bougainville, 34 Darvall rd., Eastwood, 2122 NSW. Tel./Fax.(61-2)804-7602.

Indonesia Resources and Information Programme (IRIP) (Indonesia), P.O.190, Northcote, Victoria 3070. Tel.(61-3)417-7505; 481-1581.

Indonesian Human Rights Centre (Indonesia), Marouba 2035, Sydney. Tel./Fax.(61-2)314-15-08.*.

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, Australia Mission (ICM), P.O. Box 803, Canberra, ACT 2601. Tel.(61-6)47-48-96.

International Association of Women in Radio & TV, Legislative Council, Parliament House, Mac, 2000 Sydney. Tel.(61-2)230-21-11.

International Commission of Jurists, Australian Section (ICJ), P.O. Box 173 GPO, Sydney 2000, NSW. Tel.(61-2)634-4100.

International Society for Human Rights - Australia (ISHR), P.O.Box 5127, Hughesdale, Victoria 3166.

International Women's Development Agency, 193 Smith St., Fitzroy 3065.

Jesuit Refugee Service Australia, 24 Roslyn St., Kings Cross, NSW 2011.

Kimberley Land Council (KLC), P.O. Box 377, Derby, Western Australia 6728. Tel.(61-91)911-220.

Korean Resource Center (Korea), P.O. Box 140, Canterbury, NSW 2193. Tel.(61-49)787-1512.

Law Council of Australia, Human Rights Committee, c/o The National Council of Lawyers, GPO Box 1989, Canberra, ACT 2601. Tel.(61-6)247-3788. Fax.(61-6)248-0639.*

Mercy Refugee Service, Institute of the Sisters of Mercy, 1 Thomas St., Lewisham NSW 2049. Tel.(61-2)564-1911. Fax.(61-2) 550-9683.

National Aboriginal and Islander Legal Service Secretariat (NAILSS), P.O. Box 143, Chippendale, N.S.W. 2008. Tel.(61-2)699-9277.

National Committee to Defend Black Rights, P.O. Box 498, Broadway 2007. Tel.(61-2)698-9166. Fax.(61-2)698-9826.*

Organisasi Papua Merdeka, 75 Kent St., 2000 Millers Point. Fax.(61-2)287-261-4359.*

Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC), P.O. Box 489, Petersham NSW 2049. Tel.(61-2)550-9967.

People for Land Rights and Justice, P.O. Box 62, Bondi Beach 2026, Sydney, NSW.

Philippines Resource Centre (PRC) (Philippines), 124 Napier St., P.O. Box 5, Fitzroy, 3065 Melbourne. Tel.(61-3)419-5718.

Privacy International (PI), Faculty of Law, University of New South Wale, PO Box 1, Kensington, NSW 2033. Tel.(61-2)697-3637. Fax.(61-2)313-7209.

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care (SNAICC), 4 Brunswick Place, Fitzroy, Victoria 3070. Tel.(61-3)417-6744. Fax.(61-3)419-9793.

Secure Australia Project (SAP), P.O.Box 216, Bulimba, Brisbane, Queensland 4171. Tel.(61-7)844-2243 (Secretariat); (61-7)885-5422. Fax.(61-7)844-3671.

Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), 1st Floor, 28 Nelson St., Fairfield NSW 2165. Tel.(61-2)724-5038. Fax.(61-2)726-5717.

South East Queensland Indigenous Regional Council, Brisbane Regional Council (ATSIC), First Floor, 96 Albert St., Brisbane QID 4000.

Sri Lanka Human Rights Campaign (SLHRC) (Sri Lanka), P.O. Box 56, St. Paul's, NSW 2031. Tel.(61-2)519-2572..

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group, GPO Box 1733, TAS 7001 Hobart. Tel.(61-02)31-14-52. Fax.(61-02)23-61-36.*

Tribal Refugee Welfare in S.E. Asia (Myanmar), P.O.Box 215, Mirribooka 6061, W. Australia. Tel.(61-9)349-4073.

United Nations Association of Australia, Human Rights Commitee (UNAA), 69 Clarence St., Sydney, New South Wales. Tel.(61-2)290-3030.

United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Australia - New Zealand (UVBCAN) (Vietnam), 369 Victoria St., Wetherill Park, NSW 2164.

United Church in Australia, Social Responsibility and Justice

Uniya / Christian Centre for Social Research and Action, 24 Roslyn St., P.O. Box 522, Kings Cross, NSW 2011, Sydney. Tel.(61-2)356-3888. Fax.(61-2)356-3021.

Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture, Inc., Foundation House, P.O. Box 96, Parkville, Vic. 3052. Tel.(61-03)388-0022. Fax.(61-03)387-0828.

Women's Economic Think Tank/ Women's Human Rights Equality Network, 8 Carlyle St., Enfield, NSW.*

Women's Liberation House, 25 Alberta ST., Sydney, New South Wales 2000. Tel.(61-2)61-73-25.

3. Austria

Adhoc-Komite zur Notsandshilfe fuer Iranische Kurden (Iran), Postfach 206, 1096 Vienna. Tel.(43-1)34-45-45/135.*

Demokratische Partei Kurdistan Iran (Iran), Postfach 113, Bennogasse 1, 1080 Vienna. Tel.(43-1)712-5549.*

Komitee zu Verteidingung der Menschenrechte im Iran (Iran), Weyrg. 5/1, 1030 Vienna. tel.(43-1)713-35-94/83. Fax.(43-1)531-26/5777.*

Oesterrichisch Indische Gesellschaft (India), Johannesgasse 3, Vienna.

Tibeter Gemeinschaft Oesterrich (Tibet), Unter Haag, 3383 Hurm. Tel./Fax.(43-2754)8119.*

Verein zur Unterstutzung iranischer Fluchtlinge (Iran), Wahringer Str. 59, 1090 Vienna.*

4. Bangladesh

Adhikar Trust, 141 North Jatrabari, Dhaka-1204. Tel.(880-2)25-74-41.

Ain O Shazish Kendro, 55 Inner Circular Rd., Shantinagar, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)316-247. Fax.(880-2)863-409.*

Amnesty International, Bangladesh Section (AI), GPO Box 2242, Dhaka. Tel.(880-2)505-901.

Amnesty International, Madaripur Group-2, P.O. Box No.9, New Town, Madaripur.

Asian Cultural Forum on Development - Bangladesh (ACFOD), c/o TARD, GPO Box 4047, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)81-37-58. Fax.(880-2)81-30-14.

Assistance for legal and Humanitarian Affairs, Bangladesh (ALHAB), GPO Box No. 377, Ramna, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)865-409.

Association for Social Advancement (ASA), 5/12 Block B, Humayun Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. Tel.(880-2)316-375; 324-731; 31-3318; 32-7424; 32-4162; 31-6184.

Association for Liberty Peace and Humanity (ALPH), Room No. 7, Supreme Court Bar Association Building, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)23-26-28.

Association for Realisation of Basic Needs (ARBN), House 47, Road 27 Dhanmondi R. A. Dhaka.

Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh, 1\3 Lalmatia, Block F, 1207 Dhaka. Tel.(880-2)812-353. Fax.(880-2)813-095.*

Bangladesh Buddhist Federation, DMC-285 South Kafrul, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka.

Bangradesh Human Rights Commission (BHRC), 1 Kazi House, 222 Mazibag, Dhaka 1217. or GPO Box 2099, 77 Purana Paltan Line, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)40-95-97. Fax.(880-2)83-32-12.*

Bangladesh Inter-Religious Council for Peace and Justice (BICPAJ), 4/10 Iqbal Road, Mohammed Pur, Dhaka 1207. Tel.(880-2)32-87-07. Fax.(880-2)41-12-66 c/o F. Rahman.*

Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, 10\B Segun Bagichs, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)24-50-49. Fax.(880-2)83-39-66.

Bangladesh Manabadhikar Bastabayan Shangstha (BMBS), 48 Bijoy Nagar Road, Dhaka-1000. Tel.(880-2)40-9298; 41-7654; 23-2133; 23-3741. Fax.(880-2)86-36-89.*

Bangladesh Manobadhikar Samonnoy Parish (BMSP), 4/3 Block-E, Zakir Hossain Road, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207. Fax.(880-2081-30-95 (Attn. BMSP/CCHRB).

Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association, c/o Chancery Chambers, 62-63 Motijheel C, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)41-25-05. Fax.(880-2)86-36-89.

Bangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma Victims, 30 Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka 1000 Tel.(880-2)40-95-97. Fax.(80-2)83-32-12.*

Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), 66 Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212. Tel.(880-2)883-614, 884-180 to 88; 600-204; 600-161/4; 600-106/7. Fax.(880-2)883-542; 883-614.

Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF), c/o Dr. Ahmadullah Mia, Chair, UCEP, Plot 2 & 3, Mirpur-2, Dhaka1210.

Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human rights (BSEHR) - see: Bangladesh Manabadhikar Bastabayan Shangstha.

Brothers to All men International, Bangladesh (BAM), 6/9 Lalmatia, Block D, 3rd Floor, Dhaka 1207. Tel.(880-2)811-029.

Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations (CVHRV), P.O. Box 7300, Dilkusha, Dhaka. Fax.(880-2)863-245 Attn: AIMG.

Commission for Justice and Peace, Catholic Bishops Conference of Bangladesh (CJP), GPO Box-5, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)417-936 (O).

Community Development Library (CDL), House 39, Road 14/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka 1209. Tel.(880-2)13-604; 813-769.

Comprehensive Rural Educational, Socil, Cultural and Economical Centre (CRESCENT), GPO Box 2095, Dhaka-2.

CRESCENT Research Information and Student Service (CRISS), P.O. Box 2095, Dhaka-2.

Defence for Children International - Bangladesh Section (DCI), c/o Madaripur Legal Aid Association, New Town, Madaripur.

Gonoshabajjo Sangstha, 41 Sir Syed Ahmed Rd., Mohammedpur, Dhaka. Tel.(88-02)814-986. Fax.(88-02)863-495.*

Hotline Bangladesh, GPO Box 5, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)417-936.

Humanist and Ethical Association of Bangladesh (HEAB), 55\D Dhaka University Staff Quarter, 1000 Dhaka. Tel.(88-02)50-36-11. Fax.(88-02)86-30-60.*

Humanitarian Agency for Development Services (HADS), Sirajuddoulah Rd., Thakurgaon 5100. Tel.(880-0561)3513.

Institute of Democratic Rights (IDR), House No.13, Rd. No.7, Dhanmondi Residential Area, Dhaka-1205. Tel.(880-2)508-393.

Law and Meditation Centre, 7\c Bailey Road, Dhaka. Tel.(88-02)863-966.*

Liberty International, Bar Association Building, Suit No.1, First Floor, Mymensingh.

Madaripur Legal Aid Association (MLAA), New Town, P.O. Box No.9, Madaripur 7900. Tel.(880-661)518-356/316.*

Man for Mankind (MAM), GPO Box 3363, Dhaka-1000. Fax.(880-2)833-983; 833-120; 833-085.

Mauluk Chahida Nischitakoron Samity (ARBAN), P.O.B. 2242, Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)51-59-01; 31-62-87.

Naripokkho, House No.51/D, Road No.9A, Dhanmondi R. Area, Dhaka 1209.

Palli Progoti Shahayak Amity (Faridpur) (PPSS), Vill & P.O. Komorpur, Dist: Faridpur.

Paralegal Training Services Centre (PTSC), GPO Box 2346 Dhaka 1000. Tel.(880-2)40-95-97; 41-16-25. Fax.(880-2)83-32-12 Attn:PTSC.

Resource Integration Centre, 3/9, Block-C, Lalmatia, Dhaka 1207.*

Rohingya Solidarity Organizations, Arakan (Myanmar), c/o P.O. Box 795, Chittagong. Tel.(880-31)25362.

Shaishob, 2/1 Humayun Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

South Asian Association for Right to Development, Globe Chamber 2nd Floor, 104 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000. Tel.(880-2)234-098; 252-694. Fax.(880-2)833-3161.

Terre des Hommes, House No.27, Road 14 A, Dhanmonidi, Dhaka 1209.

Ubinig, 8/1 Lalmatia, B-Block Road 30, Dhaka 7.

Under Privileged Children's Educational Programme (UCEP), Plot No.2 & 3, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1210.

World Peace Organization, 3012 Johnson Road, Dhaka.

5. Belgium

Comite European pour les Droits de l'Homme en Malaysie et Singapore (Malaysia and Singapore), 68, rue Gerard, 1040 Brussels. Fax.(32-2)284-9449.*.

Nationaal Filippijnenkomitee (Philippines), Lange Beeldekensstraat 221/2, B-2008 Antwerpen. Tel.932-3)236-6539; (32-3)666-6368; (32-2)751-7122.

Philippine International Center for Human Rights (PICHR) (Philippines), Vlasfabriekstraat 11, 1060 Brussels. Tel.(32-2)539-2620. Fax.(32-2)539-1343.

6. Bhutan

AHURA BHUTAN (Association of Human Rights Activists Bhutan), c/o Menuka Gharelu Udhyog, Damak, 12/250 Jhapa, Nepal.

7. Brunei Darussalam

8. Cambodia

Cambodia League for the Promation and Defence of Human Rights (LICADHO), C.P. 499, Phnom-Penh. Fax.(855)232-6307.*

Cambodian Human Rights Association (ADHOC), House # 2 Wat Saravan Techo Pagoda, Street 178, Phnom Penh. Tel.(855)25435. Fax.(855)27229.*

Cambodian League for the Promation and Protection of Human Rights, Phnom Penh.

Human Rights and Community Outreach Projects (OUTREACH), c/o UNTAC 1 (Human rights Component), Tousamuth, Phnom Penh. Tel.(855-23)51724 Fax.(855-23)51780 c/o Adriaan Verheul.

Human Rights Task Force - Cambodia, c/o Hotel Khmer Union 12, Road 254, Khand Daun Penh, Phnom Penh. Fax.(855)23-27-425.

Human Rights Vigilance of Cambodia, No.3, St.271, Tuk Thla Commune, Russey Keo, Phnom Penh.*.

Ligue Cambodgienne pour la Defend des Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen (LCDHC), No.4 AE, Street # 111, Sangkat Boeung Pralit, Khand 7 January, Phnom Penh.

9. Canada

Ambedkar Centre for Justice and Peace (ACJP) (India), P.O.Box 846, Staton P, Toronto, Ontario, M5S-2Z2. Tel.(1-416)533-6681. Fax.(1-416)531-2817.*

Baha'i Community of Canada (Iran), 7200 Leslie St., Thornhill, Ontario L3T 6L8. Tel(1-416)889-8168. Fax.(1-416)889-8184.

Burma Watch International (BWI) (Myanmar), 1810 Yellowhead Tr. N.E., Edmonton, Alberta, T6S 1B4. Tel.(1-403)472-8263. Fax.(1-403)478-5699.

Canada-Asia Working Group (CAWG), 11 Madison Avenue, Toronto (CAWG), 11 Madison Ave., Toronto, Ontario M5R 2S2. Tel.(1-416)921-5626. Fax.(1-416)924-5356.

Canada Tibet Committee (Tibet), 4675 Coolbrook, Montreal, Quebec H3 2K7. Tel.(1-514)487-0665. Fax.(1-514)487-7825.

Canadian Friends of Burma (CFB) (Myanmar), 145 Spruce St., Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6P1. Tel.(1-613)230-0860. Fax.(1-613)563-0017.

Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) (Philippines), 111 Queen St., East, Suit 202, Toronto, Ontario M5C 1S2. Tel.(1-416)369-0865. Fax.(1-416)369-0294.

East Timor Alert Network (ETAN) (East Timor), 104-2120 West 44th St., Vancouver, B.C. V6M 2G2. Tel.(1-604)264-9973.

Entraide missionnaire (Japan), 15, De Castelnau Quest, Montreal, Quebec H2R 2W3. Tel.(1-514)270-6089. Fax.(1-514)270-6156.

Indonesia Canada Forum (Indonesia), 1 nicholas St., Suit 300, Ottawa,Ontario K1N 7B7. Tel.(1-613)236-4547. Fax.(1-613)236-2188.

International Committee for Human rights in Taiwan (ICHRT) (Taiwan), P.O. Box 67035, 2300 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont. M4P 1E0.

Japanese Candian Citizens Association (Japan), 3471 East 48th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. V5S 1H6. Tel.(1-604)432-9017. Fax.(1-604)432-7017.*

Kashmiri-Canadian Council (KCC) (India), P.O. Box 44516, 2376 Eglinton Ave. E., Scarborough, Ontario M1K 5K3. Tel.(1-416)282-6933. Fax.(1-416)282-7488.

North American Coalition for Chinese Democracy (NACCD) (China), c/o Toronto Association for Democracy in China (TADC), Suit 407, 253 College st., Toronto, Ontario M5T 1R5. Tel.(1-416)241-0719; (1-416)269-1222. Fax.(1-416)231-7532.

Sikh Education and Research Centre of Windson (India), P.O. Box 21100, Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 4S1. Tel.(1-519)979-2154.

Sikh Human Rights Group (North America) (India), 2857 Derry Road, E. Suit 110, Mississaugh, Ontario L4T 1A6. Tel.(1-416)450-9087. Fax.(1-416)671-1625.

Sri Lankans for Human Rights (Sri Lanka), P.O. Box 333, Station ``P", Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S8.

Toronto Association for Democracy in China (TADC) (China), Suit 407, 253 College St., Toronto, Ontario M5T 1R5. Tel.(1-416)592-5406 (office); 241-0719 (home).

World Federation of Taiwanese Associations (WFTA) (Taiwan), P.O. Box 2736, Station F, Scarborough, Ontario M1W 3P3.

World Sikh Organzation (WSO) (India), P.O. Box 15830, Merivale Depot, Nepean, Ontario K2C 3S7. Tel.(1-613)723-2026. Fax.(1-613)723-0290.*

10. China

All-China Youth Federation, No.10, Qianmen Dongdajie, Beijing. Tel.(86-1)701-2058. Fax.(86-1) 701-8131.

China Lieson Office of the Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church, Kowloon.

Chinese People's Association for Pece and Disarmament, P.O. Box 188, Beijing.Tel.(86-1)81-1567.

National Association for Adult Education of China, 37 Damuoanghutunga, Beijing. Tel.(86-1)602-0434. Fax.(86-1)601-3648.

11. Denmark

Jammu and Kashmir National Front (India), Rodovre Vej-53, 2610 Rodovre. Tel.(45)31-41-39-45.*

12. Fiji

Fiji Women's Rights Movement (FWRM), P.O. Box 14194, Suva, Fiji Isles. Tel.(679)313-156.

Fiji Youth and Student League, P.O. Box 15789, Suva.

Women and Fisheries Network, 14 MacGregor Rd., Suva. Tel(1-679)302-039. Fax.(1-679)302-014; 305-033 (mon. and tues.)

Women's Crisis Center (WCC), P.O. Box 12882,Suva. Tel.(679)382-411; 382-417. Fax.(679)301-616.

World YWCA Pacific Area, P.O. Box 3840, Samabula.

13. Finland

Kampuchea Inquiry Commission (Cambodia), Sahkottajankatu 6, 00520 Helsinki 52.

14. France

Association de Solidarite avec Timor Oriental (East Timor), B.P.59, 75921 Paris CEDEX 19. Fax.(33-1)42-60-39-69.

Association International Kazem Radjavi pour la Defense des Droits de l'Homme (Iran), 15 rue des Gords, 95430 Auvers-sur-Oise. Tel.(33-1) 3490-1177.*

Bureau International Afghanistan (BIA), 24 rue de Chaligny, 75012 Paris. Tel.(33) 307-1567.

Cambodian Human Rights Association - France Section (ADHOC) (Cambodia), 34 bis, rue Edouard Vaillant, 94450 Limeil-Brevannes. Tel.(33-1) 45-69-43-88.

Cambodian League of Human & Citizen Rights (Cambodia), 5 Place Gabriel Faure, 94510 Paris. Tel.(33-1) 45-96-27-94.

Centre de Recherches et d'Etudes Documentaires sur l'Afghanistan (CEREDAF), 12 rue de Cotte, 75012 Paris. Tel.(33-1) 43-07-21-10. Fax.(33-1) 46-34-54-31.

Centre Vietnamien pour les Droits de l'Homme (Vietnam), 63 rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010 Paris. Tel.(33-1) 4249-3892.*

Comite Democratique des femmes d'Iran (Iran), c/o Maison des Femmes de Paris, 8, Cite Prost, 75011 Paris.

Comite des sinologues pour la democratie en Chine (China), a/s Ligue des droits de l'homme, 27 rue Jean-Dolent, 75014 Paris.

Comite International de Juristes pour la Democratie et des Droits de l'Homme en Coree du Sud (South Korea), c/o Prof. Robert Charvin, Univesite de Nice, U.E.R. Droit et Sciences Economiques, 34, Av. Robert Schuman, 06000 Nice. Tel.(33-1) 93-97-08-00.

Federation for a democratic China (FDC) (China), 10 rue de Faraday, 75017 Paris. Tel.(33-1) 47-63-24-79. Fax.(33-1 )47-63-29-17.

Fonds modial pour la democratie en Chine (china), 10 rue de Faraday, 75017 Paris.

France-Tibet (Tibet), 48 Quai le Gallo, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt. Tel.(33-1) 4604-8691.*

Groupe Francais d'Information sur Malaisie et Singapour (Malaysia ana Singapore)

Groupe information Phlippines ( Philippines), 40 rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris.

Jamiat Islami Afghanistan (Afghanistan), 49 Rue Saint Honore, 75001 Paris. Tel.(33-1) 45-08-01-43.

League of Iranian Women (Iran)/Ligue des femmes Iraniennes, 73 rue du Chateau, 92199 Boulogne. Tel.(33-1)46-03-06-42. Fax.(33-1)46-03-13-41.*

Ligue pour la defense des Droits de l'Homme en Iran (Iran), 27 rue Jean Pent, 75014 Paris. Tel.(33-1) 43-31-94-95. Fax.(33-1) 43-36-35-43.*

Organization for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for iran (Iran)

Soutien a l'education tibetaine (Tibet), Secretariat: c/o M et Mme Jampa Ngudup, Lieudit Bourchigny, ARITH, 73340 Lescheraaines. Tel.(33) 79-63-37-00. Fax.(33) 50-57-89-79.

Vietnamese Writers Abroad (Vietnam), c/o M. Tran Thanh Hiep, 63 rue de la Grange aux Belles, 757010 Paris.

15. Germany

International Korean Alliance for Peace and Democracy (South Korea), Im Pratort 29, 4690 Herne 1. Tel./Fax.(49-2323) 12-53-3.*

Liga zur Verteidigung der Menschenrechte im Iran (Iran), Postfach 150825, 1000 Berlin 15. Tel.(49-30) 825-8552. Fax.(49-30) 826-6286.*

National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (Myanmar), Rudolf-Harbigwg 13, 4018 Langenfeld. Tel.(49-2173) 779-50. Fax.(49-2173) 833-64.*

Thailand Informations-und Solidaritatskomitee (TISK) (Thailand), PF 43 02 09, D-8000 Munchen 43. Tel.(49-89) 378-1669.

