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Organization: International Organization for Migration (IOM)


Website and contact information:

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
17, Route des Morillons
CH-1211 Geneva 19
Tel: +41.22.717 9111
Fax: +41.22.798 6150


Location of headquarters:

Geneva, Switzerland


Year founded:



Mandate and/or mission statement:

IOM is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society.  As the leading international organization for migration, IOM acts with its partners in the international community to:

    Assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management.

    Advance understanding of migration issues.

    Encourage social and economic development through migration.

    Uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants.


Relevant programs and projects:


Current head/director (and nationality):

Brunson McKinley, U.S.A.


Number of Member States and/or Observer States:

120 Member States, 19 Observer States


Operating budget:

$952 million (2005 total expenditure)


Number and location of missions or field offices (if applicable):

Over 130


Number of employees:

More than 5,400


Grades descriptions:


Where does this organization advertise when there are job openings? 


What is the job application process?

External Applicants

IOM Staff


We strongly encourage you to apply to IOM vacancy notices by using our online e-recruitment facility: 

For all IOM staff

For external applicants

By applying online you will have access to the following distinct features:

    Create your own personal account to register including education, professional experience and competencies.

    View and update your information at any time.

    Search for job openings and directly apply to any open position.

    Upload a motivation letter, your resume, a personal history form, a recent photo and other relevant documents.

    Monitor the status of your application.

    Receive follow-up correspondence by e-mail on vacancy announcements for which you have submitted an application.

    Apply to IOM's specialized staff rosters, e.g., for employment in emergency and post-conflict situations around the world.

To start the online application process, job applicants are required to register online in order to obtain a personal account number.  After opening the account and completing in the online application form, applicants may add a motivation letter, a copy of their CV, personal history form or any other documentation in support of their application.  Once you provide all information, please go to the tab 'Profile Release' and release the profile so it can be available for IOM's review. Upon completion of the information, your online application will be acknowledged by e-mail.  All applications must be received before a vacancy notice's closing date otherwise they will not be considered. Once the application has been submitted, it will be processed. Candidates may track the status of their application at any time. Nationals from non-represented member states are strongly encouraged to apply.

Unsolicited applications for both Professional (P) and General Service (GS) staff categories are accepted for different specialized rosters administered by IOM. To apply to our rosters you must complete the following steps:

    Create a personal account in the e-recruitment system and complete the form on line.

    Choose and apply to the unsolicited category (P or GS) that best fits your profile.

    All questions concerning e-recruitment must be addressed to

Note: Recruitment preference will be given to qualified candidates from the list of developing countries and non-represented member states of IOM


Does this organization take volunteers? 

Yes, through UN Volunteers


What are the expectations, minimum requirements and application procedures for volunteers in this organization?

Through UN Volunteers. Online volunteers

  1. Application process: Join the Online Volunteer Service
  2. Basic requirements for Online volunteers: The UNV OV service is open to all people worldwide that are beyond the age of legal majority according to the law in their respective countries. In principle, everyone who is motivated, has the required profile for an online volunteering assignment, and has a regular access to the Internet can apply.

UN Volunteers

  1. Online application for professionals and humanitarian aid specialists
  2. Basic requirements for UN Volunteers:

    A university degree or higher technical diplomas;

    Several years of relevant working experience;

    At least age 25 (no maximum age limit);

    Good working knowledge in at least one of the three working UN languages: English, French and Spanish;

    Strong commitment to values and principles of volunteerism;

    Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment;

    Ability to adjust in difficult living conditions;

    Strong interpersonal and organizational skills;

    Prior volunteering and/or working experience in a developing country is an asset.


Does this organization take interns? 



What are the expectations, minimum requirements and application procedures for interns in this organization?


There is no specific time of the year for sending your application for an internship. Please register your profile in IOM e-Recruitment and select the interest group ‘Intern’. Also release your profile for our review.  If you have applied for a vacant internship position and you have not heard from us in the following month from the closing date then it is most likely that the post has been filled. You can check your status in the service ‘Applications’.  If you have been interviewed, you will get written notification of the results of your interview.  If you were granted (or could be granted) a scholarship or your internship is a mandatory requirement for completing your studies, you should specify so in the cover letter as well as the exact dates of the proposed internship. Remember to attach a letter from your sponsor or university confirming the purpose of the assignment as well as the amount of your grant.  Unless otherwise specified, applications should be written in one of the IOM official languages (English, French, and Spanish).

Due to budgetary and time constraints unfortunately:

    we can't meet with you to talk about internship opportunities.

    unless specified, we do not need copies of your diplomas.

    we will only contact you if we are considering you for an interview or a test.

For internships in our field offices, you can send your application directly to the office you are interested in and copy the Staffing Unit in the cc line. You can find the email addresses and the contact details by selecting one of the countries on the 'IOM Worldwide' box on the right.


What are the basic requirements for prospective applicants? 

Minimum requirements in all categories include:

    People between 21 and 62 years old

    Fluent knowledge of English and/or French or Spanish

    In the Professional category:

    Nationals from IOM Member States

    Holders of an advanced university qualification

    Persons with at least 3 years of professional experience in their respective fields of expertise, or several years of experience for senior level positions

    Persons willing to be assigned to IOM duty stations in the field

    In the General Service category:

    Holders of at least a secondary school diploma or equivalent, and/or relevant technical qualification

    Advanced knowledge of Word for Windows and Excel software or analogous software


Staff in the Professional category, referred to as Officials, have international expertise in a particular aspect of IOM's work. IOM recruits at the levels of P-1 through to P-5, and Directors at D-1 level. Although IOM is not a part of the United Nations, it follows the job classification and compensation system regulated by the International Civil Servant Commission (ICSC), as established by the United Nations General Assembly. Details of the classification and conditions of International Civil Servants can be found on the ICSC Home page at

General Service:

This category includes local qualified staff with the skills and ability to provide support service to the Organization and its professional staff. In this category, recruitment may take place at G-1 to G-7 levels. IOM follows the job classification of the United Nations Common General Service Standard for Geneva-based Organizations.


Associate Experts

The AE Programme is intended to provide young graduates with an opportunity to learn first-hand about international development aid and to gain experience for potential, future employment in international organizations. It is based on the sponsorship of young qualified professionals by their respective governments. Nationals of AE countries should submit their applications directly to their governments via their Permanent Mission to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva.  Candidates for the AE Programme are selected on a highly competitive basis and the criteria in the selection may vary depending on the basic requirements of the donor governments and of the position concerned.

As each donor country has its own rules and procedures for recruitment, we advise you to consult the websites that the donor countries (Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie”, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and USA) provide in relation to their national cooperation and development policy in connection with the Associate Experts’ Scheme.


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