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Minimum humanitarian standards

C.H.R. res. 1998/29, ESCOR Supp. (No. 3) at 113, U.N. Doc. E/CN.4/1998/29 (1998).

The Commission on Human Rights,

Gravely concerned at the large number of situations where internal violence causes extensive suffering and breaches of the principles of humanity and undermines the protection of human rights,

Conscious of the desirability of continuing to study the principles of
humanity governing the behaviour of all persons, groups and public authorities,

Emphasizing, in this regard, the need to identify and implement measures to prevent violations and abuses of human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular the right to life and integrity of the individual,

Recalling its resolution 1997/21 of 11 April 1997 and welcoming the analytical report of the Secretary-General on the issue of fundamental standards of humanity (E/CN.4/1998/87 and Add.1),

1. Recognizes the desirability of identifying fundamental standards of humanity applicable in all situations in a manner consistent with international law, including the Charter of the United Nations;

2. Also recognizes in this regard the vital importance of the existence in each country of appropriate national legislation for dealing with such situations in a manner consistent with the rule of law;

3. Welcomes the discussion on the various issues involved as set out in the analytical report of the Secretary-General and invites Governments, United Nations bodies, the human rights treaty bodies, mechanisms of the Commission on Human Rights and intergovernmental organizations, as well as regional organizations and non-governmental organizations, to comment on these issues;

4. Recognizes that the analytical report identifies issues that need further study;

5. Requests the Secretary-General, in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross and within existing resources, to continue to study and consult on the issues identified for further clarification in the analytical report and to submit a report entitled "Fundamental standards of humanity" to the Commission at its fifty­fifth session.

51st meeting
17 April 1998

[Adopted without a vote. See chap. XV.]

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