Vereinigung fur Demokratie in Korea (Korea), Schoneberger Ufer 53, D-1000 Berlin 30. Tel.(49-30) 262-2800.

16. Hong Kong

Amnesty International - Hong Kong Section (AI), Unit C3, Third Floor, Best-O-Best Building, 32-36 Ferry St., Kowloon. Tel.(852-3) 300-1250/1251. Fax.(852-3) 782-0583.

Asia Monitor Resource Center (AMRC), 444 Nathan Road, 8-B, Kowloon. Tel.(852-3) 332-1346/1347. Fax.(852-3) 385-5319.

Asia Pacific Forum for Tibet (Tibet), P.O. Box 98650 T.S.T. Tel.(852) 37-21-1974. Fax.(852) 37-21-2942.

Asia Partnership for Human Development (APHD), Hanley House, 12/F, 776-778, Nathan Road, Kowloon. Tel.(852-3) 381-2399/2390. Fax.(852-3) 397-3015.

Asia-Pacific Mission for Miglant Filipinos (Philippines), 4 Jordan Road, Kowloon.

Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples (ACPP), 1/F, 48 Princess Margaret Road, Homantin, Kowloon. Tel.(852-3) 714-5123; 712-0151. Fax.(852-3) 711-3545.*

Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), CCA Centre, Pak Tin Village, Mei Tin Road, Shatin. Tel.(852) 698-6339. Fax.(852)698-6367.

Asian Legal Resource Center (ALRC), CCA Centre, Pak Tin Village, Mei Tin Road, Shatin. Tel.(852) 698-6339. Fax.(852)698-6367.

Asian Regional Exchange for New Altenatives (ARENA), Room A4, Block G, 2/F Hung Hom Bay Centre, 104-108 Baker St., Hung Hom, Kowloon. Tel.(852-3) 620301, Ext.28,333-7737. Fax. (852-3) 362-1647.

Asian Research Service, G.P.O. Box 2232, Kowloon.

Asian Students' Association (ASA), 511 Nathan Road, 1/F, Kowloon. Tel.(852-3) 311-234; 388-0515. Fax.(852-3) 782-5535.*

Association for the Advancement of Feminism (AAF), 8/F. A, Tsang Cheung House, 444-446 Nathan Rd., Kowloon. Tel.(852) 781-1900. Fax.(852) 385-5319.

China Liaison Office of the Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church, 2 Man Wan Road, c-17, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 3-760-1129. Fax.(852) 3-761-1273.

Christian Conference of Asia-Urban Rural Mission (CCA-URM), CCA Centre, 96, 2nd District, Pak Tin Village, Mei Tin Road, Shatin, New Territories. Tel.(852) 697-1917.Fax.(852) 697-1912. (CCA-URM direct line)(852) 692-3805; 694-7360.

Christian Industrial Committee, 57 Peking Road, 3/F., Kowloon. Tel.(852) 739-0836.

Civil Rights Education Centre (CRED), 52 Princess Margaret Road, 3/Fl., Kowloon. Tel.(852) 37-13-91-65/6.

Committee for Asian Woman (CAW), 57 Peking Rd., 4/F, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 722-6150. Fax.(852) 369-9895.

Documentation for Action Groups in Asia (DAGA), CCA Centre, 96, 2nd District, Pak Tin Village, Mei Tin Road, Shatin, New Territories. Tel.(852) 697-1917. Fax.(852) 697-1912.

Friends of Chinese Minzhu (China), c/o Hong Kong Trade Education Centre, 101-107 Portland St., 2nd floor, Kowloon. Tel.(852)770-8668. Fax.(852) 770-7388.

Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movement of China (China), 9/F, Good Hope Building, 618 Nathan Rd., Kowloon. Tel.(852) 782-6111. Fax.(852)770-2209.

Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC), 33 Granville rd., Kowloon. Tel.(852) 367-0071.

Hong Kong Christian Institute (HKCI), Flat A, 11/F, 688 Shanghai St., Mongkok, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 3-789-3505; 3-938-502.

Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS), 33 Granville Rd., Tsimshatsui, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 367-0071.

Hong Kong Human Rights Commission, 52 Princess Margaret Rd., 3/F, Homantin, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 713-9165. Fax.(852) 761-3326.*

Hong Kong Trade Union Education Centre, 2/F, Portland Building, 101-107 Portland St., Yaumati, Kowloon. Tel.(8520 770-7388.

Hong Kong University Students' Union (HKUSU), Pokfukam Rd., Hong Kong. Tel.(852) 546-8455; 540-3193; 546-8414.

Hotline Asia-Oceania, 48 Princess Margaret Rd., G/F., Homantin, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 3-714-5123; 3-712-0151. Fax.(852) 711-3545.

Industrial Relations Institute, S16-S19, 2nd Level, Lai Lan House, Lai Kok Estate, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 729-4296.

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, Hong Kong Mission (ICM Hong Kong Mission), P.O. Box 71509, Kowloon Central Post Office. Tel.(852) 3-322-441; 3-322-446.

International Movement of Catholic Students, Asian Secretariat (IMCS), Caritas Social Centre, 134 Boundary St., 6th Floor, Kowloon. Tel.(852)3-364503.

International Young Christian Workers, No.6, District No.1, Pui Man St., Kowloon. Tel.(852) 339-0939.

Jesuit Refugee Service Hong Kong (JRS), 9A Imperial Bldg., 58 Canton Rd., Tsimshatsui, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 375-9556.

Justice and Peace Comission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese, Rm. 301-302, Bishop Peter Lei Laity Formation Centre, 1, Tai Shek Street Sai Wan Ho, Shaukiwan. Tel.(852) 560-3865. Fax.(852) 539-8023.

Justice, Hong Kong Branch, 1903 Hang Chong Building, 5 Queen's Rd., Central.

Refugee Concern Hong Kong (RCHK), P.O. Box 71510, Kowloon Central Post Office, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 776-7698.

Society for Community Organization (SOCO), 52 Princess Margaret Road, 3/F, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 3-713-9165/6. Fax.(852) 3-761-3326.

United Methodist Church, China Liaison Office (China), 2 Man Wan Road, C-17 Kowloon. Tel.(852) 3-760-1129. Fax.(852) 3-761-1273.

World Student Christian Federation-Asia Pacific Region (WSCF),Kiu Kin Mansion 12/F, 568 Nathan Road, Kowloon. Tel.(852) 3-85-25-50; 3-85-64-67.

YI-China Message (China, Taiwan), Kowloon Central P.O. Box 71456, Hong Kong. Tel.(852) 3-270-724.

16. India

Aalochana, Center for Documentation and Researdh on Women, Kedar 86/11-B, Kanchan Galli, Erandavana, Pune 411004, Maharashtra. Tel.(91-22) 34-35 63..

Ahmedabad Study Action Group (ASAG), Dalal Building, Behind Hotel Capri, Relief Road, Ahmedabad-380 001. Tel.(91-272) 352-841/842.

Ahmedabad Women's Action Group (AWAG), c/o Ila Pathak, 5 Professors' Colony, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009. Tel.(91-272) 403-589; 470-036.

All India Federation of Organizations for Democratic Rights (AIFOFDR), c/o Lokshahi Hakk Sanghatana, 8D, ``B" Building, Harbour Heights, Off. Victoria Bunder Road, Colaba, Bombay 400 005.

All India Human Rights Association (AIHRA), AG-436 Shalimarbagh, Delhi 110 052. Tel.(911-11) 543-2925.

Amnesty International - Indian Section (AI), C10 South Extension Part II, New Delhi 110049..

Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC), 10-3-29/3, Plot No.128, East Maredpalli, Secundrabad 500 003. Fax.(91-842) 841-697.*

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), 5/2 Manish Darshan, Kanti Nagar, Andheri East, Bombay 400 059. Tel.(91-22) 637-8065. Fax.(91-22) 637-8689.*.

Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, Anatha Housing Society, Thuruvikkal Post, Trivandrum 659 031. Tel./Fax.(91-471) 447-974.*

Asian Network for Innovative Training Research and Action Trust (ANITA TRUST), 61, Dr. Radhakrishnan Road, Madras 600 004. Tel.(91-44) 825-2702. Fax.(91-44) 47-4382..

Association for Democratic Rights (AFDR), BXX-838, Krishna Nagar, Opp.R.P. Theatre, Ludhiana, Punjab 141 001.

Association for the Protection of Domocratic Rights (APDR), 18, Madan Baral Lane, Calcutta 700 012.

Association for Voluntary Action Affiliated by NGOs to Encouraging Voluntarism and Voluntary Action on a Common Platform, Renu Chakrapani, 981 D.D.A. Flats, Kalka Ji, New Delhi 110019.

AWARE, 5269, Greater Kailash P.3, 110048 New Delhi.*

Bal Rashmie Society, A-48, Shanti Path, Tilak, 302 004 Jaipur. Fax.(91-141) 511-912.*

Bandhua Mukti Morcha, 7 Jantar Mantar Road, New Delhi 110 001. Tel.(91-11) 332-9043; 332-6765. Fax.(91-11 371 3355.*

Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Centre, Shanti Kutir, V.B. Phadke Road, Mulund-East, Bombay 400 081. Tel.(91-22) 561-3361; 511-3660.

Bombay Urban Industrial League for Development (BUILD), 11, Sujata Coop Housing Society, S.V. Road, Bandra, Bombay 400 050. Also:3, Ganesh Housing Soc, Gokhale Road South, Dadar West, Bombay 400 028.

Cadre of Media Resources and Action (CAMERA), 11, Sujata Housing Society, S.V. Road, Bandra Bombay 400 050. Tel.991-22)642-2110.

Center for Peace Education, 1 Sikandrra Road, New Delhi.

Center for Tribal Conscientization, Mayuresh Apartment, B/30 Kasturba Housing Society Vishrantwadi, Pune 411015. Tel.(91-212)66-238.

Central Tibetan Secretariat, Office of Information and International Relations (Tibet), Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala, H.P. 176 215. Tel.(91-1892) 2457/2598. Fax.(91-1892) 2357..

Centre for Education and Documentation (CED), 3, Suleman Chambers, 4 Battery Street, Behind Regal Cinema, Bombay 400 039. Tel.(91-22) 202-0019.

Centre for Enviroment Concerns (CEC), 10-3-176 (21/6c) St. John Road, Secunderabad 500 025.

Centre for Human Development and Social Change (CHDSC), 20, Subramaniyan Colony, Thiruvanmiyur, Madras 600 041.

Centre for Science and Environment, 807 Vishal Bhavan, 95 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019 Tel.(91-11) 643-394/8109.

Centre for Social Research (CSR), E-79/9, Kishangarh, Mehrauli, New Delhi 110 030. Tel.(91-11) 655-138.

Centre for Socio-Legal Research and Documentation Service (CSRds), 125 Fifth Street, Padmanabha Nagar, Adyar, Madras-600 020. Tel.(91-11) 411-941.*

Centre for the Studies of Developing Societies, 29 Rajpur Road, 110 054 Delhi. Fax.(91-11) 231-190.

Centre for Women's Development Studies (CWDS), B-43, Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi 110 017. Tel.(91-11) 665-828.

Centre of Concern for Child Labour, 247, Aakashdarshan Apartments, Mayur Vihar, Phase I, New Delhi 110 091. Tel.(91-1) 2252-298; 633-608.*

Chhatra Yuva Sangharsha Vahini (Vahini), P.O. Swang, Distr Giridih, Bihar.

Child in Need Institute (CINI), P.O. Box 16742, Calcutta 700 027.

Child Relief and You (CRY), Community Facility Complex, Bapu Park, Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi 110 003.

Citizen's Committee for Civil Liberties and Democratic Rights, Goa, The Book Shop, Near Civil Court, Altinho, Mapusa, Goa 403 507.

Citizens for Democracy (CFD), D 7/2 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057. Tel.(91-11) 60-24-88.*

Citizens for Democracy - Sikkim (CFD - Sikkim), c/o Radhika Dhakal, House #304, Dr. Mukharjee Nagar, Delhi 110 009.

Committee for Cultural Choices and Global Futures, B-43 Panscheel Enclave, New Delhi 110 017.

Committee for Informaton and Initiative on Punjab, 66 Babar Road, New Delhi 110 001. Tel.(91-11) 38-45-31.

Committee for Initiative on Kashmir, C-6/9 Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi-110016.

Committee for the Protection of Democratic Rights (CPDR), c/o Super Book House, Sind Chambers, Colaba Causeway, Bombay 400 005.

Committee for the Rights of Housing (CRH), 8, Ground Floor, 33L Mugbhat Cross Lane, Bombay 400 004.

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, CII/81 Bapa Nagar, New Delhi 3. Tel.(91-11) 383-463. Fax.(91-11) 463-4014.*

Conserned for Working Children (CWC), 26/1 Vasanthappa Garden, Doopanahalli, HAL II Stage, Bangalore 560 008. Tel.(91-812) 572-111.

Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC), Thakorebhai Desai Smarak Bhavan, near Law College, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad-380 006. Tel.(91-272) 448-833.

Coordination Committee for Vulnerable Children (CCVC), College of Social Work, 38 New Marine Lines, Bombay 400 020.

Culture and Communication, Loyola College, Madras 600 034. Tel.(91-44) 860-292.

Dalit Liberation Education Trust, 161 T.T.K. Salai (Mowbray's Road), Alwarpet, Madras 600 018. Tel.(91-44) 453-757; 413-385.*

Dalit Sahitya Akademy, 109/7th Cross, Palace Lower Orchards, Bangalore 560 003.

Defence for Children International- Indian Section (DCI), India. Tel.(91-11) 643-1574; 644-4061. Fax.(91-11) 827-6731.

Delhi Forum for Christian Concern for People's Strugle (Delhi Forum), H-24, First Floor, Green Park Extension, New Delhi. Tel.(91-11) 650-113.

Development Initiatives for Social and Human Action.

Documentation Information Centre for Human Rights Teaching and Research.

Don Bosco Ashalayam (DBA), 158 Belilious Road, Howrah 711 101, West Bengal.

Ecumenical Christian Centre (ECC), P.B. No.11 Whitefield, Bangalore 560 066. Tel.(91-812) 452-270/653.

Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS), 168, 8th Main Road. Near Indiranagar Club, Bangalore 560 008. Tel.(91-812) 582-313. Fax.(91-812) 582-627 (Attn 20).

Forum Against Oppression of Women, c/o K-8 Nensey Colony, Express Highway, Borivili (East), Bombay 400066.

Forum Asia - Sruti Anawtha Housing Society, Thuruvikkal, Trivandrum. Tel.(91-471) 695-031 Fax.(91-471) 447-974.*

Friends of Democracy in Burma (Myanmar), C-487 Vikas Puri, New Delhi 110018.

Friends of Kashmir, P.B. 129, Pacca Danga, Jammu 180 001.

Ganatantrik Adikar Suraksha Sanghatana, Orissa, c/o Rameshchandra Sharma, Patra Shi, Station Bazar, Cuttack 753 003.

Gujarat Vidvapith Peace Research Centre, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380 014. Tel.(91-272) 447-292; 446-148.

Habitat International Coalition (HIC), 52/53 Marepark Municipal School, Parel, Bombay 400 012. Tel.(91-22) 204-4223.

Human Rights and Peace Center, 5, Thiruvetkalam Professors Quarters, Annamalainagar-608 002, Tamilnadu.

Human Rights Institute of Lucknow (HRI), C-2/5 Riverbank Colony Lucknow, India 226 001. Tel.(91-522) 33246; 42476.

Human Rights Movement for the Emancipation of the Discriminated People of the World, 18 Meena Bagh, Moulana Azad Rd., New Delhi.

Human Rights Tust, 204, Ghalib Apartments, Parwana Marg,Road 42, Pitam Pura, Delhi 34.

Human Rights Worldwide (HRW), S-237 GK II, New Delhi 110 048. Tel.(91-11) 646-2548..

ICFTU Asian & Pacific Organization, South Asia Office, 61-C, Kalu Saraj, Haus Khas, New Delhi 110016.

Indian Association of Lawyers, 17, Lawyers Chamber, Supreme Court, New Delhi 110 001.*

Indian Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers (ICIJL), B-8 South Extension Part-II, New Delhi 110 0049. Tel.(91-11) 661-308; 664-831.

Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW), 4 Deen Dayal, Upadhaya Marg, New Delhi.

Indian Council for the Social Research, 51-B Palm Ave., Calcutta 700 019. Tel.(91-33) 400-457. Fax.(91-33)748-172.*

Indian Council of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, 14 Jangpura-B, Mathura Rd., New Delhi 110014. Tel.(91-11) 619-821. Fax.(91)4-623-681.

Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR/NASSDOC), 35 Ferozesah Rd., New Delhi 110 001. Tel.(91-11) 385-959.

Indian Cultural Development Centre (ICDC), 62 Poes Garden, Madras 600 086. Tel.(91-44) 540-244.

Indian Enviroment Conservation Organization (IECO), Nali Nagar, Parbhani 431401. Tel.(91-2) 452-2574.

Indian Institute for Non-Aligned Studies, A-2/59, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110 029. Tel.(91-11) 602-2520. Fax.(91-11) 687-6294.*

Indian People's Human Rights Commission (IPHRC), 104 Central YMCA, 12 N. Parikh Marg, Colaba, Bombay 400 039, Maharashtra. Tel.(91-22) 202-0079.

Indian Social Institute (ISI), 10, Institutional Area, Lodi Rd., New Delhi 110 003. Tel.(91-11) 622-379; 625-015.

Indian Society of International Law, Human Rights Centre (ISILHRC), 7-8 Scindia House, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110 001. Tel.(91-11) 331-2651/3446.

Indian Sponsorship Committee (ISC), Mathuradas Estate Building, 43/45 Colaba Cause Way, Bombay 400 039.

Institute for Cultural Research and Action (ICRA), 902 Indira Nagar 1st Stage, Bangalore 560 038.

Institute for Psychological Educational Research (IPER), 27 Circus Ave., Calcutta 700 017.

Institute of Development, Education, Action and Studies (IDEAS), 26-A, Valaithoppu, Chinthamani Rd., Madurai 625 001. Tel.(91-452) 37968.

Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST), S.M.M. Theatre Crafts Museum, 5, Deen Dayal Upadhya. Tel.(91-11) 332-3850.

International Human Rights Organization, 27-D Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141 001. Tel.(91-161) 21978; 57081. Fax.(91-161) 57995.

International Jurists Organization (IJO), 3441/3 Sector 1, Vasani Kuni, New Delhi 110 030. Tel.(91-11) 692-895; 694-695.Fax.(91-11) 646-1463.

Jagori, B4/140 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110 029. Tel.(91-11) 605-648. Fax.(91-11) 687-3636.*

Janadhipathya Avakasa Samarakshna Samiti, Rajastan, Nirala Printers, 1, Sambhavanath Marg, Lokhasa Chowk, Udaipur 313 001.

Jesuit Refugee Service India (JRS), 225 Jor Bagh, New Delhi 110 003. Tel.(91-11) 69-4713.

Karnakata Civil Liberties Committee (KCLC), 14, Wellington Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025. Tel.(91-812) 211-109.

Karnakata Welfare Society (KWALITY), Post Box No.28, Chikballapur 562 101. Tel.(91-815622) 156-486.

Kashmir Forum for Human Rights, Rashida Building, Court Rd., Srinagar 190001, Kashmir.

Law Reform Group, Bombay, 14, Ram Mahal, J. Tata Road, Bombay 400 020. Tel.(91-22) 222-346.

Lawyers Collective, Jalaram Jyot, 4th floor, 63 Janmbhoomi Marg Fountain, Bombay 400 001. Tel.(91-22)) 230-957.

Legal Resource Center (LRC), 8, Ground Floor, 33L Mugbhat Cross Lane, Bombay 400 004.

Legal Resources for Social Action (LRSA), B-48, Alagesan Nagar, Chengalpattu 60300, Tamilnadu. Tel.(91-04114) 903.

Lok Adhikar Sangh, Gujarat, M-4/70/539, Shastri Nagar, Near Vijay Nagar, Ahmedabad 380 073.

Lok Chetna Manch, Village & P.O. Ranibagh, Dist. Nainital (U.P.).

Lokayan, Exchange Stores Bldg., 13 Alipur Road, Delhi 110054. Tel.(91-11) 252-3930; 231-378.

Lokshahi Hakk Sanghatana, 8D, ``B" Building, Harbour Heights, Off. Victoria Bunder Road, Colaba, Bombay 400 005.

Maharogi Sewa Samati, Warora, Warora, Dist. Chandrapur, Maharashtra-442 914.

Mahila Co-operative Bank Limited, No.13 & 14 South End Road, Seshadripuram, Bangalore-20. Tel.(91-1) 365-678.

Manushi, C/202, Lajput Nagar-1, New Delhi 110024. Tel.(91-11) 683-3022/9158.

Mobile Creches, D.I.Z. Area, Raja Bazaar, Sector IV, Near Gole Market, New Delhi 110 001.

Mother Teresa Wommen's University South India, Kodaikanal, S. India 624 102.

Movement for Human Rights and Democracy, Garganda Tea Garden, PO Ramjhora, District Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.

Naga People's Movement for Human Rights (Myanmar), c/o Oking Times, Naga Club Building, Kohima 797 001, Nagaland.

National Biblical Catechetial Liturgical Centre (NBCLC), Post Bag 8426, Bangalore 560 084, Karnataka. Tel.(91-812) 572-369.

National Campaign for Housing Rights

National Campaign for the Right to Housing: Jai Sen, 51 B Palm Ave., Calcutta 700019.

National NGO Forum for Street & Working Children, 16 Malayappan St., Madras 600 001.

NISTHA, Vill Subudhipur, P.O. Baruipur, Dist. 24 Parganas, 743302 West Bengal.

Organisation for Protection of the Tamiles of Eelam from Ger and other Violations of Human Rights (ProTEG) (Sri Lanka), P.O. Box 782, Egmore, Madras 600 008. Tel.(91-44) 861-063.

Organisation for the Protection of Democratic Rights (OPDR), 4, College New Quarters, Nagaram, Tenali, Andhra Pradesh 552 268.

Organising Committee for Democratic Rights (OCDR), 7, Krishnaji Road, 9 Bathing Ghat Lane, Chickpet, Bangalore 560 053.

Other Media, K-14 Green Park Extension, New Delhi 110 016. Tel.(91-11) 686-3830. Fax.(91-11) 462-4874.

Palli Vikash, At Post Office, Dhenkanal, Dist Dhenkanal Orissa, 759 001.

