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Links to other WWW resources relating to Africa

African Human Rights Resource Center
African Liason Project
African Links on the Internet
African National Congress (ANC)
African Voices
Africa News Online
Africa Policy Home Page
Africa Resources
African Rights
Africa Studies WWW (U. Penn)
Africa Today: The International Newsmagazine
Amnesty International: Africa
Ananzi: The South African Search Engine
Angola Peace Monitor
Angola Reference Center
Association of Law Societies of South Africa
The Body Shop -- Action
Burundi - Breaking the Cycle of Violence
Cape Verde Home Page (Unofficial)
City.Net Africa
Columbia University African Studies
Constitutional Law Repository, School of Law, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Crisis in Rwanda
Fourth World Documentation Project: African Documents
Ethiopia Human Rights
Freedom of Expression Institute (South Africa)
Free Nigeria Movement
Frontline: Valentina's Nightmare
Genocide Convention - Rwanda
Ghana Home Page
Human Rights Institute of South Africa (HURISA)
Inkatha Freedom Party
International Constitutional Law (ICL)
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Rules of Procedure and Evidence
Kenya: Torture Compounded by Denial of Medical Care
Koiga wa Wamwere - Kenyan Prisoner of Conscience
Libya Constitutional Documents
Link 2 South Africa
Madagascar U.S. Embassy Information Service
Mauritania's WWW Sites
Mauritania Law
Morocco WWW
National Party - South Africa
Nigeria on the Internet
NomadNet - Somalia
Organization of African Unity
OneWorld Express: News Features on Africa
Project Underground
Rwanda French documents from Martin Hogan
Rwanda Refugee Crisis
Rwanda: Mission d'information sur le Rwanda
Rwanda: Special Report
SANGONET's Home Page (South African NGO Network)
Shell Nigeria WWW Site - The Ogoni Issue
Sierra Leone - Voter Registration
South African Communication Service (SACS)
South African Constitutional Assembly
South African Constitutional Court Decisions
South African Government Documents
Sudan Independent Home Page
Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Reports from SAGA
Tunisian WWW Home Page
Tunisian WWW Sites
USAfrica Online
Web-Chart: New South African Democracy at its best
Western Sahara Human Rights
World History Africa Archives
World Neighbors: Africa
Zaire - A Prospective
Zambian Law Server
Zambian National WWW Server

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