University of Minnesota

Study on treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements between States and indigenous populations

Commission on Human Rights decision 1994/106

At its 55th meeting, on 4 March 1994, the Commission, noting decision 1993/110 of 26 August 1993 of the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, decided, without a vote, to authorize the Sub-Commission to reiterate its request to the Special Rapporteur to submit a second progress report on the study to the Working Group at its twelfth session and to the Sub-Commission at its forty-sixth session, and also to request the Secretary-General to give the Special Rapporteur all the assistance necessary to allow him to continue his work, in particular by providing for the specialized research assistance required and for the necessary trips to Geneva for consultation with the Centre for Human Rights; and requested the Economic and Social Council to endorse the above-mentioned decision of the Sub-Commission.

[See chap. XVII.]

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