People's Union for Civil Liberies (PUCL), 81, Sahayoga Apartments, Mayur Vihar I, Delhi 110 091. Tel.(91-11) 221-0014. Fax.(91-11) 647-2688.*

People's Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR), c/o Dr.(Ms) Sudesh Vaid, D-II Staff Quarters IP College for Women, Shamnath Marg, Delhi 110 054. Tel.(91-11) 622-027; 690-887.

Punjab Human Rights Organisation - see: Punjab Manukki Adhikar Sangathan.

Punjab Manukki Adhikar Sangathan (PMAS), H.O.27-D, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana 141 001. Tel.(91-161) 57081; 20750; 30098.

Rajpipla Social Service Society, Bharuch District Rajpipla, Gujarat 393 145.

Research Center for Women's Studies, S.N.D.T. Women's University, Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar, Juhu Road, Bombay 400 049.

S.G. Granth Sahib Foundation, 497 College Rd., Ludhiana. Tel.(91) 22-621.*

Sakya Tibetan Society (Tibet), Village Puruwala, P.O. Gorkhuwala-173025, Dist. Sirmur (H.P.).

Sampooran Kranti Manch, Aastha Kutir, 197, Poorani Gupta Colony, New Delhi 110 009. Tel.(91-11) 683-5048/4913 (Attn. Mr. V.M. Tarkunde).

Sanlaap - A Women's Resource Centre, 26C, Central Road, Jadavpore Calcutta 700 032. Tel.(91-33) 294-703. Fax.(91-33) 402-524.*

Save Kashmiri Pandit Campaign Committee, New Delhi.

Search, 701/2, 24th `B' Cross, Jayanager III Block, Bangalore 560 011, Karnataka. Tel.(91-812) 605-840.

Secular Women Welfare Forum (SWWF), 518 Double Storey, New Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi 110-060. Tel.(91-11) 583-686.

Social Action Movement, Mamandur-603 111, Chengai Anna Dist. Tamil Nadu.

Society for Development Action (SODA), P.O. Box 16, Baripada 757 001, Mayurbhanj, Orissa. Tel.(91-6792) 2526.

Society for Promotion of Area Resource Centres (SPARC), P.O. Box 3989, Bombay 400 026. Tel.(91-22) 621-2661. Fax.(91-22) 621-1658.*

Society for Rehab and Research of the Handicapped, Swami Siwananda Bhawan, Amar Coloni, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi 110 024.

Society for the Protection of Environment, Kerala (SPEK), Binoyvista, Chevayur, Calicut 673017. Tel.(91) 61-112; 53-393.

Socio-Legal Aid Research & Training Centre, P-112 Lake Terrace, Calcutta 700 029.

South Asia Coalition on Child Servitude, Muktipratisthan, 7 Jantar Mantar, New Delhi 11001.

South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre (SAHRDC), 6/105, Kaushalya Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016. Tel.(91-11) 686-5736; (91-11) 668-373. Fax.(91-11) 686-5736.

South Asian People's Action Network (SAPAN), 55 Max Mueller Marg (ex Lodi Estate), PB No. 3088, New Delhi 110 003. Tel.(91-11) 690-410; 693-060. Fax.(91-11) 462-0115.

Standing Committee of the Chuchi Gangdrug Defend Tibet Volunteers (Tibet), House No.46, New Tibetan Colony, Majnu-ka-tilla, Delhi-110054.

Street Elfins Education and Development Society(SEEDS), 6 First Cross Street, Lake Area, Nungambakkam, Madras 600034. Tel.(91-44) 826-7830. Fax.(91-44) 825-0550.*

Student Union of Bhutan, Garganda Tea Garden, P.O. Ramjhora, District Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.

Tamil Information and Research Unit (TIRU) (Sri Lanka), 3rd Floor, 61 Velankanni Church Road, Madras 600 090.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Sion-Trombay Road, Deonar, Bombay 400 088.

Third World Studies Centre, 14 Suvidha Bazar, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi 110 023. Tel.(91-11) 696-2311.

Tibetan Administration Information Office (Tibet), Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala 176 215, H.P.

Tibetan Freedom Movement (Tibet), P.O. Mcaleod Ganj, Dharamsala-176216, Kangra H.P.

Tibetan Review (Tibet), c/o Tibetan SOS Youth Hostel, Sector 14, Extension, Rohini, Delhi - 110 085.

Tibetan United Association (Tibet), Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala-176219 Dist. Kangra (H.P.).

Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) (Tibet),Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, Dist. Kangra (H.P.).

Union Research Group (URG), 1347 17/B Maharashtra Housing, Board Colony, Magathane, Borivili East, Bombay 400 066.

Urban Development Institute (UDI), 73A Mittal Tower, Nariman Port, Bombay 400 021. Tel.(91-22) 204-5758; 205-1851.

Verala Irrigation and Development Project Society, 14/51 Kala Nagar, Madhavnagar Road, P.B. No.49, Sangli, Maharashtra 416 416. Tel.(91-233) 74-088.*

Vidhayak Sansad, 13, Fatima Apts. Sagarshet Rd. Vasai, Maharashtra (Thane) 401 207.*

Vigil India Movement, 13 Charles Campbell Road, Cox Town, Bangalore 560 005.

Women's Studies & Development Centre, University of Delhi, Chhatra Marg, Delhi 110 007. Tel.(91-11) 252-1251.

Women's Voice, 2091 East End B Main, 9th Block, Jayanagar 560 069. Tel.(91) 214-478.*

World Council for Curriculum and Instruction, International House, E-4/149 Area Colony, Bhopal 462 016.*

World Wide Fund for Nature, India (WWF India), 172-B Lodi State, New Delhi 110003. Tel.(91-11) 616-532.

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Purulia Road, P.O. Box 7, Ranchi 834 001, Bihar. Tel.(91-651) 22769.

Young India Project (YIP), Penukonda, Andhra Pradesh 515 110. Tel.(91-85572) 2221.

Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA), 8 Ground Floor, 33L Mugbhay Cross Lane, Bombay 400 004. Tel.(91-22) 389-811; 414-3498. Fax.(91-22) 204 4223; 261-6007.

17. Indonesia

Asian Regional Fellowship, c/o Communion of Churches in Indonesia, Department of Participation in Development, 10, Salemba Raya, Jakarta Pusat. Tel.(62-21) 858-1321. Fax.(62-21) 333-771.

Center for Pesantren Organization, P3M Cilitankeci III/2, Jakarta. Tel.(62-21) 809-1617.

Centre for Scientific Documentation and Information, P.O. Box 269/JKSMG/88, 12790 Jakarta.

Cut Mak Dien Women's Forum, Jalan Kenari 6 Tanjung V Miuran UH2/294, RT-05 RW-02 Yogyakarta.

Forum Antar Untuk, JI. Diponegre 74, Jakarta 10320.Tel.962-21) 310-5518. Fax.(62-21) 330-140.*

Forum for International Solidarity in Indonesia, Jaran Teluk Mandar 41, Rawa Bambo, Pasar Minggo, Jakarta. Tel./Fax.(62-21) 780-4170.*

Himpunan Masyarakat Indonesa Untuk Kemanuaan (HUMAIKA), P.O. Box 1 KBYSB/JAKSEL. Tel.(62-21) 582-471.

Indonesian Front for the Defence of Human Rights (INFIGHT) (East Timor), JI Tebet Dalam 1G, No.35, Jakarta 2810. Tel./Fax.(62-21) 830-3923.

Indonesian Human Rights Forum, r. Penjernihan I, Komp. Keuagan no.15, Jakarta 10210. Tel.(62-21) 573-3975. Fax.(62-21) 573-8416.*

Informasi dan Studi Hak-Hak Asasi Manusia (INSAN) 11 Lorong 11/4E, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel.(62-21) 755-4007.

Institute for Defence of Human Rights

Institute for Rural Development and Education, Arcamaik JI, Polo Air No.12, Bandung. Tel.(62-22) 708-792. Fax.(62-22) 702-564.*

Institute for Training and Workers Welfare, Jalan Gongdangdia Lama 18, Jakarta Pusat.

Institute of Rural Development and Education, Jl Tutul IX, 594 Bandok Bambu Kav, 13430 Jakarta. Tel.(62-21) 861-2198.*

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, Indonesia Mission (ICM Indoneia Mission), Lorong Merdeka IV 513D, Tanjung Pinang. Tel.(62) 21-975..

International Forum Indonesia,

International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INGI-Jakarta), JL. Penjernihan I/Kompleks Kenangan No.10, Jakarta-Pusat. Tel.(62-21) 573-7760.

Irian Jaya Rural Community Development Foundation (YPMD-Irja), P.O. Box 52, Jayapura-Irian Jaya. Tel.(62) 967-81071..

Kalyanamitra Foundation, Jl. Raya Bogor no.30 km 20, Jakarta 13510. Tel(62-21) 809-2603..

Lembaga Pembela Hak-Hak Azasi Manusia (LPHAM), Jalan Menteng Kecil 10, Jakarta Pusat 10340. Tel.(62-21) 342-608. Fax.(62-21) 310-5518.

Lembaga Penelitian, Pendidikan dan Penerangan Ekonomi dan Sosial (LP3ES), P.O. Box 493 JKT, Jakarta 100002. Tel.(62-21) 597-211.

Lembaga Studi Pembangunan (LSP), P.O. Box 1, KBY SB/JAKSEL Jakarta. Tel.(62-21) 548-2922; 512-672/608.

Pusat Komunikasi dan Informasi Wanita (YKM), Jl. Sebret 10 A, Ps. Minggu Jakarta, 12540. Tel.(62-21) 780-6683. Fax.(62-21) 489-9706; 809-4379.

Solidaritas Perempuan, Jl. Tutul IX-594, Pondok Bambu Kav, 13430 Jakarta. Tel.(62-21) 861-643. Fax.(62-21) 861-2198.*

Southeast Asian Forum for Development Alternatives (SEAFDA), c/o FNSt, Jl. Cipaku I no.28, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12170. Tel.(62-21) 739-6211. Fax.(62-21) 739-6211.

Women's Information and Communication Center (Kalyanamitra), Jalan Sebret 10 A, Ps Minggu, Jakarta 12540. Tel.(62-21) 780-6683. Fax.(62-21) 489-9706.

Yapusham Centre for Human Rights Studies, Jalan Asem Baris No.6A Tebet, 12830 Jakarta. Tel.(62-21) 797-2321. Fax.(62-21) 861-7643.*

Yayasan Kemasda Community Development Centre, Lrg. Terusan I RT, 39/No 1211, 6 Ulu Darat Palembang, 30254 Sumatera Selatan.

Yayasan Kusuma Buana, Jalan Asem Baris Raya Blok A/3, Gudang Peluru, Tebet, 12830 Jakarta Selatan.

Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI)/Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation, Jalan Diponegoro No.74, Jakarta 10320. Tel.(62-21) 421-4226/7; 310-5518. Fax.(62-21) 33-01-40.

Yayasan Mandiri, JL. Kebon Bibit Selatan No.7, Bandung.

Yayasan Obor Indonesia, Jalan Plaju 10, Jakarta. Tel.(62-21) 324-488; 326-978.

Yayasan Perempuan Mardhika Foundation for Women's Liberation, Jalan Siaga 1 No.6, Pejaten-Pasar Minggu, 12510 Jakarta. Tel.(62-21) 797-2321. Fax.(62-21) 861-7643.*

Yayasan Sintesa, Jalan KH. Mas Mansyur 34C, P.O. Box 25, Kisaran 21216-Sumatera Utara. Tel.(62-623) 41366..

18. Iran

Documentation Center for Human Rights in Iraq (DCHRI), P.O. Box 14155/1959,Mehr Blac 36, Tehran. Tel.(98-21) 640-4380. Fax.(98-21) 415-4258.

Islamic Women's Institute Iran, 11275 Hedajat St. Saadi Ave., 11489 Tehran.*

Organization for Defending Victims of Violence (ODVV), P.O. Box 16765-911, Tehran. Tel. (98-21) 440-7843.*

Society for the Protection of Victims of Terrorism, P.O. Box 16765-911, Tehran.

20. Ireland

Tibet Support Group - Ireland (Tibet), 15 Cherry Court, Killiney, Co. Dublin. Tel.(353-1) 821-702.

21. Italy

Associazione Italia-Tibet (Tibet), Via Marco Aurelio 3-20127 Milano. Tel.(39-2) 285-4406.

19. Japan

Ainu Association of Hokkaido, Nishi 7, Kita 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060. Tel.(81-11) 221-0462. Fax.(81-11) 221-0672.

Akita Women's Association for Philipine Brides' Concern, 1-9 Kawajiri-oyasumi-machi, Akita City. Tel.(81-18) 863-5639.

Amnesty International, Japanese Section, Daisan-Sanbu Building, 3F, 2-3-22 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169. Tel.(81-3) 3203-1050. Fax.(81-3) 3232-6775.

Asahi Shimbun, 5-3-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, 10411 Tokyo. Tel.(81-3) 412-2775. Fax.(81-3) 412-2765.*

Asia Horitsu Kenkyu-sho, 1-4-26 Kamimachi, Kochi-shi.

Asian Cultural Center for UNESCO (ACCU), Nihon Shuppan Kaikan, 6 Fukuromachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162. Tel.(81-3) 3269-4435. Fax.981-3) 3269-4510.

Asian Farmers Exchange Center, 4-12-5-204 Arakawa, Arakawa-ku Tokyo 116. Tel.(81-3) 3805-3844..

Asian Friends, 3-20 Koraibashi, Higashi-ku, Osaka. Tel.(81-6) 231-4951; 941-1169..

Asian Laborers Solidarity (ALS), 2-6-29 Aoi-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya. Tel.(81-52) 935-9448.

Asian Women's Association (AWA), Shibuya Coop 211, 14-10 Sakurgaoka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150. Tel.(81-3) 463-9752; 508-7070.

Association for Philippine Brides' Concerns, Women's Democratic Club, 3-31-18, Jjingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Association for the Acquisition of the Human Rights of Koreans in Japan, 1-6-7 Shiragane, Kokura Kita-ku, Kitakyushu 802. Tel.(81-93) 921-8756.

Association of Concern for Asian Women in Japan, Tetori Catholic Church, 3-34,Kamitori-machi, Kumamoto City. Tel.(81-96) 352-3030.

Association of Jurists for the Rule of Law, c/o Mrs. Yuasa & Hara, C.O. Box 714, Tokyo 100-91.

Buraku Kaiho Domei/ Buraku Liberation League (BLL), 5-9 Roppongi 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106.

Buraku Liberation Research Institute (BLRI), 1-6-12, Kuboyoshi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City 556. Tel.(81-6) 568-0174.

Catholic Peace Justice Commission, 10-1, 6-bancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102.

Center for Asian Women Workers Fellowship, 2-3-18-34 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160.

Central Committee on the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, Matsumoto Memorial Hall, 3-5-11 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo 106. Tel.(813) 3586-7004. Fax.(813) 3585-8966..

Centre for Christian Response to Asian Issues (CCRAI), 2-3-18 Nishi Waseda, Room 25, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169. Tel.(81-3) 3202-0494/0372. Fax.(81-3) 3204-9495.

Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), 6-10 Nakagawa Nishi 2-chome, Ikuno-ku, Osaka544. Tel./Fax.(81-6) 718-0988.

Citizens Committee in Solidarity with Displaced Indochinese People in Japan, Tokyo.

Conference of Lawyers for Asia and Pacific (COLAP), Minato-ku, Toranomon 3-22-10-703, Tokyo 105. Tel.(81-3)54-73-0504; 35-02-2541. Fax.(81-3) 54-73-8897.

Development Education Council of Japan, 2-3-18-61, Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169. Tel.(813) 3207-8085. Fax.(813) 3207-0226.

Development Education Resource Center c/o Kansai Seminar House, 23 Takenouchi-cho Ichijohji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 606.

Edogawa Union, 4-12-14 Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo. Tel.(81-3) 653-2211.

Episcopal Commission for Social Activities, Social Welfare Committee (CARITAS Japan), BM Iidabashi Building. 5f, 2-17 Ageba-cho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162. Tel.(81-3) 3267-7281. Fax.(81-3) 3267-7544.

Fact Finding Team on the Truth About Korean Laborers in Japan, 2-14-15 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Tel.(81-3) 3262-7111. Fax.(81-3) 1504-4679.*

Foundation for Human Rights in Asia, 2-28-218 Shimo-Miyabi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162. Tel.(81-3) 3266-9471. Fax.(81-3) 3266-9474.

Foundation of Human Rihts in Asia, 2-28-218 Shimo-Miyabi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162. Tel.(81-3) 3266-9471. Fax.(81-3) 3266-9474.

Free East Timor Japan Coalition (East Timor), c/o Kure YWCA, 3-1 Saiwai-cho, Kure, Hiroshima 737. Tel.(81-3) 212-414. Fax.(81-3) 264-0663.

HIV and Human Rights Information Center, Amagasaki Law Office, Daiichi Matsumoto Building. 4F, 3-26 Showa Minami Dohri Amagasaki City 660. Tel.((81-6) 413-3801. Fax.(81-6) 413-1587.

House in Emergency of Love and Peace (HELP), Tokyo. Tel.(81-3) 368-8855.

Human Rights Education Network (HRE Network), Osaka University, 1-2 Yamadagaoka Suita-shi, Osaka 565. Tel.(81-6) 877-5111.

Human Rights Protection Committee of Japan Federation of Bar Association, 1-1-1 Kasumigaseki Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 105. Tel.(81-3) 3580-9841. Fax.(81-3) 3580-2866.

Industrial Federation for Human Rights, Tokyo, Birukyusu Kayaba-cho 3f, 2-1-11 Kayaba-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103. Tel.(81-3) 3669-6721. Fax.(81-3) 3669-3048.

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, Japan Mission (ICM Japan Mission), Taranomon Bldg., Room 805, 1-12 Toranomon, 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 101. Tel.(81-3) 595-2487.

International Association of Democratic Lawyers, Japanese Section, Ohshima Bldg., 4-7 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102.

International Association for the Study of Koreans in Japan (IASK), 5-2-8-201 Uehonmachinishi Chuo-ku, Osaka City 542. Tel.(81-6), 762-0300. Fax.(81-6) 762-1801.

International Education Resource and Information Center, 1F Tsuda Building, 1-21-18, Tabata, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114.Tel.(81-3) 56-85-1177. Fax.(81-3) 56-85-0550..

International Federation for East Timor (IFET) (East Timor), c/o Kure YWCA, 1-3 Saiwai-cho, Kure, Hiroshima 737. Tel.(81) 823-21-2414. Fax.(81) 823-22-2684.

International Human Rights Law Association (IHRLA), c/o Professor Yasuhiko Saito, Tokyo Universty of Foreign Studies, 4-10-11, Nishigahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114. Tel.(81-3) 917-6111. Fax.(81-3) 917-6453.

International Labor Movement Institute of Japan, Toshin Bldg. 3rd Floor, 16-6, 1-chome Yae, Tokyo. Tel.(81-3) 3281-1183. Fax.(81-3) 3281-1184.*

International Labour Movement Institute of Japan.

International Movement against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR), c/o Matsumoto Jiichiro Memorial Hall, 3-5-11 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106. Tel.(81-3) 3586-7447. Fax.(81-3) 3586-7462; 3585-8966.*

Japan Christian Council (JCC), 2-3-18-24 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160. Tel.(81-3) 203-0372.

Japan Civil Liberties Union/ Shadan Hojin Jiyu Jinken Kyokai (JCLU), Room 306, Atagoyama Bengoshi Bldg., 1-6-7 Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105. Tel.(81-3) 3437-6989; 3537-5466. Fax.(81-3) 3578-6687.*

Japan Committee for NELAP Network of Lawyers, 6-22-11-#203, Honchou, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164. Tel.(81-3) 3382-2625. Fax.(81-3) 3382-5625.*

Japan Committee for UNICEF, 3-1-2, Azubudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106.

Japan Emergency Christian Conference on Korean Problems, c/o NCC-Japan, No. 24, 2-3-18 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

Japan Federation of Bar Association 1-1-1-chome Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100. Tel.(81-3) 580-9841; 272-7981. Fax(81-3) 580-2866.*

Japan Federation of Buraku Liberation Movement, 6303, Asakusa, 250, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111. Tel.(81-3) 3676-0711. Fax.(81-3) 376-0712.*.

Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC) (Thailand), AIDA Bldg., 3-1-4 Yushima, Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113. Tel.(81-3) 834-2388. Fax. (81-3) 835-0519.

Japan NGO Network on Indonesia (JANNI) (Indonesia), Megumi Bldg., 1F, 6-5 Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150. Tel.(81-3) 3770-2447. Fax. (81-3) 3770-0727.

Japan Watch International (JWI), c/o National Christian Council of Japan, 3-18 Nishi Waseda, 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160.

Japanese Catholic Council for Justice and Peace (JCCJP), c/o Japanese Catholic Bishops' Conference, 10-1 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102. Tel.(81-3) 3264-5714. Fax.(81-3) 3262-3699.

Japanese Committee of Fund for Mental Health and Human Rights, 404 Naitacho House, 1-121 Naitacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160.

Japanese Committee of the World Conference on Religion and Peace, c/o Fumon Hall, 2-6-1, Wada, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 166. Tel.(81-3) 3384-2337. Fax.(81-3) 3383-7993.

Japanese NGO Center for International Cooperation, Saito Bldg., 5th Floor, 2-9-1 Kanda, Nishiki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101. Tel.(81-3) 3294-5370. Fax.(81-3) 3294-5898.*

Jesuit Social Center (JSC), 7-14 Kawada-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162. Tel.(81-3) 358-6233; 359-7655.

Kalabaw, c/o Kotobuki Daily Laborers Union, 4-13-1 Kotobuki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City. Tel.(81-45) 662-5638.

Kawasaki Peace Information Center (Kawapic0, Rodo-Kaikan Building, 5f, 2-5-2 Fujimi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 210.

Keiyo Kyoiku Bunka Center, 3-11 Tatsumidai-Higashi, Ichihara City, Chiba.

Korean Christian Center of Japan (KCCJ) (South Korea), 6-10 Nakagaw Nishi 2-chome Ikurno-ku, Osaka 544.

Korean Rights Group, Suzuki Bldg., 4th Hongo 2-26-9- Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113. Tel.(81-3) 5689-8638. Fax.(81-3) 5689-8639.*

Liaison Office of HH the Dalai Lama (Tibet), Room 401 Lilas Hi-town, Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141.

Love and Human Rights Forum, 1-43-1 Kumrgawa, Higashimurayamashi, Tokyo.

Matsuyama International Education Project, 3F Miyata Bldg., 4-9-10, Sanban-cho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 790. Tel./Fax.(81-899) 45-5106.

Modern Korea Resource Center (Korea), Takahashi Co-op #202, Kajino-cho 2-6-21, Koganei-shi, Tokyo. Tel.(81-42) 253-2904.

Museum of Liberty Osaka, 3-6-36 Naniwa-nishi Naniwa-ku, Osaka City 556.

Nara-ken ``Shogaisha" Kaiho Kenkyu-kai, 2707-12 Oyagyu-cho, Nara City 630-12. Tel./Fax.(81-742) 93-0051.

National Council of Churches in Japan (NCCJ), 2-3-18-24, Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169.

National Council of YMCAs of Japan, 2-3-18, Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169. Tel.(81-3) 3203-0172. Fax.(81-3) 3207-0226.

National Dowa Educators Association, 3-6-36 Naniwanishi Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556. Tel.(81-6) 568-0418. Fax.(81-6) 568-6467.

National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, Shinjuku Centre Building 38F, 1-25-1, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163.

National League for Support of the School Textbook Screening Suit (NLSTS), Toa Bldg. 204, 2-16-9 Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102. Tel.(81-3) 3265-7606. Fax. (81-3) 3239-8590.

National Salvation Front for Democratic Reunification of Korea (Korea), Room 402, 2-2-5 Sarugaku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Tel.(81-3) 3295-1687. Fax.(81-3) 3233-0136.*

National Women's Education Center (NWEC), 728 Sugaya, Ranzan-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama-ken 355-02.

Network on Convention for Children's Rights, 1-6-1-831, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105. Tel.(81-3) 3433-7900. Fax.(81-3) 3433-7369.

Niwano Heiwa Zeidan (NPF), Samvilla Catherina 5F, 1-16-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160. Tel.(81-3) 226-4371. Fax.(81-3) 226-1835.

Ota Seikatsu Rodo Sodan Network, c/o Godo-Seitetsu Labor Union, 3-17-15 Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo. Tel.(81-3) 434-0669.

Pacific Asia Resource Centre P.O. Box 5250, Tokyo International, Tokyo.

Philippine Task Force Japan (PTFJ), Japan Christian Center, 2-3-18-24 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

Press Alternative, Central Meguro 102, Mita 2-7-10 Megura-ku, Tokyo 153. Tel.(81-3) 719-4847.

Research Action Institute for the Koreans in Japan (RAIK), 352 Nihon Christian Church Bldg., 2-3-18 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169. Tel.(81-3) 3203-7575.

Resource Center for Philippine Concerns (RCPC) (Philippines), Nihon Christian Center, 2-3-18-73 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169. Tel.(81-3) 3207-1481. Fax.(81-3) 3207-4824.

Rodo Joho: News From Militant Japanese Workers, 5-3-12, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Tel.(81-3) 433-0375.

Shadan Hojin Jiyu Jinken Kyokai (JCLU), Room 306, Atagoyama Bengoshi Bldg., 1-6-7 Ataga, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105. Tel.(81-3) 3437-6989; 3537-5466. Fax.(81-3) 3578-6687.*

Shakai Seigi Kenkyuusho (ISSJ), Sophia University, 7-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Tel.(81-3) 238-3023/3695. Fax.(81-3) 238-3838.

Soka Gakkai International (SGI), 32 Shinano-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160. Tel.(81-3) 353-711.

Solidarity Network Asia and Minamata, 337-4 Hiyasuji, Minamata, Kumamoto. Tel.(81-966) 78-4127. Fax.(81-966) 78-4173.

Sophia Relief Service, c/o ISSJ, Sophiya University, 7-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Stop Torture in Korea - Japan Committee (STIK) (South Korea), Suzuki Bldg. 4F, Hongo 2-26-9, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113. Tel.(81-3) 5689-8310. Fax.(81-3) 5689-8639.*

Union Higoro, 1-10-14 Morinomiya-chuo, Higashi-ku, Osaka. Tel.(81-6) 941-1149.

United Nations University (UNU), Toho SeimeiBuilding, 15-1, Shibuya 2-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150. Tel.(81-3) 499-2811. Fax.(81-3) 499-2828.

Welfare Research Group in Saitama, Taninaka Gibika, 690-3 Oba Kasuga City, Saitama Prefecture 344. Tel.(81-48) 737-1489. Fax.(81-48) 736-7192.

World Education Fellowship, Japanese Section, 1-6-19, Midoigaoka, Meguro, Tokyo 152. Tel.(81-3) 717-7439.

YWCA of Japan, 8-8 Kudan Minami 4-chome Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102. Tel.(81-3) 3264-0661. Fax.(81-3) 3264-0663.

Zainichi Kankoku, Chosenjin Mondai Gakushu Center, Kinki Building 3f #8, 3-20-11 Higashi Kobashi, Higashinri-ku, Osaka 537. Tel.(81-6) 972-2065. Fax.(81-6) 973-5666.

Zainichi Kankoku, Chosenjin no Kyoiku o Kangaeru-Kai, 1-9-1 Nishinippori Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116. Tel.(81-3) 3803-0472.

Zenkoku Daigaku Dowa Kyoiku Kyogikai, Teraki Kenkyu-shitsu, Momoyama Gakuin Univerrsity, 237-1 Nishino Sakai City. Tel. (81-72) 236-1181.

Zenkoku Zainichi Chosenjin Kyoiku Kenkyu Kyogikai, Ishimura Bldg., 2-5-1 Terada-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543. Tel.(81-6) 771-6070.

20. Korea, DPR

Committee for Measures on Compensation to the ``Comfort Women" (Japan), 15 Ban, Shin Chon Li, Haesan-si, Ryang-gag. Tel.(850) 81-44-16. Fax.(850) 81-44-10.*

Korean Cathorics Association (KCA), Pyongyang, North Korea.

Korean Christian Federation (KCF), Pyongyang, North Korea.

21. Korea, Rep.

Buddhists' Committee for Human Rights, Cho-ke Temple, 45 Kyunji-Dong, Jongno-ku, Seoul. TEl.(82-2) 725-0452; 945-6447. Fax.(82-2) 745-5604.*

Catholic Human Rights Committee, Ilsim Building 3/f, Mia 2 Dong 762-21, Tobong-ku, Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 945-6447. Fax.(82-2) 945-1239.

Catholic Information Center in Korea(cick), Pyeong-hwa Bldg. 505-1, 2-3, 1 ga, Jeo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 277-6447. Fax.(82-2) 775-6267.

Ecumenical Youth Council of the Korean National Council of Churches (EYC), Christian Bldg. 707, Yunji-dong 134-46, Jongno-ku, Seoul.

Human Rights Committee of the Catholic Association for Justice, Ilsim Bldg. 3F, Mia 2 dong 762-21, 132-102 Tobong ku,Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 945-6447. Fax.(82-2) 744-6189.*

International Human Rights League of Korea, Daihan-Ilbo Bldg. 7F #340, Taepyung-ro 2 g, Chung-ru, Seoul 100-102. Tel.(82-2) 776-8513; 776-4733 Fax.(82-2) 776-9625.

Korea Church of Women United (KCWU), 1-23 Chun-Dong, Choong-ku, Seoul 100-120. Tel.(82-2) 738-5340.

Korea Council for the Women Drafted for Sexual Slavery by Japan (Japan), Rm. 802, Christian Building, Jongno 5 Ga, Jongno-ku, Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 763-9633. Fax.(82-2) 763-9634.*

Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations, 1-866 Yoido-dong, Youngdeungpo-ku, Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 787-3427; 782-5689.

Korea National Council of Churches (KNCC), Christian Bldg. Room 706, 136-46 Yun Chi-dong, Chongro-ku, Seoul 110-701.

Korea NGOs' Network for the UN World Conference on Human Rights (KONUCH), #207 2/f Changlim B/D, Yoksam-Dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul 135-080. Tel.(82-2) 567-2316. Fax.(82-2) 568-3439.*

Korea Research and Information Center (KRIC), Rm. 101, Hanbit Building, 333-66 Shindang 4-dong, Joong-ku, Seoul 100-454. Tel.(82-2) 252-1925. Fax.(82-2) 235-1698.

Korea Women's Associations United, Jeo dong 1-23, Jung ku, 100 120 Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 738-2883. Fax.(82-2) 722-9244.*

Korean Christian Faculty Fellowship (KCFF), 136-46 Yonji-dong Chong-ro-ku, Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 763-8776.

Korean Women's Development Institute (KWDI), C.P.O. Box 2267, Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 356-0070.

Minbyun, Rm.404, Hyundai Officetel, 1589-8 Seocho-dong Seocho-ku, Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 522-7284. Fax.(82-2) 522-7285.*

Min-ga-hyup, 592-7 Changsin 2 dong, Chongro-gu, Seoul 100-542. Tel.(82-2) 763-2606. Fax.982-2) 745-5604.*

NCCK Human Rights Committee, Rm.708 Christian Building, 136-46 Yonji-dong, Chongno-ku, Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 764-0203. Fax.(82-2) 744-6189.

Women's Hotline, 502-7 Chang Chun-dong, Sedaemun-gu, Seoul 120-180. Tel.(82-2) 334-4344.

Worker's Joint Committee for the Ratification of ILO Conventions and Revision of Labor Laws, Rm.1802 Press Center, 1-25 Taepyuong-No, Chung-Ku, Seoul. Tel.(82-2) 739-7285/7286. Fax.(82-2) 735-9400.

Youth Federation for Democratization Movement, Pagoda Bldg., 504, Insa-dong, Jongno-ku, Seoul.

22. Lao People's Democratic Republic

Central Lao Women's Union, c/o Sombath Somphone, P.O. Box 2147, Vientaine. Tel.(856-21) 4430.

23. Malaysia

Aliran Kesedaran Negara (Aliran), P.O. Box 1049, 10830 Pulau Penang. Tel.(60-4) 871-608. Fax. (60-4) 629-448.*

All Women's Action Movement, School of Social Sciences, University Sainz Malaysia, 11800 Penang. Tel.(60-4) 877-888, ext.3344. Fax.(60-4) 870-918.*

All Women's Action Society (AWAS), 43 C. Jalan SS 6/12 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor. Tel.(60-3) 703-7334.

Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (BIM), Markaz Abim Pusat, Lot 12, Kampong Sg. Ramal Dalam, Petit Surat 27, 47300 Kajang, Selangor. Tel.(60-3) 756-8618. Fax.(60-3) 756-4657.

ARROW, 181 Jalan Temiang, 70200 Seremban. Tel.(60-3) 780-4381. Fax.(60-3) 253-1130.*

Asia and Pacific Development Center, Pesiaran Duta, P.O. Box 12224, Kuala Lumpur 50770. Tel.(60-3) 254-8088.

Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD), 9th floor, APDC Building, Pesiaran Duta, P.O. Box 12224, 50770 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 255-0648/49. Fax.(60-3) 254-1371.*

Asia-Pacific People's Environment Network (APPEN), c/o Sahabat Alam Malaysia, 37 Lorong Birch, Penang.

Asian Environment Society, c/o Sahabat Alam Malaysia, 37 Lorong Birch, Penang.

Association of Women Lawyers, 1f, Wing Onn Life Building, 1 Jalan Silang, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.

Bar Council.

Bar Council of Malaysia, No.5 Jalan Tun Perak 50050 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 291-1698. Fax.(60-3) 291-2439.

Center for Orang Asli Concerns, 86-B Jalan SS 24/2, 47301 Petaling Jaya. Tel.(60-3) 777-1287. Fax.(60-3) 777-2087.

Civil Rights Committee, Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Jalan Maharajalela, 50550 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 230-5104.

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP)/ Persatuan Pengguna-Pengguna Negeri, 87 Cantonment Road, 10250 Penang.

Consumers Association of Sabah, Tingkat 3, Lot 1, Bangunan Lijah, Batu 1 1/2 Jalan Tuaran Peti Surat nomber 14812, 88855 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Tel.(60-88)23-4616/0296.

Consumers Association of Taiping, P.O. Box 130, 34008 Taipng. Tel.(60-5) 82-21-40. Fax.(60-5) 82-15-70.

Education and Research Association for Consumers, 31 Jalan Kinta, Lim Gardens 30100 Ipoh. Tel.(60-5) 50-4485.

ERA Consumer, 11 Lorong Kilat (off Jalan Silibin), Grand Silibin Park, 30100 Ipoh. Tel.(60-5) 26-7215.

Gabungan Persatuan-Persatuan Pengguna-Pengguna Malaysia (FOMCA), 12B-2, UDA Flats, Jalan Pantai Baru, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 757-8436; 282-2436.

Informal Peasant Groups, Kampong Tuan, Pekan Batu Tiga 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Institute for Community Education, No.8, 3rd Floor, Brooke Drive 1, P.O Box 8, 96007 Sibu, Sarawak. Tel.(60-84) 32-0411. Fax.(60-84) 32-9695.*

Institute for Social Analysis - Labour Bureau, Department of Political Science, University of Kebangsaan, Bangi, Selangor. Tel.(60-3) 836-4429.

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, Malaysia Mission (ICM), 1302/1303 Campbell Kompleks, 13th Floor, 98 Jalan Dan Wangi, 50100 Kuala Lumpur. Te.(60-3) 292-7262.

International Organization of Consumers Unions, Regional Office for Asia and Pacific (IOCU), P.O. Box 1045, Penang. Tel.(60-4) 371-396/318.

Just World Trust (JUST), PO Box 448, 10760 Penang. Tel./Fax.(60-4) 629-448.*

Majlis Belia Hindu Malaysia, 60 Jalan Tempinis (off Jalan Bangsar), 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.960-3) 254-7984.

Majlis Belia Malaysia, P.O. Box 10871, 50728 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 293-0022/0157.

Malaysia Trade Union Congress, Bangunan Buruh, 19 Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya. Tel.(60-3) 756-0224.

Malaysian Bar Association (MBA), No.5 Jalan Tun Perak, 50050 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 291-1366/1698/1367.

Malaysian Bar Council, Legal Aid Centre, No.5 Jalan Tun Perak, 50050 Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Pantai Medical Centre, Ground floor, 8 Jalan Bukit Pantai 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 282-5077. Fax.(60-3) 755-0178.

Management Institute for Social Change (MINSOC), B-2114, First Floor, Jalan Merpati (off Jalan Haji), Ahmad 25300, Kuantan pahang Darul Makmur. Tel.(60-9) 50-31-60.

Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia, 10-4 Jalan 14/22, Petaling Jaya 46100 Selangor. Tel.(60-3) 756-8618.

National Civil Rights Committee (CRC), c/o Nathan and Yang, Rooms 804 and 805, 8th Floor, Asia Life Building, Jalan Segget 80000 Johore Bahru. Tel.(60-3) 230-0887. Fax.(60-3) 238-4089.

National Clearinghouse on Women and Development (NCWD), National Population and Develpment Board, Prime Minister's Dept., No.12B, Bangunan Lapkn, Hakab Raja Laut, Pleti Surat 10416, Kuala Lumpur.

National Council of Women's Organizations, 157 Jalan Tun Razak, 50440 Kuala Lumpur. Tel./Fax.(60-3) 298-9251.*

National Office for Human Development, 528 Jalan Bukit Nnas, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 238-3589.

Pahang Association of Consumers, P.O. Box 273 Kuantan, Pahang. Tel.(60-9) 792-0693.

People Service Organization, No.13, Taman Berjuntai, Jalan Bukit Badong, Batang Berjuntai, Selangor. Tel.(60-3) 871-9125.

Perak Anti-Radioactivity Committee, 346 Bukit Merah New Village, IPOH 31500, Perak. Tel.(60-5) 533-963.

Persatuan Belia Buddhist Malaysia, 129 Jalan Seang Tek, 10400 Pulau Penang. Tel.(60-4) 39591. Fax.(60-4) 30093.

Persatuan Hakam, c/o Rithaudeen & Aziz, 4th Floor, Menara Tun Razak, Jalan Raja Laut, 50350 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 292-3522.

Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar-Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKIM), 20-B Jalan Daud, Kampong Bharu, 50300 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 292-5171.

Persatuan Pengguna-Pengguna Negeri (CAP), 87 Cantonment Road, Penang 10250. Tel.(60-4) 373-511/713.

Persatuan Pengguna-Pengguna Sabah, P.O. Box 114812, 88855 Kota Kinbalu. Tel.(60-88) 56-711. Fax.(60-88) 239-434.

Persatuan Perlindungan Alam Sekitar Malaysia (EPSM), P.O. Box 382, 46740 Petaling Jaya. Tel.(60-3) 775-7767. Fax.(6-3) 775-4039.

Persatuan Sahabat, Wanita Selangor No.47C Jalan SS6/12, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Persatuan Sahabat Wanita Selangor,

Persatuan Sains Social Malaysia, D/A Jabatan Sosiologi Dan Anthropologi, Universiti Malaysia, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 825-000-01, Ext 2730.

Persatuan Ulama Malaysia 11-A Lorong Universiti C, Seksyen 1, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel.(60-3) 755-4300. Fax.(60-3) 756-6096.

Persekutuan Kristen of Malaysia (CFM), 26 Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel.(60-3) 757-1278.

REACH, 46 Jalan 10/3, 46000 Petaling Jaya. Tel.(60-7) 565-170.*

Sabah Christian Movement, WDT 136, 88866 Kota Kinbalu Sabah. Tel.(60-88) 71-8669.

Sabah Women's Action Resource Group, c/o Lam Kah Cheng, Jalan Enggang 2, Luyang Phasea, 88100 Kota Kinbalu, Sabah.Tel.(60-88) 233-558. Fax.(60-88) 237-543.*

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM), 43 Salween Road, 10500 Penang. Tel.(60-4) 376-930; 375-705; 971-535. Fax.(60-4) 375-705.

Selangor and Federal Territory Consumers Association (SCA), No.4B-1 UDA Flats, Jalan Pantai Baru, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 756-0575.

Selangor Graduates Society, P.O. Box 382, 64740 Petaling Jaya.

Selangor's Consumers Association, No.4B-1 UDA Flats, Jalan Pantai Baru, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 756-0575.

Society for Christian Reflection (SCR), 38 Jalan 5/4G, 46000 Petaling Jaya. TEl.(60-3) 756-8108.

Society of the Blind in Malaysia, 40-A Jalan Kandang Kerbau, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur. Tel.(60-3) 274-3818.

Suara Rakyatmalaysia (SUARAM), 41C, SS6/12, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel.(60-3) 703-9266.*

Third World Network, 87 Cantonment Road, 10250 Penang. Tel.(60-4) 373-511/612/713. Fax.(60-4) 368-106.


Women and Human Resource Studies Unit, University of Malaysia, 11200 Penang.

Women's Crisis Centre (WCC), 1A-3-4 Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang. Tel.(60-4) 379-678. Fax. (60-4) 281-253.*

Women's Development Collective (WDC), c/o 43C Jalan SS6/12, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Tel.(60-3) 703-7334.

World Rainforest Movement, International Secretariat, 87 Cantonment Rosd, 10250 Penang. Tel.(60-4) 368-106.

24. Maldives

25. Mongolia

Amnesty International, Mongolian Group, P.O. Box 107, Ulaan Baatar 24. Tel.(976) 324-573.*

Mongolian Group for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers (MGIJL) (1992-), Supreme Court of Mongolia, Room 217 Ulaanbaatar II.

Mongolian Human Rights Committee (MHRC), P.O. Box 107, Ulaan Baatar 24. Tel.(976-1) 324-573.*

26. Myanmar

27. Nepal

Amnesty International, Nepal Section, P.O. Box 135, Bag Bazar, Kathmandu. Tel./Fax.(977-1) 225-489.*

Association of Human Rights Activist, Bhutan (AHURA Bhutan), Office in Exile: c/o Mennka Gharrylin Udhyog, 12/250 Damak. Tel.(977-23) 80-348. Fax.(977-1) 410-700.*

Centre for Women and Development (CWD), Kamaldi, P.O. Box 3637, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 225-801.

Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN), P.O. Box 4374, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 270-336; 271-658.*

Children-At-Risk Network Group, P.B. 4010, Kathmandu.

Council for Human Rights and Development Affairs, Swoyambhu, Post Box 6130, Kathmandu.

Defence for Children International - Nepalese Section (DCI) Gauri Pradhan, P.O. Box 4374, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 220-483; 213-883.

Forum for the Protection of Human Rights (FOPHUR) (1984-), P.O. Box 5457, Maitighar, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 222-098. Fax.(977-) 226-795.*

Forum for the Rights of All Ethnic Groups, c/o Sindhunath Pyakurel, Nepal Bar Association, Supreme Court Bldg., Kathmandu.

GRITS, Nepal, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu, P.O. Box 2552. Tel.(977-1) 22-92-66. Fax.(977-1) 22-73-72.

Human Rights Information and Documentation Service (HURIDS) (1987-).

Human Rights Organization of Bhutan, P.O. Box 172, Lalitpur.*

Human Rights Organization of Nepal (HURON) (1988-), G.P.O. Box 5424, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 411-033. Fax.(977-1)225-489.*

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), P.O. Box 2726, Kalanki, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 270-770; 272-267. Fax.(977-1) 226-820 (attn: Insec).*

Institute for Human Rights, Environment and Development (INHURED), P.O. Box 2125, Kha 2-191 Putalisadak, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 419-610. Fax.(977-1) 412 -538; 226-820 (attn. INHURED).*

Legal Aid and Research Institute for Peace and Development (LARIPED), P.O. Box 2125, Kathmandu.

Legal Research and Development Forum (FREEDEAL), P.O. Box 4865, Ramshahpath, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 21-5725; 22-1340. Fax.(977-1) 22-6770.

National Comittee for the International Year of the Indigenous People, P.O. Box 2125, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 419-610. Fax.(977-1) 412-538.*

Nepal Anti-Apartheid Association (NAPA), Naraderi, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 16834.

Nepal Bar Association, Kha-2-579, Baghajar.

Nepal Center for Women Rights, Kha 2/251 Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

Nepal Journalists' Forum for Human Rights (NEJFHR), P.O. Box 1924, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 27-0770. Fax.(977-1) 22-6820.

Nepal Law Society, Ramshah Path, Kathmandu.

Nepal National Societty for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NNSPCAN), c/o Post Box No. 2125, Kathmandu.

Nepal Peoples' Forum for Peace and Development (NPFPD), Post Box No. 2726, Kathmandu.

Nepal Tamang Ghedung, c/o Napal National Coordination, P.O. Box 2125, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 419-610. Fax.(977-1) 412-538.*

Nepal Watch, P.O. Box 1084, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 271-819.

Nepal Women's Organization, Pulchowk G.P.O. 1314, Kathmandu.

Peace Movement Nepal (PNN), P.O. Box 616 Kathmandu.

People's Cultural Forum, c/o Kanchenjunga Boarding School, Kathmandu 13, Dallu. Tel.(977-1) 27-0192.

People's Forum for Human Rights (PFHRB) (Bhutan), c/o NHURED, P.O. Box 2125, Kha-2-191 Putalisadak, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 412-538.

Political Prisoners Release Committee, c/o Hon. Padma Ratha Tuladhar, Kantipui Printing Press, Lazimpat, Kathmandu.

Research Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS), Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 11040; 13277, Ext.124/146/147.

Social Action Volunteers, G.P.O. Box 50, Kathmandu.

Social Union of Nepal (SUNA), P.O. Box 1857, Dilli Bazar, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 41-77-31.

South Asia Coalition of Legal Aid (SACOLA), P.O.Box 1571, Kathmandu.

South Asian Forum for Human Rights, c/o INSEC, P.O. Box 2726, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 270-770. Fax.(977-1) 226-820.*

South East Consortium for International Development (SECID), Suit 403 Blue Star Building, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. TEl.(977-1) 21-3567.

Swathya Dardan Samuah (HEMGRO), G.P.O.Box 5377, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 21-10-42. Fax.(977-1) 22-79-19.

Women Acting Together for Change (WATCH), G.P.O. Box 5723, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 416-518.

Women's Information and Communication Centre (WINCOM), Baghbazar, P.O. Box 4795, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 227-629. Fax.(997-1) 220-215.*

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) - Nepal Group, c/o Nepal Coordination, P.O. Box 2125, Kathmandu. Tel.(977-1) 419-610. Fax.(977-1) 412-538.*

28. Netherlands

Cambodian Documentation Commission, European Office (Cambodia), Faradaystraat 6, 1098 NM Amsterdam..

Gerakan Demi Hak-Hak Azasi Manusia dan Daokrasi (Indonesia), Postbus 11206, 2301 EE Leiden. TEl.(31-71) 133-977.

Inter NGO Conference on IGGI Matters (INGI) (Indonesia), P.O. Box 2154, 1000 CD Amsterdam. Tel.(31-70) 421-621; (31-20) 718-204.

International Committee for Human Rights in Taiwan (ICHRT) (Taiwan), P.O. Box 91542, 2509 EC, The Hague. TEl.(31-70) 858-589.

Komiti Europa Ha-Hak Asasi Manuasia di Persekutuan Malaysia dan Republik Singapura (KEHMA-S) (Malaysia and Singaore), P.O. Box 9113 NL-3506 GC Utrecht. Tel.(31-30) 623-819.

Stichting Indonesisch Documentatie en Informatie Centrum (Indonesia)/ Indonesian Documentation and Information Center (INDOC), P.O. Box 11250, 2301 EG Leiden. Tel.(31-71) 124-739.

Stichting Tibet Support Group Netherland (TSG-NL) (Tibet), Postbus 1756, 1000 BT Amsterdam. Tel.(31-20) 237-699; 863-827; 935-531.

Stichting Werkgroep Maleisie/Singapore (Singapore).

29. New Zealands

Africa Information Centre (AIC), P.O. Box 9339, Wellington. Tel.(64-4) 843-055.

Amnesty International - New Zealand Section (AI), P.O. Box 793, Wellington 1. Tel.(64-4) 499-3349 Fax.(64-4) 499-3505.

Auckland Ethnic Council (AEC), P.O. Box 38-674, Howick, Manukau City, Aukland. Tel.(64-9) 799-987 (President); 534-3847 (Secretary). Fax.(64-9) 302-0271 (president); (64-9) 525-7509 (Secretary).

Auckland Multicultural Society, c/o John Buckland- Secretary, 16 Gretel Place, Birkenhead, Aukland 10. Tel.(64-9) 418-4566.

Cathlic Commission for Justice, Peace and Development (Aotearoa-New Zealand) (JPD), P.O. Box 12-193, Wellington, Aotearoa.

Children's Commissioner, P.O. Box 12537, Wellington North.

Citizens Association for Racial Equality (CARE), P.O. Box 10.50.35, Aukland.

Commissioner for Children, P.O. Box 12537, Thorndon, Wellington. Tel.(64-4) 471-1410. Fax.(64-4) 471-1418.

Council for Mission and Ecuminical Cooperation of the N.Z. Methodist and Presbyterian Churches (COMEC), Box 931, Christchurch, or Box 9549 Hamilton. TEl.(64-3) 666-049 (Christchurch); (64-7) 839-3949 (Hamilton).

Human Rights Commission, P.O. Box 6751 Wellesley Street, Aukland. Tel.(64-9) 390-0874. Fax.(64-9) 773-593.

Keston College New Zealand, P.O. Box 30-254, Lower Hutt, Wellington. Tel.(64-4) 569-6737. Fax.(64-4) 569-6405.

Maori Organization, P.O. Box 33, Mahia, Aotearoa. Te./Fax.(64-6) 837-58-16.*

Movement for Alternatives to Prison

National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges (NCIWR), P.O. Box 6386, Te Aro, Wellington. Tel.(64-4) 385-6768. Fax.(64-4) 382-9765.

National Council of Women of New Zealand, P.O. Box 12-177, Wellington. Tel./Fax.(64-4) 473-7623.

National Maori Congress, P.O. Box 2799 Aotearoa, Wellington. Tel.(64-4) 499-2489. Fax.(64-4) 499-2482.

New Zealand Aids Foundation (NZAF), P.O. box 6663, Wellesley Street, Aukland. Tel.(64-9) 303-3124. Fax.(64-9) 309-3149.

New Zealand Association for International Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (CORSO), P.O. Box 9716 Wellington. Tel.(64-4) 836-224.

New Zealand Coalition for Trde and Development, P.O. Box 11345, Wellington.

New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties, P.O. Box 337, Wellington.

New Zealand Federation of Ethnic Councils, 2/13 Abberley Crescent, Christchurch.

New Zealand Law Society, LAWASIA IBA Committee (NZLS), P.O. Box 5041, Wellington, DX8011. Tel.(64-4) 473-7909.

NGA Kaiwhakamarama I NGA Ture (MLS), P.O. Box 6528, Wellington, Aotearoa. Tel.(64-4) 382-8843; (64-4) 382-8844. Fax.(64-4) 385-2105.

Office of the Ombudsman, P.O. Box 10-152, 163-165 The Terrace, 4th Floor, Wellington. Tel.(64-4) 473-9533. Fax.(64-4) 472-1254.

Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC), 83 Amy St., Toorak.

Palestine Human rights Campaign, New Zealand (PHRC), P.O. Box 29168, Christchurch 5. Tel.(64-3) 385-4330.

Philippine Solidality Network of Aotearoa (PSN) (Philippines), P.O. Box 68-523, Aukland. Tel.(64-9) 732-004; 600-789 (after hours).

Wellington Ethnic Affairs Council, P.O. Box 1114, Wellington. Tel.(64-4) 479-6206.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) - New Zealand-Aorearoa Section, P.O. Box 33, Mahia Harokes Bay, Aotearoa. Tel.(64-6) 837-5816.

Youth Law Project (YLP), P.O. Box 74-328, Aukland 5. Tel.(64-9) 309-6967. Fax.(64-9) 377-6820.

30. Norway

All Burma Student's Democratic Front (ABSDF) (Myanmar), P.O. Box 6720, St. Olavs Plass, 0130 Oslo. Tel./Fax.(47-22) 52-24-87.

Sri Lanka Resource Centre (Sri Lanka), Grensen 18, 0159 Oslo.

31. Pakistan

Afghan Information and Documentation Service (AFC), P.O. Box 324, Peshawar.

Afgan Information Centre, Peshawar.

AGHS Legal Aid Cell, 131-A, E/1-Gulberg III, Lahore. Tel.(92-42) 879-273. Fax.(92-42) 877-945.*

All Pakistan Women's Association (APWA), 67-B Garden Road, Karachi-3.

Anmesty International Pakistan Group (AI), PMA House, Pakistan Medical Assiciation, Garden Road, Karachi. Tel.(92-21) 714632/711159.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Education Program, Lahore, Pakistan, 24-A Sarwar Road, Lahore Cantt. Tel.(92-42) 380-753. Fax.(92-42) 871-608.*

Ansar Burney Welfare Trust (ABWT), 6 Hassan Manzil, Aram Bagh Road, Karachi.

Asian Regional Secretariat for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Organized Violence (RAS), p.O. Box 2428 Islamabad. Tel.(92-51) 25-68-82. Fax.(92-51) 85-67-63.

Asian Women's Institute (AWI), International Office, c/o Association of Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore-3.

ASR Resource Centre, P.O. Box 3154, Gulberg-2, Lahore II. Tel.(92-42) 87-7498; 87-7613. Fax.(92-42) 571-0275; 571-2459.

Aurat Publication and Information Services Foundation, 4-A, LDA, Garden View Apartments, Lawrence Road, Lahore.

Baanhan Beli, 48-B, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi.

Bonded Labour Liberation Front of Pakistan (BLLF), 1 Diyal Singh Mansion, The Mall, Lahore. Tel.(92-42) 322-947; 358-011. Fax.(92-42) 232-494; 234-441.*

Defence for Children International- Pakistan Section (DCI), 1-Diyal Singh Mansion, The Mall, Lahore. Tel.(92-42) 323-542; 322-452. Fax.(92-42) 367-563.

Democratic Women's Association, 3 Shah Jamal, Street No.3, Lahore. Tel.(92-42) 41-1132.

Human Rights Commission of Pkistan (HRCP)(1987-), Flat 13, 3rd Floor, Sharif Complex, Main Market, Gulberg II, Lahore 54660. Tel.(92-42) 873-127.*

Human Rights Documentation and Information Centre (HRDIC), House 60, Street 8, Valley Rd., Rawalpindi. Tel.(92-51) 864-230.

Human Rights Society of Pakistan-Lahore, Ahmed Arcade, 161 Ferozepur Rd., Lahore. Tel.(92-42) 470-257. Fax.(92-42) 470-256.

Institute of Social and Development Studies Lahore, 1, Apartment F, Brdige Colony, Lahore.

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, Pakistan Mission (ICM Pakistan Mission), F 6/2 Street 26, House 2, Islamabad. Tel.(92-51) 824-984.

International League for Human Rights,Pakistan Section, 3-Dyal Sing Mansion, The Mall, Lahore.

Jammu and Kashmir Action Committee (Kashmir), Off. No.43, 3rd Floor, Pakistan Handicrafts Chambers, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar Karachi. Tel.(92-21) 568-5890.

Karachi Students Action Committee, c/o Vijay Kumar, c/o English Department, Karachi University, Karachi.

KAVISH, P.O. Box 3154, Gulbert-2, Lahore II. Tel.(92-42) 87-7613/7496. Fax.(92-42) 571-0275/2459.

Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid (LHRLA), 7th Floor, 702 Mohammadi House, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi 74200. Tel.(92-21) 241-5529/2978. Fax.(92-21) 427-685; 241-7263.

Lyari Community Development Project, Lyari U.C.D. Project, Chakiwara No.2, Karachi-53.

Malik Ghulam Jilani Foundation for Human Rights (Jilani Foundation), 131-E1-Gulberg III, Lahore. Tel.(92-42) 879273; 876551.

NGO Resource Centre, Aga Khan Foundation, Jubilee Insurance House, 5th Fl., P.O. Box 10104, Karachi.

Pak Human Rights Society, P.O. Box 903, GPO Karachi 74200. Tel.(92-21) 65-79-36; 428-963.

Pakistan Association for Continuing and Adult Education, 1 Baber Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. Tel.(92-42) 583-1475.*

Pakistan Institute of Labour, Education and Research (PILERK), Arec Karachi 141-D (Annex), Block-2, P.E.C.H.S., P.O. Box 8032, Karachi 75400. Tel.(92-21) 455-7009. Fax.(92-21) 455-2373.*

Pakistan Women Lawyers Association, Arkay Square, 1st floor, Room 3, Shahreh-e-Liaqat, Karachi.

People's Lawyers Forum (PLF), c/o Shafgat Khan Abbasi, 785 G-9/1, Islamabad.

Psychiatry Center for Afghan Refugees (Afghanistan), P.O. Box 641 - 1131 G.P.O., Peshawar. Tel.(92-52) 14-29-87; 43921.

Punjab Women Lawyers Association, 131 E/1 Gulberg III, Lahore.

Roshni Centre for Women in Crisis, c/o VAT/RAHAT, P.O. Box 2428, Islamabad.

SANGI, #19 Street 59, F-8/4, Islamabad. Tel.(92-51) 85-22-63.

Serving Emergency Relief Voluntary Enterprise (SERVE) (Afghanistan), Peshawar.

Shirkat Gah, 1 Bath Island Road, Karachi75530. Tel.(92-21) 573-079/82; 578-067; 573-046.

Sindh Journalists Network for Children (SJNC), Hyderabad.

Sindiyani Tahrik, c/o 16/2 Khayyaban-e-Shujat, Defence Housing Society Phase-5, Karachi.

Society for Protection and Rights of Children, House No.20, Street No.28, F-6/1, Islamabad.

Teachers Resource Centre, 67-B Garden Road, Karachi.

Voice Against Torture (VAT), P.O. Box 2428, Islamabad. Tel.(92-51) 256-882; 85-9717. Fax (92-51) 856-763.

War Against Rape (WAR), c/o Viewpoint, 4 lawrence Road, Lahore.

Women's Action Forum Pakistan (WAF), P.O. Box 3328, Gulberg II, Lahore. Tel.(92-42) 757-7090.

32. Papua New Guinea

Individual and Community Rights Advocacy Forum, Box 49, P.O. University NCD. Tel./Fax.(675) 26-03-32.*

National Committee for Urban Shelter (NCUS), Dept. Building & Architecture, University of Technology, PMB/Lae.

Ombudsman Commission of Papua New Guinea, P.O. Box 2259, LAE. Tel.(675) 421-695. Fax.(675) 422-755.

33. Philippines

Aksyon Para sa Kapayapaan at Katarungan (AKKAPKA), La Ignacia Apostolic Center, 2215 Pedro Gil Street, Sta. Ana, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 50-12-36; 50-21-68.

Alliance of Concerned Teachers - Philippines (ACT-Philippines), 76-C Harvard Street, Cubao, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 833-9962.

Alliance of Concerned Visayans in Metro Manila (ACVIMM), Suite 217, 2nd Floor,Ablaza Building, 117 E. Rodriguez corner Araneta Ave., 1102 Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 711-1144.

Alterlaw / Paralegal Training and Services Center, Suite 404 Hear Building, 7461 Bagtikan Street, Makati, Metro Manila.

Alternative legal Assistance Center, Suite 304, Sunrise Condominium, 226 Ortigas ve., Greenhills, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 721-1614. Fax.(63-2) 721-1048.

AMIHAN-The National Women Peasant Federation (AMIHAN), 701-B Tandang Sora Avenue, Old Balara, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 97-63-35.

Amnesty International Philippines (AIPHILS), P.O. Box 286, Sta. Mesa Post Office, 1008 Sta. Mesa, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 773-886 to 94 local 52. Fax. (63-2) 722-8580.

Asia Federation of Employees in Public Service (ASIAFEDOP), P.O. Box 163, Manila.

Asia-Pacific Peoples' Forum on Peace and Development (APPFPD), SC P.O. Box 484, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 993-853. Fax.(63-2)967-076.*

Asia: Visions Media Foundation, Room 303-304 PSSC Building, Commonwealth Ave., Diliman, 1101 Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 922-9621. Local 328. Fax.(63-2) 921-3305.

Asian Non-Governmental Organizations Coalition for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (ANGOC), 47 Matrinco Building, 2178 Pasong Tamo, Makati, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 816-3033; 815-1198.

Asian Social Institute (ASI), 1518 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, 1004 Manila. Tel.(63-2) 59-5613/6266/4376.

Asian Volunteers' Network for Human rights in Asia (AVN), 114 Scout Delgado Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel./Fax.(63-2) 922-6883.

Asian Women Human Rights Council, P.O. Box 190, 1099 Manila. Tel.(63-2) 921-5571. Fax.(63-2) 911-0513.

Asian Women's Human Rights Council (AWHRC), P.O. Box 1189, 1051 Manila. Fax.(63-2)921-5571.*

Asian Women's Research and Action Network (AWRAN), c/o Irene M. Santiago, P.O. Box 208, Davao City 9501. Or: c/o Teresita Quintos Deles, 12 Pasaje de la Paz, Project 4, Quezon City.

Association for Release and Amnesty of Political Detainees (Pakistan).

Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP) - Justice and Peace Commission, SFI Building, RVM Compound, 214 N. Domingo Street, Cubao, 1100 Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 79-34-78.

Association of Private Voluntary Organizations in Baguio & Benguet (APVOBBI), 317 P Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City. Tel.(63-74) 442-2486.

Ateneo Center for Social Policy and Public Affairs (ACSP/PA), Faura Science Hall, Ateneo de Manila University, 1108 Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

Ateneo Human Rights Center, Ateneo Law School (AHRC), 130 H.V. de la Costa S.J. Street, Salcedo Village, 3116 Makati, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 817-9701, local 323 or 301. Fax.(63-2) 812-5242.

AUSCULTA Service Consortium (AUSCULTA), Medalla Building, McArthur Highway, Cubao, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 921-2601, local 46.

Baganian Aggrupation for Development (BADI), P.O. Box 1311, Pagadian City.

Balai Fellowship, Manila.

Balay, Rms. 301/304 FMSG Bldg., 1823 E. Ridriguez Sr. Bldg., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 721-1021, local 18/57.

Balay Rehabilitation Center, Department of Political Science, University of the Philippines. Diliman, Quezon City 1101. Tel.(63-2) 995-071, ext.7442. Fax.(63-2) 493-310.*

Balikatan at Ugnayang Naglalayong Sumagip sa Sanggol (BUNSO), 63-K 6th Street, Kamias, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 922-8328.

BangsaMoro Solidarity Conference (BMSC), Maharlika Village, Taguig, Metro Manila.

Basic Christian Community-Community Organizing philippines (BCC-CO), Room 701 Culmat Building, 127-133 E. Rodriguez ave., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 721-1041, local 20.

BATIS Center for Women, Rm.711 Don Santiago Bldg., 1344 Taft Ave., Ermita, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 21-1279; 563-1256. Fax.(63-2) 522-4357.

Bayan - Popular Struggles Commission (BAYAN-PSC), P.O. Box 10296, Broadway Centrum, QC 1112 Manila.

Building Asian Links Against Imperialism Fellowship (BALAI), P.O. Box SM-366 Manila. Tel.(63-2) 77-38-86 to 77-38-95.

Campaign Against Military Prostitution International (CAMP International), P.O. Box SM 366, Manila.

Caucus of Independent Unions in the Public Sector (CIU), Rm.507 Bercion Building, Quezon Ave., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 99-548. Fax.(63-2) 98-874.

Center for Community Services (CCS), P.O. Box 154, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 99-8721, local 334; 98-2541, local 336.

Center for Labor Education, Assistance and Research (CLEAR), 2nd Foor, Hamada Building, Mabini Street, 2600 Baguio City.

Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CMCU), Room 307, PSSC Building, Don Mariano Marcos Ave., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 922-9621, local 344.

Center for Women's Resources (CWR), P.O. Box 2016 - 1160, Quezon City. Tel./Fax.(63-2) 921-6810.

Centre for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (CENDHRRA), P.O. Box 458, Greenhills, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 823-2912/2928. Fax.(63-2) 823-7707.

Centre on Ecumenical Development Actions and Research (CEDAR), P.O. Box 56, 3723 San Pablo City.

Children's Rehabilitation Center (CRC), #122, Dr. Lascano St., Diliman, 1103, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 98-46-02.

Christian Conference of Asia, Office of Education, Women's Concerns & Youth (CCA), Box 718, Manila CPO, Ermita, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 98-2217; 96-2207. Fax.(63-2) 96-7076.

Christians for the Realization of a Sovereign Society (CROSS), 43-B Times Street, Quezon City.

Church Office for International Relations and News Analysis (CONTAK-Philippines), Room 702 Culmat Building, 127-133 E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 721-6938.

Citizen's Disaster Rehabilitation Centre (CDRN), P.O. Box 996, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 96-62-80.

Citizens Alliance for Consumer Protection (CACP), Fourth Floor, Rudgen Building, Shaw Boulevard, Kapitolyo, Pasig. Tel.(63-2) 693-5338.

Citizens Legal Assistance Office (CLAO), DOJ Compound, Padre Faura, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 59-61-65.

Civil Liberties Union of the Philippines (CLUP), 55 3rd St., New Manila, Quezon City.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women - Asia (CTW-Asia), 406 Victoria Plaza, 41 Annapolis, Greenhill, San Juan. Tel.(63-2) 722-0859. Fax.(63-2) 722-4487.*

Coalition for Peace, ISO West Wing, Social Development Complex, Ateneo de Manila University Campus, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 98-2541, 99-8721 local 150. Fax.(63-2) 97-6463 (Attn: GZO Peace Institute)..

Coalition of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO), 131-B Malumanay Street, UP Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 921-5517.

Commission on Human Rights (CHR), IBP Building, Dona Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig. Tel.(63-2) 673-0105; 673-4291 to 94.

Commission on Trade Union and Human Rights (CTUHR), Room 706, Culmat Building, 127 E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard, 1002 Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 721-1041, local 5142.

Communications Foundation for Asia (CFA), 4427 Int. Old Sta. Mesa, Manila.

Community Health Education, Services and Training in the Cordillera Region (CHESTCORE), 113 General Luna Road, Baguio City 2600.

Community-Based Health Development Program (CBHDP), Room 106, PACE Building, Granada Street, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 78-92-89.

Concerned Attorneys for Meaningful Advocacy and Reforms in Society (CAMARINES), 33 Dayangdang Street, Naga City.

Congress for a People's Agrarian Reform Program (CPAR), c/o Center for Social Policy and Public Affairs, Room 230, Faura Science Hall, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City.

Cordillera People's Alliance (CPA), Lock Box 596 GARCOM-Baguio, P.O. Box 7691 DAPO 1300, Pasay City. Tel.(63-74) 442-7008. Fax.(63-74) 442-5347.*

Cordillera Resource Center, Room 314, Laparal Building, Session Road, Baguio City 2600.

Cordillera Resource Center for Indigenous People's Rights (CRC), P.O. Box 7691, Airmail Distribution Center, NAIA, 1300 Pasay City. Tel.(63-74) 442-5347.*

Cordillera Women's Education and Resource Center (CWERC), 16 Loro St., Dizon Subddivision, 2600 Baguid City. Tel.(63-74) 442-5347. Fax.(63-74) 442-3099.

Council for People's Development, 175 Kamias Road, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 921-1531.

Council for Primary Health Care (CPHC), P.O. Box SM-463, Sta. Mesa, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 58-89-62.

Crossroads Publications (CPI), 1353 Leon Guinto Street, 1000 Ermita, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 58-80-03.

Dalubhasaan ng Manggagawa (DAMA), Colayco Hall Basement, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 99-87-21; 98-25-41, local 334/336.

Davao Lady Lawyers Association (DALLAS), c/o IBP Davao Del Sur Chapter, Room 211, Carlos Villa-Abrille Building, C.M. Recto Ave. corner E. Jacinto Street, Davao City.

Defence for Children International- Philippines (DCI), 3 Alicia St., San Juan,M.M. Tel./Fax.(63-2) 701-791.

Defence for Children International, 1832 UP Bliss, Diliman, Quezon City.

Development Education Media Services (DEMS), 240 MacArthur Highway, Matina, 8000 Davao City. Tel.(63-8254) 846-79.

Development Legal Aid Center, Room 508, Anita Building, 1300 Quezon Ave. corner Timog Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 921-6221.


Earth Savers Movement, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, Que, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 924-0113. Fax. (63-2) 924-0103.*

Ecumenical Center for Development (ECD), P.O. Box AC-449, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 98-58-66.

Ecumenical Commission for Displaced Families and Comunities (ECDFC), Unit 1, Life Style Bldg. 28 N. Domingo, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 70-30-97.

Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (EMJP), P.O. Box 1127, Manila 1099. Tel.(63-2) 922-4091. Fax. (63-2) 924-3479.*

Ecumenical Partnership for International Concerns - Philippines (EPIC-Philippines), P.O. Box 10315, Broadway Centrum, New Manila Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 78-89-11 to 36; 70-60-45.

Education Forum (EF), P.O. Box SM 307 Manila. Tel.(63-2) 70-2780; 922-3638. Fax.(63-2) 521-7225.

Episcopal Commission for Tribal Filipinos (ECTF), Ground Floor, CBCP Building, 470 General Luna Street, Intramuros 1002, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 49-34-27; 49-48-58 (ECTF National Secretariat Office).

Ethnic Studies and Development Center (ESDEC), 289 Ermin Garcia Street, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 922-5102.

Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearances (FIND), Philippine Social Science Centre Bldg., Room 107, Don Mariano Marcos Ave., Diliman, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 922-9621/334.*

Farmers Assistance Bureau, c/o Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Old Sta. Mesa Road, Sta. Mesa, Manila.

Federation of Free Workers - Legal Center, FFW Building, 1943 Taft Ave., Manila. Tel.(63-2) 57-1511; 521-9435.

Fishermen's Development Center (FIDEC), Room 3A, J. Kong Building, P. Lopez corner Balintawak Street, Cebu City.

FLAG Human Rights Foundation, 55 Third Street, New Manila, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 721-8233; 77-1938.

Forum for Rural Concerns (FRC), 265 B2 Katipunan Rd., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 922-8720.

Forum Ilocandia, Room 206, Ablaza Building, 117 E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City.

Franciscan Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation and Human Rights Education, 14 Capricorn Street, Pleasant Homes, Punta Princesa, Cebu City 6000.

Free Lava, Room 207, Mingzon Building, Zamora corner Luna Streets, Cebu City.

Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG), Rm 204 Cabrera II Building, 64 Timog Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 98-6932. Fax.(63-2) 817-5410 (Attn. Diokno).

Friends of Filipino Migrant Workers (KAIBIGAN), P.O. Box 1155-1151 Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 992-641 loc.2236. Fax.(63-2) 731-5828; 972-346.*

GABRIELA - Commission on Women's Health and Reproductive Rights (GCWHRR), 3-G Saint Wolliam Street, Cubao, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 721-7954.

General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equality, Leadership and Action (GABRIELA), 198 Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 721-8883.

Ibon Databank Philippines (IBON), P.O. Box SM-447, Sta. Mesa, 1008 Manila. Tel.(63-2) 600-203; 603-983; 600-865.

Indigenous Research Collaborative, c/o Department of Political Science, University of Philippines, Quezon City, Diliman 1101. TEl.(63-2) 976-061.*

Indigenous Women's Federation, c/o 35 Scout Delgado Roces Ave., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 998-034. Fax.(63-2) 922-9567.*

Institute of Religion and Culture Philippines (IRC), P.O. Box EA 131, Ermita, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 842-3789; 98-5146, local 211; 97-7021 to 25, local 211.

Institute of Women's Studies (IWS), P.O. Box 3153, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 507-786; 506-686 to 89.

Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), IBP Building, Dona Juria Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 631-3013. Fax.(63-2) 631-3014.

Intergovernmental Commitee for Migration - Philippines Mission (ICM Philippine Mission), Victoria Bldg., 2nd Floor, 429 United Nations Ave., Ermita, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 521-3812.

International Solidarity Network Desk (ISND), P.O. Box 10238, Broadway Centrum, Aurora Blvd., Quezon City.
Inter-Church Center for Development (ICED), Alon Apartment, National Hi-way, Barrio Platero Binan, Laguna.

Inter-church Development Education Agency (IDEA), 3rd Floor, PIC Building, 49 A. Mabini Street, Cebu City. Tel.(63-32) 5-4218.

Isis International - Women's Information and Communication Service (ISIS), P.O. Box 1837, Quezon City Main Quezon City 1100. Tel.(63-2) 997-512; 993-292; 996-343. Fax.(63-2) 997-512.

Jesuit Volunteer Philippines, c/o Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Road, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila, or P.O. Box 154, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 98-2541; 99-8721.

Jose W. Diokno Foundation, 55 Third Street, Balete Drive, New Nanila, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 721-8233; 77-1938; 721-8288. Fax.(63-2) 721-8233 (ask for fax tone).

Kaisahan Tungo sa Kaunlaran sa Kanayum at Repormang Pansakahanf, 305 Katipunan Rd., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 97-0170/1427.

Kalipunan ng Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas (KAMP), Suit 701, 64 Web-Jet Building, Quezon Ave., corner BMA Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 712-0951, Local 14. Fax.(63-2) 922-0033.*

Kanlungan Centre Fundation for Miglant Workers, 77 K-10th cor. KJ Sts, Kamias, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 921-7849. Fax.(63-2) 521-7225.*

KAPATID/ Association for the Release and Amnesty of Detainees in the Philippines (Kapisanan Para sa Pagpapalaya at Amnestiya ng mga Detenido sa Pilipinas), 44 Banahaw Street, Cubao, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 78-27 77. Fax.(63-2) 721-7814 c/o PAHRA.

Katipunan ng Kababaihan Para Sa Kalayanan (KALayaAN), 22-A Matino Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 921-6783.

Kaugmaon Foundation (SALINLAHI), 66 McArthur Highway, GSIS, Manila, Davao City 8000.

Kilusan ng Manggagawang Kababaihan (KMK), c/o Women's Centre, Room 406 R & G Tirol Building, 831 EDSA corner Scout Albano Street, Quezon City.

Kilusang Magbubukid sa Pilipinas (KMP), Room 210, KAIMO Building, 101 Quezon Ave. & Sto. Domingo Street, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 741-0032. Fax.(63-2) 711-8238.

Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), Third Floor, Jopson Building, 510 Earnshaw Street, Sampaloc, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 61-9369.

Kongreso ng Pagkakaisa ng Maralita sa Lungsod (KPML), Room 408, Don Lorenzo Building, P. Paredes Street corner Morayta, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 49-4829.

Labor Education and Research Network, 502 Bercion Bilding, 1186 Quezon Ave., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 98-8674.

Lakas Manggagawa Labor Center (LMLC), Room 202, ARC Building, Muelle de la Industria Street, Intramuros, Manila.

Lanao Partnership for Human Development (LPHD), LPHD, Room 205, Plaza Cinema Building, General Aquinaldo St., 9200 Iligan City.

Law Association for Asia and Pacific (LAWASIA), LAWASIA Human Rights Committee, c/o Human Rights Center, Ateneo Law School, 130 H.V. De La Costa S.J. Street, Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila 3116. Tel.(63-2) 817-9701. Fax.(63-2) 810-3110; 817-9709/8253.*

Legal Aid and Human Rights Institute for Mindanao (LAHRIM), Room 211, Carlos Villa-Abrille Building, C.N. Recto Ave. corner E. Jacinto Street, Davao City. Tel.(63-8254 or 6382) 757-86 (PLDT); 40-70 (DCTS).

Legal Assistance Center for Indigenous Filipinos (PANLIPI), 149 Adelita Chloco St., Paranque, 1700 Manila. Tel.(63-2) 828-7739.*

Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center (LRC), Rm.106, Philippine Social Science Centre Bldg., Don Mariano Marcos Ave., (Commonwealth Ave.), Diliman, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 922-9621. Fax.(63-2) 95-71-97.

Lihok Pilipina Foundation, 102P. del Rosario Ext., Cebu City. Tel.(63-322) 96-628. Fax.(63-32) 217-974.*

Lumad Mindanaw, P.O.Box 332, 800 Davao City. Tel.(63-82) 79-947.

Media Mindanao News Service (MMNS), Ebro Pelayo Bldg., 2, Mezzanines, Flr. E. Jacinto St., Davao City, Mindanao. Tel./Fax.(63-82) 63-516.

Medical Action Group (MAG), Rm 706, Don Santiago Bldg,. 1344 Taft Ave., Ermita, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 921-87-02.

MIGRANTE - Alliance for Migrant Concerns - Asia pacific and Middle East (APME), Rm.711, Don Santiago Bldgg., 1344 Taft Ave., Eemita Manila. Tel.(63-2) 521-1279; 536-1256. Fax.(63-2) 522-4357.

Mindanao Communications Resource Foundation (MCRF), P.O. Box 319, Davao City.

Mindanao Interfaith People's Conference (MIPC), PO Box 501, 8000 Davao City. Tel.(63-8254) 7-8372; 6-3722.

Mindanao Partnership for Human Development (NPHD), 123 Dongallo Compund, Bishop Hayes St., Camaman-an, Cagayan de Oro City.

Monsignor Aglipay Don Belong Labor Center (MADBLAC), P.O. Box 421, 6100 Bacolod City. Tel.(63-2) 8958.

Montanosa Relief Services (MRS), Rm. 201, 2nd Floor, Victoria Shoppesville Bldg., Upper Mabini St., 2600 Baguio City..

Mothers and Relatives Against Tyranny (MARTYR), 2nd Floor, Jopson Bldg., 510 Earnshaw St., Sampaloc, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 61-2517.

Movement of Attorneys for Brotherhood, Integrity, and Nationalism (MABINI), 5th Floor, Edekal Bldg., 855 Pasay Road, Makati. Tel. (63-2) 818-1464/1592.

National Coalition of Fisherfolk for Aquatic Reform, #4 Manigo St., UP Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 922-3114.

National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP), Human Rights Desk, P.O. Box 1767, Rm.305, Third Floor, 879 Epifanio de los Santos Ave., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 924-0245. Fax.(63-2) 96-70-76.

National Ecumenical Forum for Church Response (NEFCR), 37 Marang St., Project 2, Quezon City. Tel. (63-2) 922-0530.

National Federation of Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines, Rm.701, WEB-JET Bldg., 364 Quezon Ave., Co, Quezon City. Tel(63-2) 712-0951. Fax.(63-2) 722-0099.*

National Federation of Sugar Workers-Food and General Trades (NFSW-FGT), 34 Verbena-Libertad St, 6100 Bacolod City. Tel.(63-2) 264-40; 262-92.

National Federation of the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines (KAMP), Webjet Bldg., Rm. 701, No.64 Quezon Ave., Cor BMA St., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 712-0951, Local 14.

National Movement for Civil Liberties (NMCL), Rm.421-A Rufino Bldg., Ayala Ave., Makati.

National Orgaization Against Nuclear Power and Weapons (NONUKES), 2205 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

National Secretariat of Social Action, Justice and Peace (NASSA,JP), P.O. Box 1160, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 47-0601/0372/0284/0261.

Negros Council for Peace and Development (NCPD), P.O. Box 491, 6100 Bacolod City. Tel.(63-2) 272-92.

Negros Relief and Rehabilitation Center (NRRC), 211 Lee U Bldg., Araneta St., 6100 Bacolod City. Tel.(63-2) 223-52.

Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition (NFPC), 2215 Pedro Gil St., Sta. Ana, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 58-6307.

Office of Legal Aid, University of the Philippines (UP-OLA), College of Law Malcolm Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 98-32-01, local 3.

Paglilingkod Batas Pangkapatiran Foundation, Rm.308 Gima Bldg., Magallanes St., Davao City. Tel.(63-35) 79-824.

Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (PAMALAKAYA), P.O. Box 10223, Broadway Centrum, Quezon City.

Pambansang Unyon ng mga Manunulat (PANULAT), c/o University of the Philippines Main Library, Diliman Quezon City.

Panlalawigang Alyansa ng Mga Nagtataguyod sa Karapatan Ng Tao-Nueva Ecija (PANGKAT-NE), 54 Circumferential Road, Bgy. Kapitan Pepe, Cabanatuan City. Tel.(63-2) 963-2172.

Paralegal Training Services Center (PTSC), Rm.406 A and B, Regina Bldg., Escolta, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 48-68-37.

Participatory Research and Organization of Communities Through Education and Self-Help Services (PROCESS), 54 Estrella St., Bel-Air 3, Makati, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 817-5825.

Peace Formation Program Inc (PEACE), P.O. Box 2912, Manila.

Peace Promotion and Monitoring Council (PPMC), 470 Gen. Luna St., Intramuros, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 47-0601; 47-0372.

People's Movement for Press Freedom (PMPF), Rm.307 Vicar Bldg., Denver St., Cubao, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 992-9495 to 97, local 3.

Philippine Action Concerning Torture (PACT), Rm.706, Don Santiago Bldg., 1344 Taft Ave., Ermita Manila. Tel.(63-2) 522-4357.

Philippine Assistance for Rural and Urban Development (PARUD), 143 Scout Gandia, Kamuning, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 722-1795.

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, 12 Hernandez St., San Lorenzo Village, Makati, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 819-5817. Fax.(63-2) 812-3698.*

Philippine commission of Jurists, Quiason, de Guzman, Makalintal and Veneracion, 2nd Floor, Chronicle Bldg., Meralco Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila Tel.(63-2) 673-1530 to 44.

Philippine Human rights Information Center (PhilRights), Rm 508 FMSG Building, #9 Balete Drive, Quezon City, Metro Mnila.

Philippine International Forum (PIF), P.O. Box 512 Cebu City 6000. Tel./Fax.(63-32) 21-29-68..

Philippine Peasant Institute (PPI), P.O. Box AC-519, 3001 Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 922-9621 local 339; 97-6841.

Philippine Union for Human Rights (PUHRI), 514 J & T Bldg., 3894 Ramon Magsaysay Blvd Sta. mesa, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 60-60-61.

Philippine Women's Research Collective (PWRC), c/o Pilipina, 12 Pasaje de la Paz, Project 4, Quezon City.

Philippines Alliance for Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA), Rm.403, FMSG Bldg., 9 Balete Drive corner Third St., New Manila, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 77-38-86 to 89 (local 20). Fax.(63-2) 721-7814.

Photobank Philippines (Photobank), Rm.100, PSSC Bldg., Don Mariano Marcos Ave., Diliman, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 922-9621, local 326.

Pilipina, 102 P. del Rosario Extension, Cebu City. Tel.(63-32) 96-628. Fax.(63-32) 217-974.

Pilipina Legal Resources Center (PLRC), Rm.306 Gima Bldg., Magallanes St., Davao City. Tel.(63-82) 64-393; 78-692. Fax.(63-82) 64-393.

Pilipinas for Education, Research, Law Reform, Advocacy and Services Foundation.

Protection of Church People's Rights.

Protestant Lawyers League of the Philippines (PLLP), No.18, Sta Maria Street, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila.

Public Interest Law Center, Rm.912 Natinal Life Insurance Bldg., Ayala A, Metro Manila. Tel./Fax.(63-2) 812-3182.

Regional Council on Human Rights in Asia, P.O. Box 417, Sta. Mesa, Manila 2806. Tel.(63-2) 965-477. Fax.(63-2) 924-3799.*

Renewal in Education Towards Chrictian Enlightenment for National Transformation (RECENT), Rm.309 UCCP Bldg., 879 EDSA, Quezon City. Te.(63-2) 96-22-41.

Rural Enlightenment and Accretion in Philippine Society (REAPS), 97-A Times St., West Triangle, Quezon City 1100. Tel.(63-2) 980-182. Fax.(63-2) 967-076.

Rural Missionaries of the Philippines (RMP), Rm.200 State Condominium V, EDSA, Guadalupe, Makati.

Salinlahi Foundation (Next Generation), 116 Kamias Road cor. Kasing-Kasing St., Kamias, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 99-16-76; 921-9379. Fax.(63-2) 922-0623.*

Samahan ng mga Ex-Detainees Laba sa Detensyon at Para sa Amnestiya (SELDA), Rm.204, FMSG Bldg., Balete Dr. cor. Third St., Quezon City, New Manila. Tel.(63-2) 796-077. Fax.(63-2) 721-7814.

Sentro ng Batas Pang-tao (BATAS), Rm.322 Philippine Social Science Center, Don Mariano Marcos (Commonwealth) Ave., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 98-2936; 922-9621, local 309. Fx.(63-2) 817-9742.

Sentro Para Sa Tunay na Repormang Agraryo, Unit 4 #2, Masinsinan St., Teacher's village, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Te.(63-2) 921-6486.

Social Impact Foundation (IMPACT), 2948 Noel Street, United Paranaque III, Paranaque, Metro Manila, PO Box 2950, Manila. Tel(63-2) 827-6581.

Socio-Pastoral Institute, National Office, 2nd Floor, Jacinto Apartments, 380 Quezon Boulevard cor. Scout Reyes, Quezon City. Tel./Fa.(63-2) 91-02.

Solidarity with Women in Distress, Philippines (SOLWODI), P.O. Box SM 366, Manila. Tel.(63-2) 77-38-86, local 22.

Southern Tagalog Attorneys for Nationalism and Democracy (STAND), Battad Law Office, FMSG I Bldg., E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City.

Structural Alternative Legal Assistance for Grassroots (SALAG), Suite 1207, Pacific Banking Bldg., 6776 Ayala Ave., Makati, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 817-9709, Attn:SALAG..

Student Christian Movement of the Philippines (SCMP), 879 Epifanio de los Santos Ave.(EDSA), Quezon City.Te.(63-2) 96-43-90.

Tanggol Kalikasan (Haribon), Suite 901 Richbelt Towers, 17 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 722-7170; 722-6884. Fax.(63-2) 722-6357.

Task Force Detainees Philippines (TFDP), 45 St. Mary St., Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 911-643. Fax.(63-2) 912-5472.

Task Force on Filipina Victims of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan, c/o Asian Women's Human Rights Council, 45-A Mapagkumbaba St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Metro Mnila. Fax.(63-2) 921-5571.

Theater Academy for Street Kids, Ethnic and Disabled (TASKED), 53 Siquijor. Tel.(63-2) 924-0103; 922-1139. Fax.(63-2) 407-637.*

Third World Movement Against the Exploitation of Women (TW-MAE-W), 41, Rajah Matanda, Project 4, Quezon City 1109. Tel.(63-2) 78-64-69. Fax.(63-2) 921-5662.*

Third World Resource Society (TWRS), P.O. Box AC 638, Cubao, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 721-0821, local 13.

Third World Studies Center (TWSC), University of the Philippines, P.O. Box 210, Diliman, Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 97-70-61/2/3/4/5, local 783; 99-50-71; 98-96-76; 98-24-71, local 6783.

Tunay na Alyansa ng Bayan Alay sa Katutubo (TABAK), Box 44-103 Shopping Centre, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1101. Tel.(63-2) 922-10-14. Fax.(63-2) 922-00-33.*

Union of Journalists of the Philippines (UJP), National Press Club Building, Manila.

United Council of Churches in the Philippines - Human Rights Desk (UCCP_HRD), UCCP Bldg., 879 Epifanio de los Santos Ave., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 98-9150; 99-3913; 99-5991.

University Center for Human rights Education (UCHURE), Alex Marteja Hall, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa, Manila.

University of the Philippines Paralegal Volunteers, Malcolm Hall, College of Law, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Urban Missionaries, 4th Floor FMSG I Bldg., E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City. Tel.(63-2) 721-1021, local 47.

Urban Poor Assistance Center (UPAC), 12 Naguilian Road, 2600 Baguio City.

Urban Poor Support Services, #54 Genito Apartment, Banahaw St., Cubao, Quezon City.

Visayas Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (VEMJP), Rm.301 Pajares Bldg., Jones Ave., Cebu City.

Visayas Human Development Agency (VIHDA), P.O. Box 98, Mandaue Central Post Office, 6014 Mandaue City, Cebu. Tel.(63-32) 9-97-86.

Western Visayas Ecumenical Center (WVEC), 272-B Commission Civil St., Jainga Compound, Jaro, Iloilo City. Tel.(51-33) 72-689.

Women Studies and Resource Center (WSRC), Door 12, Santos Compound, Malvar Extension, Davao City 8000. Tel.(63-8254) 640-71.

Women's Legal Bureau, Rm.309 Augustin Bldg., 139 Malakas St., Central District Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Tel.(63-2) 921-3893. Fax. (63-2) 921-4389.*

Women's Resource and Research Center (WRRC), Mariam College Foundation, Katipunan Parkway, Loyola Heights, UPPO Box 110, Diliman, Quezon City.

34. Poland

Organizacja Studentow Laotanskich Walzacych o Niepodleglosci Demokracje (OLSFID) (Lao PDR), Biuro KPN (Laos), UL: Nowy Swiat 18/20, 00-920 Warsaw. Tel.(48-32) 538-851. Fax. (48-32) 539-529.*

35. Portugal

Solidarity with East Timor (East Timor), Jote 9, R/C DTO, 2675 Odivelas. Tel.(351-1) 932-77-70. Fax.(351-1) 534-009.*

36. Samoa (Western)

National Women's Development Organisation, P.O. Box 49, Apia, Samoa. Fax.(685) 210-50.*

37. Singapore

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, Singapore Mission (ICM Singapore Mission), 31-13 International Plaza, 10 Anson Rd., Singapore 0207. Tel.(65) 223-0016.

International Movement of Apostolate of Children - Asia (IMAC-Asia), St. Bernadette's Church, 12 Zion Rd., 1024 Singapore.

Law Society of Singapore, 07-18 Colombo Court, Singapore.

38. Solomon Islands

Bougainville Humanitarian Office, P.O. Box 1203, Honiara, Solomon Islands. Tel./Fax.(677) 207-36.*

39. Sri Lanka

All Lanka Peasants Congress, 13 A Walawwatte Road, Gangodawila, Nugegoda.

Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education (ASPBAE), 30/63A Longden Place, Colombo 7. Tel.(94-1) 58-98-44. Fax.(94-1) 58-07-21; 50-25-61.

Center for Religion and Society (CRS), 81, Deans Road, Colombo 10. Tel.(94-1) 95425.

Center for the Study of Human Rights, University of Colombo, Faculty of Law building, PO Box 1490, Cumaratunge Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo.

Center for Women's Research (CENWOR), Colombo.

Christian Workers Fellowship (CWF), P.O. Box 381, 39 Bristol St., YMCA, Colombo 1. Tel.(94-1) 27708. Fax.(94-1) 58-3984.

Civil Rights Movement of Sri Lanka (CRM), 16/1 Carolis Road, Colombo 5. Tel.(94-1) 57-388. Fax.(94-1) 576-317.*

Committee of Parliamentarians on Fundamental and Human Rights, Parliament House, Sri Jayewardenpura, Kotte. Tel.(94-1) 564-253/100/256/257.

Community Education Centre, Talahena, Malabe.

Coordinating Secretariat for Plantation Areas, 30 Pushpadna Mawatha, Kandy. Tel.(941) 08-22-955.

Dabindu Collective, 182/1, Negombo Road, Kandana.

Defence for Children International - Sri Lanka (DCI), 105/1 Alwitigala Mawatha, Colombo 8.

Devasarana Development Centre (DDC), Ibbagamuwa.

Development Education Centre, 91 Pagoda Road, Nugegoda. Tel.(94-1) 440-591. Fax.(94-1) 687-665.*

Development Information Network for South Asia (DEVINSA), P.O. Box 601, Colombo.

Home for Human Rights (HHR), No.187 Third Cross St., Jaffna.

Human Rights Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, 94 Kumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo 3. Tel.(94-1) 50-0942. Fax.(94-1) 69-6618.

Human Rights Task Force (HRTF)(1991-), Colombo.

INFORM - Information Monitor (INFORM), 5, Jayaratne Ave., Off Thimbivigasyaya Rd., Colombo 5. Tel.(94-1) 584-350. Fax.(94-1) 580-721 Attn: INFOM.*

International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES), 8 Kynsey Terrace, Colombo 8. Tel.(94-1) 598-048; 584-350. Fax.(94-1) 696-618.*

International Commission of Jurists, Sri Lanka Section (ICJ), 79/15 Alexander Place, Colombo 7.

International Law Association of Sri Lanka, 34/1 Castle St., Colombo 8. Tel.(94-1) 94695.

Inter-University Students Federation-Sri Lanka, c/o Faculty of Medicine, Kynsey Rd., Colombo 9.

ITGWU, No.235 1/1, Olcott Mawatha, Colombo 11. Te.(94-1) 42-1542. Fax.(94-1) 58-0721.

Law and Society Trust, No.3 Kynsey Terrace, Colombo 8. Tel.(94-1) 691-228; 686-843. Fax.(94-1) 696-618; 695-602.*

Lawyers for Human Rights and development (LHRD), 2251/1, Cotta Road, Borella, Colombo 8. Tel.(94-1) 68-6180. Fax.(94-1) 68-7665.*

Legal Aid Center for Protection of Human Rights, Carlton, Tangelle.

Legal Aid Centre, Faculty of law, University of Colombo, P.O. Box 1490, Colombo 3. Tel.(94-1) 50-0942. Fax.(94-1) 69-6618.

Marga Institute, P.O. Box 601, Colombo 5. Tel.(94-1) 585-186; 581-514. Fax.(94-1) 580-585.

Movement for Defence of Democratic Rights, Rajagiriya, Borella, Colombo 8.

Movement for Inter-Racial Justice and Equality (MIRJE), 6 Aloe Ave., Colombo 3. Tel.(94-1) 574-047.

Movement for the Defence of Democratic Rights (MDDR), 167, Castle St., Colombo 8. Tel.(94-1) 95469.

Nadesan Centre for Human rights Through Law, 31 Charles Place, Colombo 3.

National Catholic Commission for Justice, Peace and Human Development, 133, Kynsey Road, Colombo 8. Tel.(94-1) 91885.

National Commission for Justice, Peace and Human Development, P.O. Box 1681, Colombo 8.

Nonviolent Direct Action Group (NVDAG), P.O. Box 2, Chavakachcheri.

Organizations for Human Rights in Sri Lanka, Rajagiriya Rd., Rajagiriya.

Parliamentary Group for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, Parliament House, Sri Jayewardenpura, Kotte. Tel. Hon. Mohamed Haniffa Mohamed (94-1) 56-42-23; Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa: (94-1) 56-42-53/56/57; 56-41-00.

Participatory Institute for Development Alternatives, 20 Josswell Place, Mirahana, Nugegoda.

Protecting Environment and Children Everywhere (PEACE), 170 Fife Road, Colombo 5.

Rural Women Development Center, 863/1 Peradeniya Road, Kandy.

Rural Women's Front, Sirinivesa Watarakgoda Road, Walapone.

Rural Women's Organizations Network, 21/1 Leyn Baan St., Fort Galle.

Sarvodaya Legal Aid Centre, 98 Rawathawatte Moratuwa.

Satyodaya Centre for Social Research and Encounter, No 30, Pushpadana Mawatha, Kandy.

Social Scientists Association (SSA), 129/6 A, Nawala Road, Narahenpita, Colombo 5.

South Asia Human Rights Action Programme, 225 1/1 Cotta Road, Colombo 8. Tel.(94-1) 686-180. Fax.(94-1) 687-665.*

Sri Lanka Federation of University Women (SLFUW), Centre for Women's Research, 12, 1/1 Escort Ave., Colombo 5.

Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Human Rights Centre (SLFI), 100, Independence Square, P.O. Box 1203, Colombo. Tel.(94-1) 91814.

Sri Lanka Foundation, Human Rights Task Force (HRTF), 27, Independence Ave., Colombo 7.

Sri Lanka Information Monitor (INFORM)(1988-), 5 Jayaratne Avenue, Colombo 5.

Subodhi - Institute of Integral Education, Wewala, Piliyan Dala.

Swarna Hansa Foundation, P.O. Box 16, No.9, Windsor Ave., Dehiwala. Tel.(941) 71-2566.

Tamil Refugees Rehabilitation Organization (TRRO), 1st Floor VST Bldg., 75, Ward place, Colombo 7.

University Teachers for Human Rights (UTHR) (1988-), c/o Prof. Sriyananda, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Open university, Nawala.

Women for Peace, 58 Green Path, Colombo 3.

Women's Centre, 179 Vesakawatta, Ekela, Jaela.

Women's Development Centre, 678/7, Peradeniya Road, Kandy. Tel.(941-8) 227-30.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) - Sri Lanka, 225 1/1 Cotta Road,Colombo 8. Tel.(94-1) 686-180. Fax.(94-1) 687-665.*

40. Switzerland

Center for the Study and Documentation of the Karenni (Myanmar), Grey 2, CH1004, Lausanne.

Office of Tibet (Tibet), Rieterstrasse 18, CH-8002 Zurich.

Tibet Bureau (Tibet), 13/3 rue de l'Ancien Port, 1201 Geneva. Tel.(41-22) 738-7940. Fax.(41-22) 738-7941.*

41. Taiwan

Alliance of Taiwan Aborigines, 5th Floor, 7 Chang Kuong Road, Sec. 2 Yung Ho, Taiwan. Tel./Fax.(886-2) 928-6120.

Association for Labour Rights, F3, 293 Fu-hsing S. Road I, Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 701-0090 & 701-0309.

Association for Taiwan Aborigines (ATA), F5, 7 Cheng-kung Road II, Taipei. Tel(886-2) 928-6120.

Association for the Advancement of Humanitarian Education, Rm 6B, 277 Sect.3, Roosevelt Road, Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 341-9406.

Association for the Advancement of Taiwanese Culture, 3F, 6 Liang-chou St., Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 571-6891.

Association for the Disabled, #902, 242 Lin-seng Road I, Kaoh-siung, Taiwan. Tel.(886-7) 291-1738.

Association of Long Shan Temple, 4F, 244 Sect.4, Shi-Yuan Road, Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 308-2274.

Awakening Feminist Foundation, F3, 1 Lane 1, Po-i Road, Taipei. Te.(886-2) 331-9363; 311-0333.

Catholic Bishops' Conference, Commission for Social Development, P.O. Box 8-376, Taipei 10098. Tel.(866-2) 311-5124.

Chinese Association for Human Rights (CAHR) (China), 8th Floor, 102 Kuang Fu S. Rd., Taipei 10553. Tel.(886-2) 721-0281. Fax.(886-2) 776-4360.

Christian Institute for Social Transformation, 117 Sec.I, East Gate Road, 701 Tainan, Taiwan. Tel.(886-6) 235-3670. Fax.(886-6) 235-3673.*

Columban Fathers Justice and Peace Office, P.O. Box 328, Hsinchu 30099, Taiwan.

Faith and Hope Center for Laborers, 389 Jong-Jeng Road, Ren-Deh, Tainan County, Republic of China. Tel.(886-6) 235-8089.

Fishermen's Service Center, 63 Lane 18, Yu-kang Road, Chien-Jen, Kaoh-siung, Taiwan. Tel.(866-7) 841-6870.

Foundation for Humanistic Education, 10F No.167, Section 2, Shin Hai Road, Taipei. Tel.(866-2) 732-5002.Fax.(866-2) 732-8544.

Free China Relief Association (FCRA), 1 Tsingtao E. Road, Taipei 100. Tel.(866-2) 3212-1104.

Gospel Home for Aboriginal Workers, 1 Sublane 6, Lane 20, Kang-Leh St., Neihu, Taipei. Tel.(866-2) 791-1978.

Hakka Christian Group of Taipei, 3 Lane 269, Section 3, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei. Tel.(866-2) 393-5282.

Initiatives for an Asia-Pacific Human Rights Database, 8th Floor, 102 Kwangfu S. Rd., Taipei. Tel.(866-2) 721-0281. Fax.(886-2) 776-4360.

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, Taiwan Mission (ICM Taiwan Mission), Commission for Social Development, Central Bldg., 9/F, No.2, Ching San N. Rd., Sec.1, Taipei 100.

International Committee for Human Rights in Taiwan (ICHRT), 1st Floor, No.54, Alley 8, Lane 36, Min-Sheng E. Road, Sec.5, Taipei.

Labor Rights Association, 3rd Floor, 293, Section I, Fushing S. Road, Taipei. Tel.(866-2) 701-0091.

League of Environmental Protection in Taiwan, F 3-4, 12 Lane 74, Wen Chou St., Taipei. Tel.(866-2) 363-6419.

New Environment Foundation, 5-E, 169-25 Chang-An E.II, Taipei. Tel.(866-2) 777-5647.

North Formosa Political Care Foundation, F2, 1 Lane 13, Shuang-chen St., Taipei. Tel.(866-2) 597-5520.

Populorum Progression Institute for Volunteer Leadership Training, 187, Weitao Road, Taichung (400), Taiwan.

Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT), 334 Youth Road, Tainan 700, Taiwan.

Progressive Women League (PWL), 4F, 1 Lane 1, Po-ai Road, Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 311-8897.

Rainbow Project, F3, 2 Hsu-chang St., Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 312-0003.

Support Group for Women at the Grassroots, 4F, 1 Lane 1, Po Ai Road, Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 331-4633.

Taipei Group 2, Amnesty International, P.O. Box 29-262, Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei Women's Development Center, 4F, 97 Nan-King E.II, Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 537-1714; 571-8418.

Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR), 9th Floor/3-Alley, 25 Hsingshen S. Rd., Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 363-3703. Fax.(886-2) 363-6102.*

Taiwan Care Center, 25 Lane 93, Hang-chou S. Road II, Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 392-7236; 391-2285.

Taiwan Disabled People's Organization, Rm.902, 242# Lin-Sen 1st Road, 80002 Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Tel.(886-7) 251-4277. Fax.(886-7) 282-0778.*

Taiwan Human Rights Association, 121 Chung Ching South Road, 8th Floor, Section 1,Taipei.

Taiwanese Association for Human Rights, 2F No.1 Lane 25, Section 3, Shin-sheng S. Road, Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 363-9419.

Taiwanese Association of Lobour Rights, P.O. Box 11753, Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwanese Episcopal Church, 3 Lane 269, Sect.3, Roosevelt Road, Taipei. Tel. (886-2) 362-5282.

Taiwanese Farmers Association (TFA), F2, 345 Kuang-Fu Road, Hu-wei, Yun-lin, Taiwan. Tel.(886-56) 324-843.

University Christian Service Center in Taiwan, 5, Lane 22 University Road, Tainan, Taiwan 700.

Working Group of Aboriginal People in Taiwan, #3/Lane 269, Roosevelt Road Section 3, Taipei. Tel.(886-2) 362-5282. Fax.(886-2) 362-8096.*

42. Thailand

All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF), P.O. Box 1352, GPO Bongkok 10500. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 587-2400.*

Amnesty International Bangkok (AI Bangkok), 305/70 Soi Pichai, Pichai Road, Nakornchaisri, Dusit District, Bangkok 10300.

Asia Forum on Human Rights and Development, c/o Union for Civil Liberty, 109 Suthisanwinijchai, Samsen-Nok, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310. Tel(66-2) 275-4231-3. Fax.(66-2) 275-4230.

Asian Coalition for Housing Rights, P.O. Box 24-74, Klongchan, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240. Tel.(66-2) 538-0919. Fax.(66-2) 539-9950.

Asian Conference on Religion and Peace (ACRP), P.O. Box 260, Samsennai P.O., Bangkok 10400.

Asian Cultural Forum on Development (ACFOD), P.O. Box 26, Bungthonglang P.O., Bangkok 10242. Tel.(66-2) 377-9357. Fax.(66-2) 374-0464.*

Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), 109 Suthisarnwinitchai Road, Samsennok, Huaykwang, Bangkok.

Asian Indigenous People Pact (AIPP), 80/138, Soi Ram Town House, Ramkamhaeng 24, 10240 Bangkapi, Bangkok. Tel.(66-2) 318-9034. Fax.(66-2) 374-0464.*

Asian Regional Resource Center for Human Rights Education (ARRC), P.O. Box 26, Bungthonglang, Bangkok 10242. Tel.(66-2) 377-9357. Fax.(66-2) 374-0464.*

Asian Tourism action Network (ANTENNA), 15 Soi Soonvijai 8, Petchburitadmai Road, Bangkok 10310. Tel.(66-2) 319-1760; 318-1287. Fax.(66-2) 319-7432.

Asian Workers Solidarity Links - Thailand (AWSL Thailand), 446 Soi Kiatchai, Asoke-Dindaeng Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310.

Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women, Thai-American Association, 962 Krung Kasem Road, Bangkok 10100. Tel.(66-2) 281-7693; 241-5116 (Emergency Home).

Building Together Association, 45 Moo 100, lardprao 101, Klong Chan, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240. Tel.(66-2) 377-6209.

Burma Human Rights Movement for Action (BURMA) (Myanmar), P.O. Box 1076, Silom Post Office, Bangkok 10504. Tel.(66-2) 234-6674.

Burma Project (Myanmar), GPO Box 2400, Bangkok 10501. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 236-4858. Fax.222-5188.

Burmese Relief Centre (BRC) (Myanmar), P.O. Box 48, Chiangmai University, Chiangmai 50002. Tel.(66-53) 216-793. Fax.(66-53) 212-219.

Catholic Council of Thailand for Development (CCTD), 2508 Soi Saen Sook, Prachasongkroh Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10400. Tel.(66-2) 277-0266/5052/5053. Fax.(66-2) 277-1546.

Catholic Office for Emergency Relief and Refugees (COeRR), 215 Sathorn Tai Rd., Bangkok 10120. Tel.(66-2) 211-8722; 211-8624; 211-8521. Fax.(66-2) 212-9115.

Catholic Teachers' Association of Thailand (CTAT), Saint Gabriel's College, 565 Samsen Road, Bangkok 10300. Tel.(66-2) 282-4335/2065; 281-2936.

Catholic Youth Council of Thailand (CYCT), Secretariat, 2nd Floor, Catholic Center Bldg., 57 Soi Burapa, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500. Tel.(66-2) 233-2976/0338.

Center for the Promotion of Human Development, 3757/15 Sukhumvit Road Soi 40, Bangkok 10110. Tel.(66-2) 392-7981; 381-1821.

Centre of Concern for Child Labor (CCCL), 502/296 Yoo Charoen Market, Asoke-Dindaeng Road, Bangkok 10310. Tel.(66-2) 245-7307.

Centre for the Protecton of Children's rights (CPCR), 185 Soi Watt Dee Daud, Jaransanitwong, Bangkok 10110. Tel.(66-2) 412-1196.

Chachoengsao Foundation for Development, Ban Huay Hin, Tambol Huay Nam Sai, Amphur Sanam Chaikate, Chachoengsao 24160, Thailand.

Child Rights ASIANET, c/o Liaison Office - Unicef, 19 Phra Atit Rd., Bangkok 10200. Tel.(66-2) 280-5931. Fax.(66-2) 280-3563.

Children Workers in Asia Support Group (CWA), 4/68 Moo Ban Tawanna, Soi Puak Chit, Vipawadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10900. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 513-2498.

Chittagong Hill Tracts Hill Peoples Council (Bangladesh), P.O. Box 86,10240 Bangkok. Tel.(66-2) 375-0478. Fax.(66-2) 318-5447.*

Christian Conference of Asia, Office of Development & Service, Mission & Evangelism and Theological Concerns (CCA), c/o Board of Welfare, 2nd Floor, 10 Doi Saket Kao, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tel.(66-53) 24-7384. Fax.(66-53) 24-6447.

Christian Participation in the Development of Shan, Kayah and Karan State Communities (CPDSK) (Myanmar), P.O. Box 260, Samsennai P.O., Bangkok 10400.

Church of Christ Foundation in Thailand, 14 Pramuan Road, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500. Tel.(66-2) 236-0211 to 2; 236-6933.

Coalition for Peace and Development (CORDEV), 328 Phyathai Road, Ratchatevi, Bangkok 10400. Tel.(66-2) 215-0628/29, 216-4463.

Coalition for Peace and Reconciliation.

Committee for Publicity of People's Struggle in Monland (CPPSM) (Myanmar), G.P.O. Box 227, Bangkok 10501.

Community Action and Research for Development,P.O. Box 70 Chiang Mai University, Chiangmai 50002, Thailand.

Community Health Group / Phon-District, Community Hospital, Amphur Phon, Khon Kaen 40120, Thailand. Tel.(64-3) 414-710/11/12.

Community Health Group, P.O. Box 26, Bangkok 10000. Tel.(66-2) 234-9727.

Community Relations Group, 128 Sukhumvit Soi 71 (Soi Panichakun), Prakanong, Bangkok 10110. Tel.(66-2) 392-0439.

Computer and Information Service (CIS), 121/72 Phythai Rd., Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 255-5552.

Computer Communication Access for NGOs (CCAN), 121/72 Phyathai Road, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 255-5552.

Consumers Club of Siam, 509 Moo 18, Sihaburanukit Road, Min Buri, Bangkok 10510.

Coordinating Committee for Primary Health Care of Thai NGOs (CCPN), 132/14 SoiorapinRama V Rd., Bangkok 10400. Tel.966-2) 279-1905; 236-2670.

Coordinating Committee of Human rights Organizations in Thailand (CCHROT) (founded in 1983), c/o UCL, 109 Shuthisanwinijchai Rd., Samsen-Nok, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310. Tel.(66-2) 275-4231 to 33. Fax,(66-2) 275-4230.*

Coordinating Committee of Rural Development NGOs (NGO-CORD), 2304 Phaholyothin Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900. Tel.(66-2) 561-4507; 579-2599/4199. Fax.(66-2) 561-4507.

Coordinating Group for Religion in Society (CGRS), 495/44 Soi Yoo-Omsin, Charansanitwong Road 40, Bangkok.

Deaf People's Association of Thailand, 34/1 Soi 51, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110. Tel.(66-2) 390-0161.

Disabled Peoples International - Asia/Pacific Regional Development Office (DPI), 35/63 Mooban Rajatrinamai, Paholyothin Rd., Anuswaree, Bangkhen Bangkok 10220. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 552-6571.

Duang Prateep Foundation, Lock 6, Klong Toey Slum, Prakanong, Bangkok 10110. Tel.966-2) 249-5254/4880.

Ecumenical Coalition on Third wWorld Tourism (ECTWT), P.O. Box 24 Chorakhebua, Bangkok 10230. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 510-7287.

Education Development for Community Action Programme, 670/215 Soi 68, Charan Sanitwong Road, Bang Plat, Bangkok 10700. Tel.(66-2) 424-8311.

Educetion Means Protection of Women Engaged in Recreation (EMPOWER), P.O. Box 1065, Silom Post Office, Bangkok 10504. Tel.(66-2) 234-0398/3078.

End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism International (ECPAT), P.O. Box 178, Klong-chan, Bangkok 10240. Tel.(66-2) 519-2794.

Foundation for Agriculture and Rural Management (FARM), P.O. Box 22-29, Ram-In-THa, Bangkok 10220. Tel.(66-2) 512-2123; 512-2124.

Foundation for Children, 185/16 Soi Wat Deeduad, Charan Sanit Wong 12, Bangkok-Yai 10600. Tel.(66-2) 438-0353/4; 438-9331/2; 412-1196; 412-0739. Fax.(66-2) 412-9833; 437-7201.

Foundation for Education for Life and Society (FELS), 47 Phaholyothin Golf Village, Phaolyothin Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900. Tel.(66-2) 513-3038/4408.

Foundation for Mountain People's Culture and Development Education of Thailand (MPCDE), No.137/1 Nantharam Road, Tambon Haiya, Muang District, Chiangmai Province 50000, Thailand. Tel.(66-53) 276-194.

Foundation for Women (FFW), P.O. Box 7-47, Bangkoknoi Post office, Bangkok 10700. Tel.(66-2) 435-1246; 433-5149. Fax.(66-2) 434-6774.*

Free Legal Assistance for Right and Education, 45 Moo 100, Lardprao 101, Klongchan Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240. Tel.(66-2) 377-6209.

Friends of Thai Women in Asia, P.O. Box 1102, Kasetsart, Bangkhen, Bangkok 10930. Tel.(66-2) 561-4539.

Friends of Women, 98/4 Phra-athit Road, Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200. Tel.(66-2) 280-0429; 281-9516.*

Friends of Women Foundation, 1379/30 Pradichar Samsennar Payathai, 10400 Bangkok. Tel./Fax.(66-27) 00-928/9.*

Grassroot Integrated Development Project, 290 Moo 3, Tambon Sra Koo, Suwannapoom District, Roi Et 45130, Thailand. Tel.(66-2) 513-3038 (Bangkok); (66-43) 511-558 (Roi Et).

Habitat International Coalition - Asia, P.O. Box 24-74, Bangkok 10240. Tel.(66-2) 538 0919. Fax.(66-2) 539-9950.

Harry Durance Foundation for Education in Thailand, 46 Moo Baan Paholyothin Golf, Paholyothin Rd., Bang Khen, Bangkok 10900. Tel.(66-2) 513-3038.

Hill Area Development Foundation, P.O. Box 11, Amphur Mae Chan, Chiangrai 57110, Thailand. Tel.(66-53) 713-988.

Hotline, 90/269 Moo Ban Yoo Charoen, Soi Song Sa-ard, Wipawadee Rangsit Rd., Bangkok 10900. Tel.(66-2) 277-8811; 277-7699.

Hotline Thailand, 2492 Soi Saen Suk, Prachasongkroh Rd., Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10400. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 277-4625.

Human Rights Committee for Non-Burman Nationalities (Myanmar), P.O. Box 91, Chiangmai University, Chiangmai 50002, Thailand.

Indochinese Refugee Information Center (IRIC), c/o Institute of Asian Studies, Visit Prachuabmoh Building, Chulalongkorn University, Phyathai Rd., Bangkok 10500. Tel.(66-2) 251-1985/9956/5199; 252-6071. Fax.(66-2) 255-1124.

Institute of Asian Studies (IRIC), Prachuabmoh Building, Chulalongkorn University, Phyathai Rd., Bangkok, 10330. Tel.(66-2) 251-1985. Fax.(66-2) 255-1124.

Inter Mountain People Education and Culture in Thailand Association (IMPECT), 29 Tanin Rd., Changpuak T., Chiangmai 50000, Thailand. Tel./Fax.(66-53) 247-624.

Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, Thailand Mission (ICM Thailand Mission), Kasemkij Bldg., 3rd Floor, 120 Silom Rd., Bangkok.

International Action Committee for Democracy in Burma (IACDB), P.O. Box 55, Bungthonglang Post Office, Bangkok 10242.

International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB), 127 Soi Santipap, Nares Rd., Bangkok 10500. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 236-4858.

Japan International Volunteer Center, Kampuchea Branch (JVC Kampuchea), c/o ICRC, P.O. Box 11-1492, Bangkok.

Japan International Volunteer Center, Thailand Branch (JVC Thailand), 29/3 Soi Saengchan, Sukhumvit 40, Rama 4 Road, Bangkok. Tel.(66-2) 391-1117.

Jesuit Refugee Service Asia Pacific, 88/1 Soi Luecha 1, Phaholyothin Road, Bangkok 10400. Tel.(66-2) 271-0118/9; 278-4182; 279-1719. Fax.(66-2) 271-3662/3632.*

Justice and Peace Commission for Development, P.O. Box 3 Huay Khwang 10403, Thailand. Tel.(66-2) 276-1546; 277-4625. Fax.(66-2) 277-4625.

Justice and Peace Commission of Thailand (J&P).

Komol Keemthong Foundation (KKF), 8/23 Soi Baan Chang Lor, Prannok Rd., Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700. Tel.(66-2) 411-3774.

Legal Aid Center, 63 Bunsiri Road, San Chaopo-Sue, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200. Tel.(66-2) 224-1752.

Maya Children's Art and Theatre Workshop, 21/1 Soi Intamara, Suttisarn Road, Samsainnai, Bangkok 10400. Tel.(66-2) 279-3272.

Media Group for the People, 495/44 Soi Yoo Omsin, Charan Sanitwong 40, Bangkok 10700. Tel.(66-2) 424-9173.

National Council of Women in Thailand, Manangkasila Mansion, Lan Luan Road, Bangkok 10300. Tel.(66-2) 281-0081/0060.

Overseas Mon National Students Organization (OMNSO) (Myanmar), G.P.O. Box 765, Bangkok 10501. Tel.(66-2) 211-2346. Fax,(66-2) 291-9396.

Pan Pacific and South East Asia Women's Association International, 2234 New Petchbury Road, Bangkok, Thailand.*

Peace Information Center, c/o Dr. Chaiwat Satha-Anand, Thammasat University, Bangkok 10200.

Promotion of Human Resources for Rural Development Foundation, 20/16 Soi 87, Lard Prao Road, Bangkok 10230. Tel.(66-2) 514-2544.

Save the Children Federation.

Shan Human Rights Foundation, P.O. Box 41, Mae Hongson 58000, Thailand.

Solidarity Asia, P.O. Box 55, Bungthonglang, Bangkok 10242. Tel.(66-2) 322-5326.

Southeast Asian Information Network (SAIN), Thailand office:G.P.O. Box 2400, Bangkok 10501.

Thai Consumers Power Group, P.O. Box 7-76, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700.

Thai Development Support Committee (TDSC), 530 Soi St. Louis 3, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120. Tel.(66-2) 211-0906; 212-0542. Fax.(66-2) 211-0906; 211-7584.

Thai Information Center (TIC), Maimo, Tokyo and Sydney.

Thai Inter-Religious Commission for Development (TICD), G.P.O. Box 1960, Bangkok 10501.

Thai Volunteer Service (TVS), 296 Suthisan Road, Huaykwang Bangkok 10310. Tel./Fax.(66-2) 277-0036.

Thailand Student Christian Movement (Thai SCM), Student Christian Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

Thongbai Thongpao Foundation, 15/138-139 Soi Sueyaiuthid, Ratchadapisek Rd., Chalichak, Bangkok 10900. Tel.(66-2) 541-6468. Fax.(66-2) 541-6416.*

Union for Civil Liberty (UCL)(1973), 109 Suthisarnwinitchai Road, Samsennok Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310. Tel.(66-2) 275-4231 to 33. Fax.(66-2) 275-4230.*

United States of Burma Relief Committee (Myanmar), P.O. Box 4 G.P.O., Bangkok 10501.

Voices of Thai Women, P.O. Box 7-47, Bangkok, Thailand.

Voluntary Group for Consumers, 495/44 Soi Yoo Omsin, Charan Sanitwong Road Soi 40, Bangkok 10400. Tel.(66-2) 424-9173.

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), 428 Rama I Road, Siam Square, Bangkok 10500. Tel.(66-2) 252-6136.

Women in Development Consortium in Thailand (WIDCIT), Office of the Rector, Room 202, Thammasat University, Bangkok 10200. Tel.(221) 6111-20; 221-6171 Ext.4240; 224-8104.

Women Lawyers' Association of Thailand, 6 Sukhothai Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300. Tel.(66-2) 241-0737.

Women Protection Centre, 5/14 Terdthai Road, Bang Yee Rua Sub-district, Bangkok 10600.

Women's Information Centre (WIC), 2/3 Soi Wang Lang, Arunamarin Rd., Bangkok 10700. Tel.(66-2) 411-3478; 433-5149.

YMCA Chiangmai.

43. Tibet

International Campaign for Tibet, Gangchen Kyishang, Dharmashala (H.P), India.

44. United Kingdom

Afghan Refugee Information Network (ARIN) (Afghanistan), 18 Burstock Road, London SW15 2PW, UK. Tel.(44-81) 788-4554. Fax.(44-81) 788-2026.

Afghanaid (Afghanistan), 18 Charing Cross Rd., London WC2N 0HR.

Amnesty International, Sri Lanka Section (AI-Sri Lanka Section), c/o Amnesty International, CMD, International Secretariat, 1 Easton St., London WC1X8DJ.

Committee to Defend Democratic Rights in China (China), P.O. Box 50, London N1.

Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (India), P.O. Box 241, London SW17 9LJ. Tel.(44-81) 687-0734. Fax.(44-81) 685-0379.*

June 4th China Support Monitoring Group (J4CS) (China), 31 Trinity Church Square, London SE1 4HY. Fax.(44-71) 281-3230 attn:J4CS.

Kashmir and Jammu Liberation Front Human Rights Council (India), Kashmir House, 7 Percy Rd., Watford, Herts WD1 7BA. Tel.(44-923) 81-99-26.*

Kashmir Council for Human Rights (India), P.O. Box 178, Hounslow TW3 2RU, UK.*

Khalsa Human Rights (India), 9 Holy Bones Rd., Leicester LE1 4LJ. Tel.(44-533) 624-264.*

London Tamil Forum (Sri Lanka), P.O. Box 373, Croydon, Surrey CR9 6/AB, UK.

Office of Tibet (Tibet), Linburn House, 342 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 2QJ.

Parliamentarians for East Timor (PET) (East Timor), c/o 111 Northwood Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8HW, UK. Tel.(44-81) 771-2904. Fax.(44-81) 653-0322.

Prospect Burma (Myanmar), 143 Riverwead Court, London SW6 35E. Tel.(44-71) 371-0887. Fax.(44-71) 371-0547.*

Sikh Human Rights Group (SHRG) (India), P.O. Box 34, London UR2 4SP. Tel.(44-1) 571-9901. Fax.(44-1) 571-6315.*

Sikh Human Rights Internet (India), 34 Fulmead Road, Reading RG3 1JX, UK. Tel.(44-734) 573-112.*

Singaporean and Malaysian British Association (SiMBA) (Singapore and Malaysia), 20c Breaspears Road, London SE4 1UW, UK.

Tamil Action Committee (Sri Lanka), 73 Green Lane, New Eltham, London SE9. Tel.(44-71) 859-3600.

Tamil Information Centre (TIC), Thamil House, 720 Romford Road, London EI2 6BT. Tel.(44-81) 514-6390.

Tamil Refugee Action Group (TRAG) (Sri Lanka), Unit 2, 2nd Floor, Mill Mead Business Center, Mill Mead Road, London NI7 9QU. Tel.(44-71) 365-0911. Fax (44-71) 801-0791 Attn. Tamil Refugee Action Group.

Tapol: The Indonesia Human Rights Campaign (TAPOL) (Indonesia), 111 Northwood Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR4 8HW. Tel.(44-81) 771-2904. Fax.(44-81) 653-0322.

Tibet Information Network (TIN) (Tibet), 7 Beck Road, London E8 4RE. Tel.(44-71) 249-9240. Fax.(44-71) 405-3814.

Tibet Support Group UK (TSG-UK) (Tibet), 100 Axminster Road, London N7 6BS. Tel.(44-71) 281-3720.

World Kashmir Freedom Movement (WKFM) (India), c/o Kashmir Centre, 41 Monsell Road, London N4 2EF.Tel.(44-71) 354-5305. Fax.(44-71) 354-0840.*

45. U.S.A.

Afghan Community in America, 139-15 95th Ave., Jamaica, NY 11453, USA. Tel.(1-212) 658-3737.

Afghan Youth Council in America (AYCA), 413E. Capitol St, Suite B, Washington, DC 20003. Tel.(1-202) 543-4779.

Alliance for Philipine Concerns in North America (APC) (Philippines), P.O. Box 170219, San Francisco, CA 94117. Tel.(1-415) 540-5230.

American Karen Agency (Myanmar), c/o Lindberg Dwa, P.O. Box 608, Bakersfield, CA 93302-0608. Also: c/o H.E. Klein, 1463 Stillman Ave., Redlands, CA 92374, USA.

Asia Resource Center (ARC), P.O. Box 15275, Washington, DC 20003. Tel.91-202) 547-1114. Fax.(1-202) 543-7891.

Asia Watch (AW), 485 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017-6104. Tel.(1-212) 972-8400 (New York); (1-202) 371-6592 (Washington). Fax.(1-212) 972-0905 (New York); (1-202) 371-0124 (Washington).

Asian Center, 198 Broadway 3rd FL., New York, N.Y. 10038.

Aurora Foundation (Vietnam), 177 Toyon Road, Atherton, CA 94025, USA. Tel.(1-415) 323-4506.

Burma's Movements for Democracy (BMFD), P.O. Box 4655, Salinas, CA 93912-4655, USA. Tel.(1-408) 422-8025.

Cambodian Documentation Commission (Cambodia), 251 W. 87th Street, #74, New York, NY 10024. Tel.(1-212) 787-0235.

CAUSE- Philippines (Philippines), P.O. Box 2487, Daly City, CA 94015, USA. Tel.(1-415) 589-3771; 756-4275.

Center for International Policy,Indochina Project (CIP), 1755 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 324, Washington, DC 20036. Tel.(1-202) 232-3317.

Center for Iranian Research and Analysis (CIRA) (Iran), Economics Department, Widener University, Chester, PA 19013. Tel.(1-215) 499-1140. Fax.(1-215) 876-9751.

Center for Modern China (China), P.O. Box AK, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA. Tel.(1-609) 97-1294. Fax.(1-609) 497-1320.

Center for Taiwan International Relations (CTIR) (Taiwan), 731 Eighth Street, S.E., Washington D.C. 20003. Tel.(1-202) 543-6287. Fax.(1-202) 546-4784.

Center for the Study of Iranian Issues (Iran), P.O. Box 5531, Washington DC 20016.

China Information Center (China), 169 Grove St., Newton, MA 02166, USA. Tel.(1-617) 332-0990. Fax.(1-617) 332-2638.

China-US Human Rights Organization (CUSHRO) (China), 334 Harvard St., J-5, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. Tel.(1-617) 876-6008.

Chinese Alliance for Democracy (CAD) (China), P.O. Box 701400 Trainsmeadow Station Flushing, NY 11370-9998, USA. Tel.(1-718) 429-6777. Fax.(1-718) 476-1602.

Chrintian Urgent Action Network for Emergency Support-Philippines (CUANES-Philippines) (Philippines), 1821 W. Cullerton, Chicago, IL 60608, USA. Tel.(1-312) 738-3255.

Church Coalition for Human rights in the Philippines (CCHRP) (Philippines), 110 Maryland Ave., N.E., Box 70, Washington DC 20002. Tel.(1-202) 543-1094. Fax.(1-202) 546-0090.

Columban Fathers Justice and Peace Office, Asia Desk (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines), P.O. Box 29151, Washington, D.C. 20017. Tel.(1-202) 529-5115.

Committee for a New Korea Policy (South Korea), 33 Central Ave., Albany, NY 12210, USA. Tel.(1-518) 434-4034.

Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in Burma (Myanmar), P.O. Box 39045, Washington, DC 20016, USA.

Committee of Concerned Punjabis (COCP) (India), P.O. Box 608, Tyngsboro, MA 01789, USA. Tel.(1-603) 891-2476.

Committee to End the Chinese Gulag (CECG), 485 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

Communications Center for Educational Services and Support (ACCESS Philippines) (Philippines), 1151 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138, USA.

East Timor Action Network - United States (ETAN/US) (East Timor), P.O. Box 1182, White Plains, NY 10602, USA. Tel.(1-914) 428-7299. Fax.(1-914) 428-7383.

Formosa Weekly (Taiwan), P.O. Box 3727, Los Angeles, CA 90051, USA. Tel.(1-213) 620-0450; (1-213) 264-4936.

Formosan Association for Human Rights (FAHR), P.O. Box 81384, Memphis, TN 38152 USA. Tel.(1-901) 386-3657.

Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), P.O. Box 15062, Washington, DC 20003, USA.

Foundation for Democracy in Burma (Myanmar), 100 Almey Court, Sterling, VA 22170, USA. TEl./Fax.(1-703) 834-5670.

Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy in China (China), 733 15th Street, N.W., Suite 525, Washington, DC 20005, USA. Tel.(1-202) 347-5708. Fax.(1-202) 347-6878.

Friends of the Filipino People (FFP), P.O. Box 2125, Durham, North Carolina.

Human Rights Advocates International (HRAI) (Vienam), 341 Madison Ave., 20th Floor, New York, NY 10017-3705. Tel.(1-212) 986-5555. Fax.(1-212) 599-3027.

Human Rights in China (China), 585 Fifth Ave., 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10017. Tel.(1-212) 661-2909. Fax.(1-212) 972-0905.*

Independent Federation of Chinese Stuents and Scholars (China), 733 15th St., N.W., Suite 440, Washington, DC 20005. Tel.(1-202) 347-0017. Fax.(1-202) 347-0018.

India Alert (India), 221 South Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302. Tel.(1-312) 383-6624.

Indochina Human Rights Group, Vietnamese Voluntary Foundation, 180 East Gish Rd., #A, San Jose, CA 95112, USA.

Indochina Policy Forum, c/o Aspen Institute, Wye Center, P.O. Box 222, Queenstown, MD 21653, USA.

Indochina Project, 2001 S. St., N.W., Suite 740, Washington, DC 20009. Tel.(1-202) 483-9222. Fax.(1-202) 483-9314.

Indochina Resource Action Center (IRAC), 1628 Sixteenth street NW, Washington, DC 20009. Tel.(1-202) 667-4690. Fax.(1-202) 667-6449.

International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) (Tibet), 1518 K Street, NW, Suite 410, Washington, DC 20005. Tel.(1-202) 628-4123. Fax.(1-202) 347-6825.

International Committee for Human rights in Taiwan (ICHRT) (Taiwan), P.O. Box 45205, Seattle, WA 98105-0205, USA. Tel. (1-206) 823-1840.

International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet (Tibet), 347 Dolores St., Room 206, San Francisco, CA 94110. Tel.(1-415) 252-5967. Fax.(1-415) 626-0865.

International Dalit Support Group (IDSG) (India), P.O. Box 842066, Houston, Texas 77284-2066, USA. Tel.91-713) 550-7580 (home number).

International Federation of Dalit Organizations (India), P.O. Box 54666, Washington, DC 20032. Tel.(1-301) 322-5777.

International Korean Alliance for Peace and Democracy (IKAPD) (Korea), 2530 1/2 S. Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA. Tel.(1-213) 732-5848. Fax.(1-213) 733-1415.

Japan Pacific Resource Network (JPRN) (Japan), 2490 Channing Way, #512, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA. Tel.(1-415) 845-7746. Fax.(1-415) 845-0102.

Japan-North American Commission on Cooperative Mission (JNAC) (Japan), Rm.618, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115. Tel.(1-212) 870-2021. Fax.(1-212) 870-3112.

Kachinland Foundation (Myanmar), 2785 Yorktown Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808, USA.

Kashmiri American Council (KAC) (India), 733 15th St., N.W., Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005. Tel.(1-202) 628-6789. Fax.(1-202) 393-0062.*

Korea Church Coalition of Peace, Justice and Reunification (KCC) (Korea), 475 Riverside Dr., Room 634, New York, NY 10115. Tel.(1-212) 870-2123. Fax.(1-212) 870-2881.

Korea Information and Resource Center (KIRC) (Korea), 1314 14th St., NW Suite #5, Washington, DC 20005. Tel.(1-202) 387-2551. Fax.(1-202) 387-2984.

Korean Institute for Human Rights (South Korea), 1101 N. Highland St., Rm.411, Arlington, VA 22201, USA. Tel.(1-703) 528-0225.

Korean Patriotic Women's Association in America (Korea), P.O. Box 603, New Paltz, NY 12561, USA.

Lao United Freedom Organization (LUFO) (Laos), P.O. Box 17282, Rochester, NY 14617, USA. Tel.(1-716) 342-0025. Fax.(1-716) 338-2529.

Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei Studies Group of the Southeast Asia Council, Association for Asian Studies, c/o Dr. John Lent, Journalism Department, Temple University, Philadelphia.

Movement for Human Rights in Vietnam (Vietnam), 8113 Fillmore Drive, Stanton, CA 90680, USA. Tel.(1-714) 894-1255.

National Council of Resistance of Iran in USA (Iran), 3421 M. Street N.W., Suite 1032, Washington, DC 20007.

National Support Movement for the Resistance in Vietnam (VRSM), P.O. Box 5658, Arlington, VA 22205, USA. Tel.(1-703) 237-0875.

Nepal Human Rights Committee-USA (1991-) (Nepal), P.O. Box 53253, Washington, D.C. 20009.

North American Coalition for Human Rights in Korea, 110 Maryland Ave. NE, Washington, DC.

Office of Tibet (Tibet), 107 E 31st Street, New York, NY 10017, USA.

People United for a Democratic China (PUDC) (China), P.O. Box 5462, Evanston, IL 60204, USA. Tel.(1-708) 869-2060, Ext.215.

Philippine American Group - Advocates for Social Action (PAG-ASA) (Philippines), P.O. Box 2573, New York, NY 10009, USA.

Philippine Assistance for Technology and Health (PATH) (Philippines), 1471 South Gate Ave., Daly City, CA 94015, USA. Tel.(1-415) 992-0708.

Philippine Center for Immigrants Rights (PHILCIR) (Philippines), 1472 Broadway, Rm.817, New York, NY 10036, USA.Tel.(1-212) 221-4532.

Philippine Research Center, Mansfield Depot, Conn. (Philippines)

Philippine Resource Center (PRC) (Philippines), P.O. Box 40090, 2288 Fulton St., Suite 103, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA. Tel.(1-415) 548-2546.

Philippine Workers Suppot Committee (PWSC) (Philippines), P.O. Box 11208, Honolulu, HI 96828, USA. Tel.(1-808) 595-7362.

Project Maje (Myanmar), 14 Dartmouth Road, Cranford, NJ 07016, USA. Tel.(1-201) 276-8494.

Rainforest Action Network (RAN) (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand), 450 Sansome, Suite 700, CA 94111, USA. Tel.(1-415) 398-4404. Fax.(1-415) 788-7324; 398-2732.

Salween Liaison Office (SLO) (Myanmar), c/o Gudanya House, P.O. Box 61081, Manoa Valley, Honolulu, HI 96822, USA.

Sikh Religious and Education Trust (India), P.O. Box 292612, Columbus, OH 43229, USA.

Society for Bangladesh Studies (Bangladesh), P.O. Box 133, Glenham, NY 12527, USA. Tel.(1-914) 298-1570. Fax.(1-914) 298-1570.

Society for the Study of the Chinese Cutural Revolution (SSCCR) (China), P.O. Box 3814, Gaithersburg, MD 20878, USA.

Stop Torture in Korea (STIK) (South Korea), 555 Piece St., #624C, Albany, CA 94706, USA. Tel.(1-510) 527-2030. Fax.(1-510) 525-1039.

Taiwan Joint Action Group (Taiwan), 475 Riverside Drive Rm.616, New York, NY 10115-0050. Tel.(1-212) 870-2371.

Task Force Indonesia - Indonesia Publications (Indonesia), 7538 Newberry lane, Lanham-Seabrook, MD 20706, USA. Tel.(1-301)552-3251. Fax. (1-301) 552-4465.

Tibet Forum (Tibet), P.O. Box 530, New York, NY 10156. Tel.(1-212) 864-8882. Fax.(1-212) 779-9245.

Unitarian Universalist Association, India Fund (India), 1616 P. St. NW., Washington D.C. 20036. Tel./Fax.(1-202) 328-5187.

United Front Burma (Myanmar), Rm.293 D, Time-Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020.

US Tibet Committee (USTC) (Tibet), 107 East 31st St., 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Tel.(1-212) 213-5010/5011.

Volunteers in Service to India's Oppressed and Neglected (VISION) (India), 4804 Catherine Court, Clinton MD 20735, USA.

Working Group on Untouchables (India), 3 Mohawk Ave., Geneseo, NY 14454, USA.

World Sikh Organization, USA (India), 575 Boylston St., Boston MA 02116, USA.

46. Vanuatu

Vanuatu Pacific Community Centre, PO Box 807, Port Vila.

47. Viet Nam

Center for Women's Studies, 6 Dinh Cong Trang, Hanoi, Vietnam. Tel.(84-42) 63-088. Fax.(84-42) 59-071.

Vietnam Union of Peasants, 103 Quan Thanh, Hanoi, Vietnam. Tel.(84-42) 57-775; 56-137.

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